Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CIA/Mossad TV Presents New 'Underwear Bomber' Training Tape

We haven't seen a single photo or video of the 'bomber' since his arrest. Is who they have in custody the same one as in the officially released images?

ABC 'report.'

Al Qaeda Shot My Flag
Al Qaeda fighters in Yemen have introduced a new tactic designed to strike terror into the Western democracies.

Shocking new footage shows that AQ has moved on from burning flags. Pictures released by AQ's video wing show fighters shooting the British flag full of holes with large machine guns.

The AQ men risked sunstroke and sand in their shoes to pull off a stunning propaganda coup deep in the desert miles from anyone who could kill them.

The defenceless Union flag was painted onto a sheet of metal and left to swelter under the burning sun as it was used for target practice. The Jewish star and the letters 'UN' were subjected to similar treatment.
The man accused of trying to bring down a Detroit bound airliner on Christmas Day is seen in the video pointing his gun at the clearly distressed flags and then justifying his actions saying they were part of a battle because “the enemy is in your lands with their armies, the Jews and the Christians and their agents.”  
American intelligence officials believe the tape is authentic. They fear a US flag may be shot at some point and have warned all US flags to be on their guard and not to climb up poles in exposed areas. 
A communique AQ might have written, but which was actually made up by myself, said 'If the Jews and Christians and their imperialist agents do not immediately dismantle their crusader regimes, reject capitalism, and convert to the one true faith, we will find more flags, even unto the Scottish , English and Welsh flags, and shoot them full of holes as well'.{more}


  1. The AQ men risked sunstroke and sand in their shoes

    Does the Negev Desert get that hot?

    And like in the past, many a time, there's that Ben VENZKE of IntelCenter link:


    Dig deep enough and you'll probably find that MEMRI did the translation.

  2. On the contrary, Kenny, through the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that the flag was, and will still be, there - wherever we plant it. Lower the flag because of these Moslem backcountry yokels? Gimme a break.