Thursday, April 8, 2010

9/11 Was, Is and Will Always Be a Crime

There are folks who are tired of hearing about 9/11 but some of us just can't help but to go on and on about it. It's ingrained in our psyche because there is no closure. A fraud of an official  investigation with no accountability, no indictments, no prosecutions and barely a hint of truth should piss us all off like nothing else.

9/11 was the push that took us into wars for profit and hegemony, dragged us deeper and deeper into an unconstitutional police state and set the stage for criminals both in and out of government to think they can't be touched.

Well, they can be. It's never too late for justice.

It's bad enough for the dead of 9/11, some of whose remains filled the potholes of NY streets. Almost 9 years after the fact searchers are sifting through what debris wasn't destroyed forever and still finding human bits and pieces. The victim's families are used as pawns to deny and hide the truth. They will never find closure until those responsible are exposed and punished.

All of this bullshit cover-up is not the whole story. The first responders who are still alive have seen their health deteriorate and the fight to see who pays for their care continues on. There were those who knew that working in the toxic environment would kill those who were helping in the recovery operation. They used the rescuers as pawns without caring what the repercussions would be. They too are a part of the killing conspiracy and need to be brought to justice.
Health Care Woes Persist for 9/11 Rescue Workers

Lung problems continue to plague rescue workers who were at the scene of the collapsed World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

That’s according to a new study appearing today in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study, which examined the effect of occupational exposures on lung function, found that a significant number of New York City Fire Department workers at the World Trade Center site between Sept. 11, 2001, and Sept. 24, 2001, continued to suffer from reduced lung function years later.

“The exposure at Ground Zero was so unique that no one could have predicted the impact on lung function,” says David Prezant, MD, one of the study’s authors and a professor of medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York City.

“We have demonstrated dramatic decline in lung function, mostly in the first six months after 9/11, and these declines persisted with little or no meaningful recovery of lung function among FDNY (Fire Department of New York City) rescue workers ... over the next six-and-a-half years,” he says. {more - Facts Not Fairies}

Fortunately, there are people who keep pounding the table for prosecution of those whose bloody hands are all over 9/11. It happened on Bush's watch, let's start with him.
From Len Hart at The Existentialist Cowboy ...

There is not a shred of credible and/or admissible evidence to support the Bush administration's official conspiracy theory of 911. The theory is ludicrous on its face -- that 19 Arab Hijackers, coordinated from deep inside a cave in the mountains of Tora Bora managed to hijack four commercial airliners with which --it is theorized --they attacked the United States. There is absolutely no evidence to support that ludicrous, stupid theory. It's utterly baseless.

Right wing partisans concocted it knowing that Americans have been conditioned by previous GOP regimes to swallow bullshit! At first, it was enough to marginalize critics: just call them 'conspiracy theorists'. Ludicrous! That's just desperate name-calling, a tactic with which they are practiced. The conclusion consistent with a growing body of peer-reviewed science is this: nothing said by Bush about 911 is true. Secondly, Bushco's ludicrous cover story is the looniest conspiracy since Ali Baba and his 40 thieves! They, too, were 'co-ordinated' from inside a cave but without cell phones! Ali Baba was a thief! Bush is a mass murdering traitor to the people of the United States. {more}

Greg Bacon is another one who just won't give it a rest. Nor should he ...
Damned conspiracy nuts.

They should occupy their minds with "Big Brother" officially sanctioned news stories, like wondering if Tiger Woods will win the Masters... or the latest gruesome kidnapping, rape and murder tale... Or gossiping about the latest Lady Ga-Ga video...

Conspiracy theorists like the New York Fire Department who were at 'Ground Zero' on 9/11 and heard secondary explosions.

Yes, there is a conspiracy, and it is going on right now. It's called a "coverup." {more at Goon Squad}

The murderers still walk among us. They are in Washington DC, New York, Tel Aviv, London and various other places. They travel freely, still have plenty of money and are even praised by many of the brainwashed masses as heroes who have 'protected' us.

It's all a lie.


  1. We must infiltrate the corporate "news" whorehouse, by starting our own public access TV shows, local radio shows, start our own newspapers and radio stations, rent and buy billboards, promote or play in Truth concerts, then take it to the next level in our own national radio and TV shows and networks. We must run for local, state and federal office, including sheriff, while there's still a USA. Soldiers must only obey lawful orders from a real president, not obey unlawful orders from unelected illegal aliens. Family and friends usually want shiny new commercial DVDs on Truth, not free 2nd-hand DIY copies. Visit as an example TV and radio show on a micro budget, as seen on History Channel's 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction. Fight every traffic ticket as practice wargame for waging Truth wars in real courts.

  2. Kenny I have to agree one of the most discouraging things about 9-11 among others was the blink acceptance of most of the public and the military standing idly by with hardly a ripple. Of course many officers were purged by the Bush regime.

    I hope you don't mind I posted the whole mercenaries and mony over on the petri dish.

  3. Mick, you do whatever you feel like doing. It seems as if you have been getting around lately trying to stir thought and debate. Nothing at all wrong with that. It's what we need to do.

  4. Demonic possession in 33 easy steps.

  5. It's ingrained in our psyche because there is no closure.

    And because our country has been subverted from within by a pack of traitors who are leading us into ruin and tyranny, based on a fraudulent War of Terror.

    The initial coup d'état was on November 22, 1963, followed up with a secondary blow on June 8, 1967.

    The final coup de grâce was on 9/11.

    So we either learn to live on our knees, with a funny taste in our mouths and a constantly sore anus, or we reject the lies that are enslaving us.

    Value Added Tax, anyone?

  6. With some they have to begin starving before they open their eyes a wee bit. That part of the program is coming soon to a theatre near you however.