Friday, April 9, 2010

The Wikileaks Video Missing Moments

The fact that the video was edited doesn't take away from the evidence of the atrocity. It just brings up more questions as to what is the psyops being played out here and ultimately 'who benefits.'

The 30-minute gap
Wikileaks left a 30-minute gap in its Iraq slaughter presentation, a gap which contained material somewhat less damning to the Pentagon, leaving a hole right-wingers can drive a propaganda truck through. This gap seems to put Wikileaks back into the category of Pentagon media manipulation tool. {from xymphora}

Update from Gawker
Wikileaks editor Jullian Assange told CNN yesterday that the 39 minute video is "everything we have. It is a continuous take except for one 20 minute interval." So, Wikileaks did not edit the video themselves—their source did. But the point still stands: both the "edited" and the "full" version appear to have been selectively edited. Why leave in the second attack after the cut? And how can this be called an "uncut" or "unedited" version—the implication being that this video depicts what "really happened"—when 20 minutes of less-incriminating footage was removed? It also deepens the mystery of Wikileak's military source: Who is so disgruntled as to not only leak the video, but also edit out the slightest bit of redeeming footage? {more}


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  2. I watched that video. I thought the most damning part of it was that the helicopter fly boys could tell, if they saw what i saw, that the guys walking around were carrying AK's and one guy who peaked around a corner was carrying an RPG, yet they couldn't tell there were kids sitting in the from seat of the van when they blew the crap out of it.

  3. Xymphora fell off a few months ago, supporting both the AGW scam, and denying that the towers collapsed. Very suspicious.

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    Damn synchronisity!

  4. Excuse me, should be denied controlled demolition!