Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Terrorist Talk: "Jihad Jane"and the Threat to the Barrett 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle

Rita Katz and the Site Institute are at it again. Bin Laden videos are not enough so they conjure up a white female terrorist for the media to fawn over. The story seems to have been kept under wraps waiting for the proper timing. Coming on the heels of the IRS plane crasher and Pentagon shooter, someone decided it was the right time. The damn internet has got to be controlled or all of your neighbors may soon be terrorists.

Colleen Renee LaRose, 46, has been quietly held in U.S. custody since October on suspicions that she provided material support to terrorists and traveled to Sweden to launch an attack, according to federal officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case is continuing to unfold.

LaRose, who lived in suburban Philadelphia, allegedly recruited men and women in the United States, Europe and South Asia to "wage violent jihad," according to an indictment issued in Pennsylvania. She fueled her interests on the Internet over the past few years and used Web sites such as YouTube to post increasingly agitated messages, the court papers said.

Homegrown terrorists are sprouting like weeds.

Meanwhile right here in middle Tennessee, Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms is looking for a free access road and is worrying about terrorists staging a commando raid on his firearms factory.

From the Nashville Scene ...

Yes, he made an official request of the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security to evaluate the terrorist threat that might be posed by one of the alternate routes suggested by TDOT for the access road to his factory. (Apparently, you can order up a terrorist threat assessment in this state like a cheeseburger and fries.) That route would have come closer to the plant, thereby making it handier for terrorists to attack, according to Barrett. He's especially concerned that terrorists might swipe some of his .50-caliber sniper rifles, giving them the power to shoot people from several continents away.

State Homeland Security Director Dave Mitchell disagreed. In a letter that must have come as a great disappointment to Barrett, Mitchell writes: "There are no indications a terrorist group intends to use improvised explosive devices against this firearms manufacturing/storage facility."

Barrett isn't buying it. In his reply, he lectures the state's homeland security director:
"With all due respect, our differences lie in interpretation of the terrorist threat. The requirement that a terrorist group must be 'known' before being considered credible is outdated. The notion that a threat needs to be 'specific' before we apply countermeasures against it is the antisisis [sic] of deterrence. Waiting until we see 'indications' of intent before we protect ourselves is a luxury no longer affordable."
So Barrett is a proponent of the policy of preemptive force, and fighting terrorism mandates that TDOT cave in to his demands. It's clear that TDOT hates our freedoms. (source)

Yeah, domestic terrorists could be anywhere. We just need more homeland security money and police state measures. We'll all be safe then.


  1. The ultimate weapon LOL
    Try swimming with that gun and a box of ammo for it LOL
    Live by the sword...

  2. peace and safety (LOL)March 10, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    It's these damn rights and freedoms if we give them up then mommygov will keep us safe. So Barrett is worried about evil terrorists plots well then take a couple of those rifles outside and set em up. Why should the US taxpayer have to pay for a gun factories security. Jihad Jane sounds like another MK-Ultra false flag patsy. Now let's rally around mommygov so we can be safe.

  3. Didn't realize there were so many Bin Ladens in Tennessee.

    Those Nashville skyscrapers better watch out!