Sunday, May 23, 2010

The more they censor, the more they expose themselves

Youtube is notorious for censoring things that certain segments of our society want to remain hidden. What was all of that google talk about censorship in China?

Original title of this, at least twice censored, video was "Dogs surrounded the lion." 

American soldiers kill an unarmed man in Iraq.

Here's another source.
 The Lion of Babylon & american dogs


I've tried to upload a copy of the video back on youtube at kennyssideshow1's channel with a title change but it seems to be stuck in 'processing, please wait' limbo.

Update: 2nd try worked ... at least for now.


  1. what is with the audio on that and what blew up on him that left those dark lines in the dirt?

  2. I don't know. Some comments on the video that was pulled were that the old man had a grenade. A poor one if that's the case, more like a little smoke bomb.

    Perhaps someone else can fill in the gaps in info on this. It would be nice to have some verification. If the video is altered I would like to know. whose logo in on the video I don't think is the original source. YNC is part porn site and part sensationalist crap. Go there at your own risk.

  3. Eureka I can speak Robin. When I go biddledy biddledy bip the birds respond with peedledy peep. Its magic and beutiful.

  4. Who's really behind Youtube? Other than being mobbed up with the ADL, who pays Youtube's bills?

    2 billion hits a month and millions of videos must make for one helluva bill for bandwith, servers, 'Net access, utilities and staff.

    Yet they have no ads???

  5. I don't like the sound of some of this. I linked to the solar flare article because if, big if, there happened to be a sun flare that knocked out the satelites the robots wouldn't work on the gulf floor.

    By the way the EPA refused by BPA to stop using corexit dispersants.

    "There have been several major eruptions of the seabed under riser pipe. I've been watching and live-blogging all day. Some screengrabs. Whatever happened is very serious, and I am sure not good news for BP or even Republicans. Seabed dropped several feet, Spillcam covered in oil, Spew increased. New leaking hole in seabed. Possible casing failure."

    Major Bad Changes Deep Below
    Bad News In The Gulf From Firedoglake (Seafloor Collapse?)
    Gulf Hole Looks Bigger

    BP Refuses EPA Order To Use Less Toxic Dispersant
    Why The Gulf Volcano Is So Hard To Stop
    Asphalt Volcanos In The Gulf Of Mexico
    Colombia University Explanation Of Gulf Sediment
    Some BP Heads Might Be In Jail Now Without Bush
    Major Solar Flare

  6. nothing new,soldiers have been killing civilians everyday somewhere. but oh the horror now its on tv.clicks, you guy kill me with your simple minded ignorance of the history of mankind.

    "It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets." — Voltaire

  7. anon, please don't assume we are not aware of history.

    The point is that the occupations and wars must end because this is what always happens.