Sunday, April 11, 2010

People Just Love a Demolition

Texas Stadium bites the dust.

Hundreds of people arrived Saturday and stayed up all night for "final tailgate" parties before the implosion. Along with the more than 20,000 assembled at official locations, people watched from hotels and office buildings as far as 10 miles away in downtown Dallas.

An 11-year-old boy pushed a button Saturday morning that trigger a series of explosions inside Texas Stadium. It took less than a minute for the arena to fall.

The city of Irving plans to recycle 95% of the remaining concrete and steel. The demolition cost under $6 Million.

Demolition by Weir Bros., Inc.


  1. Must have been the eyerabs I tell ya.

  2. $6 million for this job.

    I wonder how much the WTC demolitions cost?

  3. Why didn't Jerry Jones take a page out of 'Lucky' Larry's book and get the MOSSAD to fly a jet into the structure?

    Hell, he would've wound up with being given several billion dollars by the feds to smooth over any hurts and not had to pay anything for the demolition.

  4. Well Kenny, I would ask Dov Zakheim if any of that "mis-accounted" trillions from the Pentagon that he was tasked with finding ended up being used for the 9/11 operation. Love this site by the way.

  5. Hi Kenny;

    Regarding your comment on Akira's site re: Ponerology.

    I don't believe that it would have been on Art Bell in the '90's... and I certainly can sympathize your thinking it is bullshit because you heard it -or something that reminds you of it- on there.

    But if you look at Lobaczweski's work, it does apply to our society, and it 'fits' with everything, even the J-wish question.

    Psychopaths rise to power positions easily due to their lack of conscience often combined with high intelligence.

    The psychopaths that end up in jail are the unsuccessful ones, the successful ones are our business and political leaders.

    I put up an intro to Ponerology and Lobaczewski's site, and urge you to read with an open mind, despite the efforts of some people to conflate this with some alien reptile thing, which it has nothing to do with... in fact conflation and ad hominem are two of the signs of the intellectually dishonest, bullshitter. I think you know who I'm talking about.

    Who is against exposing powerful psychopaths, anyway?

  6. anachore,

    There's certainly not much to argue with in the intro to Ponerology you linked. It is in contradiction to some of Akira's statements at his site. His statements were from which I based my comments. I'll read more as time permits. Thanks for the into and links.

    Akira, if you see this, links would be nice to back up what you say.


    Yeah, those missing trillions went somewhere. That kind of money buys anything one would need ... and silence.