Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'Emergency' Spending for the Traitorous Few

For the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, the Obama administration has requested $33 billion for the Pentagon for war efforts; $5.1 billion for FEMA; $4.5 billion for the State Department’s work in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq; and $2.8 billion for Haiti. These funds have been requested as an emergency, which means their cost would not count against the annual cap on discretionary funding.

The game of stealing more than we have and more than our children's children's children can ever hope to have continues. No U.S. government budget, no matter how insane, is ever going to be enough.

There always has to be an 'emergency' to add to it. War is the main one. It's the easiest to sell to the majority because they can't come to terms with the fact that everything they know is wrong and that killing and stealing is the main business of our government for the bankers and their few allies in a criminal syndicate plot.

It won't be long before the real emergency of the Gulf oil spill comes into play and requires an infusion of fiat money debt supposedly to be paid by taxpayers because BP is too big to fail and 'accidents' happen.

We're being set up for a possible 'emergency' war with North Korea. Fixing the Iran 'threat' is always just a false flag emergency away.

If Israel decides to use up some armaments against Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Gaza etc. etc., that would surely be an emergency requiring more printed up money debt put on our backs.

Real emergencies we'll take care of ... gladly. Helping our fellow citizens give us a sense of community, both locally and globally.

As for the rest of the lying, war profiteering, thieving 'emergencies' that benefit only a few I say .....
"We don't owe you a damn thing."


  1. Speaking of the gulf. I took a shot at a composition.


    Here is a look at the plan in 2006. Something Chucky sent.


  2. Obama reminds me of one of those Andy Warhol drawings that showed the same subject in six different colors, except this painting would show Obama slowly morphing into Bush or vice versa.

    When you're getting shit on, does it really matter what the asshole looks like?

  3. Everything is a fucking emergency, except the things that really are emergencies.

  4. $5.1 billion for FEMA? Fema who? Fema, the Federal Emergency Management Agency? The federal agency that responds to emergencies? Stuff like the gulf coast being inundated with oil?

    FEMA has not been seen nor heard from since it disappeared into the multi-billion dollar permanent emergency rat hole send money now project called Homeland Insecurity.

    They're all crooks. You know Homeland Security and the NSA - for all the spying they do on us, couldn't even spot the latest fizzle bomber's 16 training missions to Pakistan.