Monday, May 3, 2010

Aerial Views of Nashville and Franklin Tennessee Floods May 3, 2010

Many more videos at Nashville Flood.
Aerial scenes of  Nashville Area Flooding - The Tennessean

We had the opportunity today to make an over 200 mile round trip to top off the generator fuel tanks of emergency communications cell towers in the Harpeth River and Franklin areas. The towers were on both sides of the flooded areas in hill areas so we didn't see the worst flooding and damage around Franklin.

We did see a lot of destruction and very high water everywhere we went in three counties. Percentage wise, the majority of folks are OK but there's a lot of work to be done.

The question is who's going to pay for it? By the reports coming out many homeowners and small businesses did not have flood insurance as they were told they were not in a flood plain or just couldn't afford it. Just the cost of the infrastructure repair is incredible.

We spend close to a trillion dollars a year feeding the war profiteers.

We owe the Federal Reserve somewhere around 400 billion dollars a year in interest for their privilege of printing bogus money for us to fight fraudulent wars against terrorism in foreign lands ...  killing, destroying and looting  for power and profit.

If we have to spend our tax money, shouldn't it be right here at home where we need it. Healing our own people and land .....

I wonder what the cost per kill of a 'terrorist' is?

I bet that money would help rebuild a great number of lives ... right here at home.


  1. hope y'all are ok...

    i'm awaiting the oil to hit the gulf coast..

    i'm heartsick. i was born there... most people don't understand how beautiful, and how important those wetlands are.