Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jeremy Scahill is a 9/11 "Truth" Denier

Scahill has done some good investigative reporting, especially in the area of exposing the mercenary group Blackwater, but as all reporters who get some name recognition and face time in the mainstream media he stops short when it comes to the bottom line of 9/11. In this video he stutters a little in his lies of Al Qaeda did it. He knows who pays his bills.

Jeremy .... how did Al Qaeda do this?

American Everyman continues the discussion in Jeremy Scahill is a Douche Bag.


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  2. Here is a bit of first-hand back story from one who was in Iraq with Jeremy Scahill (f Democracy Now during the run up to the Iraq War invasion in 2003. Scahill’s arrogance even then was insufferable and his ignorance of the middle east appalling.

    He entered Iraq with an anti-war group who got him a visa upon his promise to cover the effects of the US bombing on Iraqi people. This NGO group was one of the only orgs remaining in Iraq planning to monitor human rights abuses and record and document deaths and crimes against innocent Iraqis by the US military. Amnesty Intl was not there, nor Red Cross- even the UN agencies had pulled out. We were pretty much the only ones left to do it. But we were all under heavy watch by Iraqi gov (as Americans whose gov was soon to demolish Iraq). We were told unequivocably NOT to take pix, as they could be used by the US to bomb targets, and not to go off sightseeing unescorted as there were real fears by Iraq gov that we could have spies among us gathering intel while posing as peaceniks. We were warned repeatedly by the highest authorities that to do so would mean automatic expulsion).

    So what does Scahill do? A few days before the invasion- Scahill and an army photographer Joel Preston Smith go out – in the middle of the night- set up tripods around various sites in Baghdad (on all but deserted Baghdad streets as the nightlife was nil), and they begin photographing buildings, “scenic landmarks” (Ministry of Info is “scenery”??) and other locations around Baghdad.

    They were soon arrested by the Iraqi authorities, interrogated extensively and summarily deported. End of alternative coverage of US war crimes. Not only that, but his surveilling (or whatever the hell it was) got most of the group kicked out as well, because it spread a suspicion of spying on all the rest of us. So half the already small group of human rights protesters had their visas revoked and were thrown out because of this agent/a$$hole. And Democracy Now had no one on the ground reporting.

    As for Mr. Scahill's selective, well-funded "investigative" reporting: Was Scahill’s subsequent Blackwater “success” the reward by the Establishment for his Iraq stunt?

    There were British journalists who were on the trail of military contractors’ crimes in Iraq but that all got pushed to the wayside by the Blackwater merc saga. Funny. Scahill’s well-backed totally stole focus on the Brit’s investigations into the “other mercs” who were ISRAELI companies. Maybe that was what his book was meant to do and why it was pushed by establishment media so hard.

    Jeremy Scahill’s 911 stance should surprise no one.


    Whistle blower says BP rigs in the gulf may hold much greater surprises in the future.

    In a report Sawyer prepared after his review, he said BP's "widespread pattern of unapproved design, testing and inspection documentation on the Atlantis subsea project creates a risk of a catastrophic incident threatening the [Gulf of Mexico] deep-water environment and the safety of platform workers." Moreover, "the extent of documentation discrepancies creates a substantial risk that a catastrophic event could occur at any time."

    "The absence of a complete set of final, up-to-date, 'as built' engineering documents, including appropriate engineering approval, introduces substantial risk of large scale damage to the deep water [Gulf of Mexico] environment and harm to workers, primarily because analyses and inspections based on unverified design documents cannot accurately assess risk or suitability for service," Sawyer's report said. He added, "there is no valid engineering justification for these violations and short cuts."

  4. anon,
    Thanks for additional info. Scahill's sort of partnership with Amy Goodman was my red flag with him so I never paid a lot of attention except for his Blackwater writings that were pushed in some of the so called alternative media.

    A little bit of truth with a lot of diversion and cover up is what we get.

    Do you know the name of the NGO group he 'worked' with?

  5. Voices in the Wilderness

  6. Scahill is an agent. His Blackwater book was pushed by the MSM and the Establishment to divert UK authors from research into TITAN and CACI-Israeli controlled merc security contractors/firms. Ensuring the book's success stole any focus off those 2 firms and put it on the American equivalent. End of investigation into the topic. Jeremy was a tool.