Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Child Leads

photo from Nahida

Required reading for the kids who think war and the military are where they belong.
Disposable Soldiers

Just another brick in the war .....


  1. 15yr old daughter's friend whose iq is supposedly 130... had been yammering about joining the gi-rines... told her to tell him... store some sperm, as he'd be ruined if/when he got back... also, thru her - sent him, that exact story, smedley butler links, & freed reed's columns among other stuff... thankfully he's chgd his mind...and has toned it down to stateside swat... which is still deplorable...but an improvement.

    pissed me off though, he had the nerve to question smedley butler's pedigree..
    said to my daugh.. the child has an iq of 130?.. WTF he can't google? can't verify an historical source??? *eyeroll*

    he may be bookish, but he has no common sense.... sigh...the mil thing runs in his family...

    but i do appreciate your posting the material... as i feel it is our duty to let these misguided kids know the real deal.

  2. kikz, yes, I also think it is our duty. It's a little personal activism that might pay off. Maybe the kid will come back in a few years and say thanks.

  3. That is part of the problem. You have to counter everything that is on the news, taught in the schools, told to them by their parents who in many cases are ignorant and brain washed themselves and do it on an individual basis. That is more than a full time job.

    A kid like that all you can do is point him to a few choice websites and tell him to start digging.

    Looks like the Polish mystery has been solved. Kaczynski's brother is going to run and try and keep Poland out of the EU.