Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is this site about?

One of my favorite bloggers, Winter Patriot, has been relatively inactive lately due to personal reasons but is back with a new post.

Notes On the Greatness of the American People

It is Winter's comment on his blog for other users that I also want to share. I'm excerpting it and you can read it in the context of the post where it was made here.

Really: what is this site about?
Is it primarily about the quest for truth?
Is it primarily about not stirring up shit?
Or is it about something else?

I am sick and tired of having to defend against charges of anti-Semitism whenever I tell the truth about Israel.

I am sick and tired of having a president who declared that his first priority is the defense of Israel and a vice-president who declared that in his 36 years in the senate, nobody had been a better friend to Israel than he had. I want a president who thinks the defense of America is more important than the defense of any foreign country, and a vice-president who thinks it's more important to be a friend to America than to anyone else.

I'm sick and tired of the "news" media always painting Arabs and Muslims as sub-human criminals and Israel and the Jews as their innocent victims, whereas in actual fact the opposite is most often the case. I am sick and tired of seeing "Middle East analysts" who praise Israel for its "security policy" while neglecting to mention the inhuman policies of apartheid and genocide that are explicitly endorsed and brutally enforced by the Israeli government. I am sick and tired of the fact that these brutal policies are carried out with the full support of our own government, including our tax money.

I'm almost sick and tired of the so-called "comedy" we find in so many of "our" sit-coms and movies, where the plot revolves around the inner torments of a screwed-up Jewish boy who feels emasculated by his flaky but domineering Jewish mother. I used to be completely sick of this type of "programming" until I began to entertain the possibility that such attempts at comedy are actually (and perhaps unwittingly) portals through which we non-Jews can begin to understand the monsters who make policy in the US, and in Israel as well.

If I were talking about any other country or any other religion, I wouldn't have to worry about being charged with anti-Semitism, but in this case I do, which is especially ironic since the victims of Israeli policy tend to be Semitic (in the true sense of the word), whereas the perpetrators are mostly not. And I'm sick and tired of that, too.

I am especially sick and tired of Israel identifying itself as "the Jewish state" and enlisting uncritical support from Jews all over the world on the grounds that criticism of Israel could feed dangerous currents of anti-Semitism (so-called). In effect, Israel is using the Jews of the world as a human shield, in order to protect itself from the justifiable backlash its policies would (or might) spawn, if the scale and nature of these policies were widely known. Those Jews who allow themselves to be used in this way are dangerous enemies of the truth, and it really is no wonder that so many of them pose as investigative reporters and/or news analysts. But I am sick and tired of that too.
I will try to clarify my previous question:

Is this a site where one may *not* say things such as I have said here (in which case I will happily go elswhere)?

Or is this a site where one may say such things but only in the most diplomatic way imaginable?

Or is this a site where the anger engendered by the things I have mentioned, and other outrageous transgressions against humanity, is understood, even when it expresses itself in such puerile exercises as a bit of name-calling? 

Thanks Winter. Good to see you back.


  1. Good site I had never noticed it before.

  2. Thanks for this and much else, Kenny. I apologize for the mud-slinging that's been going on at the community site, even though (as you know) I had nothing to do with it personally.

    I'm glad to see you're still doing such good work here; thanks for linking to me and best wishes as always. I hope to get some more half-decent posts up shortly, so stay tuned (as it were).

    Thanks to Dublin Mick as well; I hope you and all of Kenny's readers will feel as comfortable at winter patriot dot com as you do here.

  3. No need to apologize for anything Winter. I'm not concerned about the name calling and infighting. If we don't get provoked at times we're probably not doing something right.

    As always, thanks for your support and voice of sanity.

  4. I don't think I have watched a sitcom in 15 years Kenny. When I look at the super market tabloids on the rack I always wonder who are these people.

    Of course everybody know Brad, Angie and Jenna. Brad shows up after every earthquake with his east German short billed leather cap.

  5. I hear you Mick, I don't watch them either. Maybe an Animal Planet show every now and then and of course the 'news' shows. I guess I rationalize my time spent with the MSM as keeping any eye on the enemy.

  6. Winter, in case you didn't see it, someone else liked your comment.

  7. Thanks, Kenny.

    That was a good treatment; the photos make the text seem more powerful somehow.

    Glad to see you keepin' on; best wishes as always.