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Israel's Illegitimacy and Nefarious Influence

The history of Israel as a geopolitical fraud will fill entire libraries as those defrauded marvel at how so few deceived so many for so long. Those duped include many naive Jews who—even now—identify their interests with this extremist enclave.

Israeli leaders are wrong to worry about “de-legitimization.” They are right to fear that a long-deceived public is fast realizing that Israel’s founding was key to an ongoing deception.

The Invention of the Jewish People did not begin with Shlomo Sand’s 2009 bestseller by that title. There was no Exile says this Jewish scholar. Nor was there an Exodus. So how could there be a Return, the core premise of Israeli statehood? {more - Jeff Gates}


The Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the Sons of Japhet (pink areas), the people who lived around the Caspian and Black Seas.  As they are not descendants of Shem or Abraham, they cannot be called Semitic.

The Bomb-Bomb-Iran Parlor Game
Normally, if two countries with powerful nuclear arsenals were openly musing about attacking a third country over mere suspicions that it might want to join the nuclear club, we’d tend to sympathize with the non-nuclear underdog as the victim of bullying and possible aggression.

You might think that – unless you were told that the two nuclear-armed countries are Israel and the United States and the non-nuclear country is Iran. Then, different rules apply, especially it seems in leading American news outlets like the New York Times.

In what reads like a replay of the run-up to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the Times and other major U.S. news media appear onboard for war, again happy to make the likely aggressors the “victims,” and to turn the prospect of a bloody conflict in a Muslim country into a parlor game. {more - Robert Parry}

O-Seder Makes His Life Easier
This confirms Israel's stranglehold over this government.

"The story of the Obama Seder, now one of the newest and least likely of White House traditions.... the first-ever presidential Seder" {more - Rocker}

Okay folks, here is a question: Do you really think that in 20 years the Palestinians haven't figured out a way to have these rockets actually hit something useful? (And by the way there was only one rocket last Wednesday.) And if the Palestinians have a rocket (a firework really) that doesn't hit anything useful and does not cause any damage, why would they even fire it, knowing that this will give Israel the excuse to come in with all their modern weapons (paid for by the US tax payer) and start blowing up what little the Gazan people have left to live on?

Or does it really make much more sense that these totally useless and ineffective rockets are just a propaganda device by Israel's agents-provocateurs to justify a renewal of the military efforts to push the Palestinians off of what is left of their lands? {Mike Rivero}

Moslems Working for the CIA and Their Friends
Would the CIA and its friends use Moslems to destabilise rival countries such as Russia?

Gust Avracotos, the CIA's Station Chief in Islamabad, says that Mossad penetrated Pakistan's ISI.

US Government and intelligence sources confirm that Israel provided direct and indirect financial aid to Hamas in the late 1970s as a counterbalance to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).
{more - aangirfan}

Special Assistant to USAF Chief of Staff was a "major in the Israeli Air Force:
"Dr. Lani Kass is Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. As the senior civilian assistant to CSAF, Dr. Kass is the principal adviser on policy and strategy and formulates, develops, implements, and communicates the policies, programs and goals of the Air Force. 
Prior to her appointment as the CSAF's Special Assistant, Dr. Kass served as the Director of the CSAF's Cyberspace Task Force to investigate cyberspace as a domain and craft recommendations for senior Air Force leadership to deal with the threats in this emerging domain. Her efforts culminated in the decision to stand up Air Force Cyber Command. She continues to share her cyber expertise across the Interagency, industry and academe." USAF Biography
Her offical position is as a Special Assistant to USAF Chief of Staf, General Norman Schwartz. Apparently whatever she does for Mullen is unofficial. Harper?
She was a major in the Israeli Air Force. Is she an Israeli national? (Uprooted Palestinians}

Who's Afraid of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories?
Whenever someone insists too strongly about something not being true, we tend to suspect that maybe it is. In their denials of involvement in 9/11, do Israel’s apologists “protest too much”? {more - Aletho News}

Our Terrorists
The myth that Islamic fundamentalist militants are the enemies of Israel and Western governments no longer needs debunking. In his latest work, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed provides a concise summary of the deep politics of the ’War on Terror’ spanning several decades and continents. Articulated around an intricate network of chilling complicity between Western intelligence agencies and Islamist extremism, the shadowy ’War on Terror’ is designed to disrupt and destabilize regions of geostrategic value for penetration and control by Western powers. {more}

Translating the ADL and SPLC
The fact that we haven’t shot ourselves in the foot by breaking laws or advocating violence drives the career fundraisers who oppose us bonkers!

So, in order to try and circumvent our power and influence, the ADL and SPLC routinely attempt to assassinate our character by calling us all sorts of names that don’t apply.{more}

There Were 88 Media Companies ... Now There Are 6
These are the 6 media companies that exist today. There used to be 88. These 6 all get their news from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns the AP and Rothschilds own Reuters. {more}

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  1. Keep up the excellent work!

    - Aangirfan

  2. Nor was there an Exodus

    Actually, there was an 'exodus' of sorts, but not like portrayed in the Bible.

    Some devotees of the goddess Isis, Sun God RA and the Father of all Gods, El stole the Pharoah's treasure and hot-footed it out of Egypt.

    To help hide their existence, they blended together, forming one tribe, ISisRAEL or the tribe of Israel, a mammon worhshipping cult of whackos that sacrificed children to their newly created God, Moloch and make the Scientologist's seem like mild-mannered Boy Scouts.

  3. Looking into it gets curioser and curioser said Alice.

    There are some theories the Kazars were spread out among Israelites and called Edomites. It may be true I don't know. If true the real Isreaelites are the Palestinians who have long since converted to Islam.

    The Edomites were in Israel when the JEWS were in Israel. King Herod which was not a JEW was an Edomite. They dwelled amongst the JEWS, ate with the JEWS adopted their practices, culture etc. Later when Titus besieged Jerusalem and killed the Israelites and sold the younger ones to the Ethiopians, Arabs, and Egyptians.
    The Edomites who resided in Israel, later proclaimed themselves to be the house of ISRAEL, and are now recognized as Israel today by the majority of the world.]

    Who killed Abel? Who is killing Adam's children today, trying to gain a birthright they never had?

    The same criminals are conditioning the world by psy-ops like the Port Arthur Massacre, Waco Texas shootings, Oklahoma Bombing, the Locherbie Air disaster, "National Disaster Alarm" advertisements on Sydney radio and a whole raft of conspiracies. Believe it, or not.

  4. jews pwn your blogApril 7, 2010 at 2:30 AM

    Don't rail against the jews they own your blog (think google).

  5. Kenny, is everything OK in Tennessee?

    Miss your spot on blogging.


  6. Been working without much of a break. Will be back as time permits. Thanks for asking.

  7. When you get back online, here's some interesting stuff.

    Incogman: Wordpress’ ZioNazi HasbaRat-nest « Ziofascism

  8. Greg, I think you hinted at the same thing a couple of times when questioning why ic man is still up while so many others have been shut down.

    Part of the psyops 'big show?' No doubt they're everywhere and ic has always been suspect. Anachore is correct that the racism there only can eventually cause division.

  9. Part of the psyops 'big show

    Which they win either way, if we allow paranoia to infect our very being and start sounding like 'Chicken Little' everytime we read or hear something we don't understand or like.

    Myself, I just turn it off or read elsewhere and try to remember to keep my thinking incisive, but to always look at something with a neutral eye.... unless it's 9/11.

  10. By calling this abomination. the Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine (ZEOP), as "Israel" and to Zionists as "Israelis", you are conferring pseudo-legitimacy on them.

    I suggest the use of the terms "ZEOP", "Zeopians", "Zeopites".

    "ZEP" would be better, but would cause a lot of confusion for stoners.

  11. Sorry. Groggy after Saturday night. Correction:

    By calling this abomination, The Zionist Entity in Occupied Palestine (ZEOP), as "Israel", by referring to Zionist residents of the ZEOP as "Israelis", you are conferring pseudo-legitimacy on them.

  12. Re: "Anachore is correct..."

    Is he also correct about the 4th Density Lizards and the Atlantean crystal Armageddon?

  13. Akira:

    You are still trying to discredit Lobaczewski's discoveries about the sociopathic nature of power, via ad hominem against a third party?

    How pathetic of you!

    I exposed you on incogman's site, and here you are, froot-looping your same!

    If readers have the time, and want to get to the bottom of the question "is Akira an intellectually dishonest, lying HasbaRAT?", should read the following comment, wherein I detail his tactics.

    Read this with an objective mind, and make up your own mind who is engaging in underhanded tactics like ad hominem, dishonest conflations, and froot-looping:

    It must suck that there aren't scores of "me too!" Neo-Herzlian HasbaRATchik buttsniffers, here on Kenny's site, as there are on Incogman's to call me a Jew... doubly sucks for you that Incogman can't ban my rebuttles to you, here on Kenny's site!

    Here you are naked, flapping in the breeze.

  14. Kenny,

    Finished (or just started) that section on AMERIKKKAN FOURTH REICH ROTHSCHILDIAN JESUIT LIZARDS, at "Judeo-Masonic-Disinfo:

  15. Akira I really wonder, are you that disingenuous or merely stupid?

    Attacking Lobaczewski via a third party, and throwing the term COINTELPRO around in reference to same, is just pathetic... but that's what you like to do with your ample, I suspect Federally subsidized - free time...

    I notice you don't actually attack Ponerology at all... because I guess that would be too obvious, overplaying your hand?

    People might question... why would someone want to cover for the sociopathic elements in society - who comprise much of the ruling class if we can judge them by their works... as we judge you.