Monday, May 24, 2010

A strategy of liberation requires emancipation


The case for “Palestinian voice”
A critique through the eyes of an exiled Palestinian

By nahida the Exiled Palestinian

After almost one century of Zionist terrorism in Palestine, the world is gradually waking up to this racist and destructive ideology.

Contributing to the heroic Palestinian Resistance, this growing awareness will incidentally precipitate the abolition of the Zionist ideology and its hideous manifestation, just like slavery or Nazism were abolished.

The Palestinian Resistance and its allies represent an exemplary model of diversity and cooperation across borders, race, age, economic circumstances, religion or nationality.
In essence, the Palestinian Resistance is a model of inclusion, the radical contrary of the exclusivist Zionist ideology.

Contrary to the gory Zionist project, our true and sincere aspirations are long lasting Peace, Justice and Freedom. For us, this will restore of the true foundations of Palestinian society.

After almost a century of unrepentant Zionist terrorism in Palestine, all doubts have vanished: The only real road to Peace is a full and unconditional Liberation of Palestine, liberation from this supremacist ideology and liberation from the perpetrators. That will inevitably mean a return to the original, peaceful society Palestine was before the Zionist invasion.

To be called again “The Holy Land”, Palestine must be reunified with its people, the Palestinians.
Only Palestinians can heal the disfigured landscape and Holy City of Jerusalem, for the benefit of humanity. Only Palestinians will open its doors to all those who come in Peace, as they had in the past, contrary to the present day Zionist occupiers and their apocalyptic weaponry and dishonesty, their bulldozers uprooting millennial olive groves, destroying biblical World Heritages, evicting entire families from their ancestral houses and neighborhoods, bringing harm and destabilization all across the Middle-East and to the world.

To aim towards the Liberation of Palestine, it is vital to establish a clear, firm and visionary strategy, one that is not sabotaged by diversions, deflections, dilutions, obfuscation or control by anyone with slightly different objectives than the Palestinians themselves.

As a person who holds this Liberation dear to my heart, and as someone who was involved for many years- with various shades and colours of activism in support of the Palestinian struggle, I can testify personally of the significant change in people’s awareness and level of support to this just cause; thanks to the endurance and perseverance of Palestinians and the passionate hard work of our supporters across the globe.

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Highly recommended in its entirety.


  1. Noticed this on Rixon's site. The Canadian government is paying internet trolls. Caught again!
    Have to watch those Canadians I tell ya!

    That hole in the earth is just an oil spill.

    "The next time you struggle to comprehend how someone could spend their time trolling the Internet in order to defend and downplay whatever government cover-up or abuse is in the news this week, consider the fact that they may be on a government payroll.

    The Canadian government has been caught paying a media group to monitor online political discussion and respond to "misinformation," in order words to spread state-sanctioned propaganda, in the latest scandal to hit the Harper administration."

  2. Let's see if I have this straight now, BP drills hole into largest gas field ever known in Gulf of Mexico, pressure blows up rig, oil filling the gulf, all at the tail end of the New Madrid fault which is a rift valley separating two tectonic plates in the middle of the North American continent. BP whistle blowers say another well about six months ago had a severe reaction and was capped. Was it about the time of the Haitian quake? Wait, that was about six months ago. Let's see now Haiti lines up with Gulf and New Madrid. Mayans say this age will end with the largest earthquake ever. Apache Indian Grand father says when the sky turns red and the stars bleed it will be too late. Think it might have something to do with an angel pouring out a bowl and the sea turning red? Yeah I think I see a pattern here.

    Edgar Cayce says Atlantis sank due to an explosion of a huge gas field inside the earth.


    Huge sinkhole opens up on Hwy 24 in Tennessee. Well when so much gas is taken out of the earth something has to fill it in right?

    I hear a new MRSA virus is hitting the hospitals there that is hard to stop also. Any word on that?

  4. The I24 sinkhole has been fixed but others are still getting worse.

    The 15 + inches of rain a few weeks ago are most likely to blame. The whole mid TN area is honeycombed with sinkholes, caves and aquifers. We've been working on fixing roads the last 3 weeks in 4 counties and the amount of damage is unbelievable.

    Blackman near Murfreesboro has new subdivisions built over a sinkhole and cave area that was still flooded 2 weeks after the storm because the caves and aquifers were so full the water was bubbling out of them. People had sinkhole insurance but not for floods.

    abovetopsecret has a thread talking about the MSRA 'epidemic.'

    Searches on the local tv stations and newspaper sites have nothing so it's either a rumor or they're not reporting it.

    But, MSRA cases here have been steadily increasing over the last 10 years.

  5. Thanks for responding Kenny. This is something I posted a few places in various forms and on petri dish. I have some relatives in Dandridge and a few friends up that way.

    We always have sink holes in Florida also. I am expecting them to pick up any time as the ground is sand and coral and pretty well honey combed with springs.

    The hole in the gulf is spewing gas at a tremendous pressure out of the earth and it is the biggest gas pocket ever discovered reaching into Florida, Alabama, Texas, LA and Texas. It sits at the mouth of the Mississippi and the New Madrid fault area which has erupted before and changed the course of the Mississippi River. It in fact knocked pictures off the wall in New York.

    Tennessee is on the New Madrid fault line. Guess what? New Madrid fault reaches from Gulf of Mexico to Illinois. It also connects with the Atlantic rift out of the ocean which cuts through South Carolina to Tennessee.

    Well guess what, Cayce predicts parts of South Carolina sinking first in a dramatic speed up of earth changes. The canary in the mine is suppoed to be Pele on the island of martinique.

    He said when those go earth change and a shifting of the poles are in full swing. Etna erupting at about the same time. Look at a map and Martinique holds a large volcano called Pele and the ocean is dotted with dozens of them underwater. It is on a line right through the gulf up through the Madrid to Illinois.

    My feeling from here on out is keep an eye on sinkhole and earthquake activity along the Madrid. What is happening here is not a singular event. If the Madrid goes it will take out bridges across the Mississippi and there are not as many as people think. It is crucial to ship food supplies across and shipping of goods up the mississippi by ship.

    This tectonic plate can also effect Yellowstone, Rainier, Shasta, the San Andreas fault and the Wasatch as we;; as little known faults underlying New York City.

  6. I grew up reading about Cayce. Since he was from not far away in KY, the Nashville Tennessean newspaper had features on him at least once a year from I know the late 50's on. Read a few books about him in high school but not much since then. His story is one of the most unusual ones in prediction history. His healing diagnosis trances were the focus in the local press, his prophecies were understated or ignored. If one is inclined towards at least listening to US 'prophets' he's the one.

    I'm about 200 miles from the Madrid fault but in the event of the big one we would feel it.

    In the early 80's there was extensive local reporting on new satellite imagery that revealed undiscovered fault lines. One of those is 3 miles from me which in our history has been dormant. No doubt that if you go deep enough in the earth there's a connection between fault lines, caves etc. throughout this area.

    By the mid 70's Cannon Co. was a draw for a good number of 'hippies' who moved here. The beauty of the hills and back to the land theme was one reason but I also heard many folks say it was the energy they felt that was appealing. The energy coming from the fault lines, then as yet unknown, was what I think the sensitive were picking up on.

    This area was surveyed in the late 30's, early 40's for oil using the technology they had. An old neighbor of mine, long deceased, was a guide for the government people doing it. He said they found a lot of potential areas but most was too deep to be economical. Over the years a few people have hit some oil and natural gas when drilling for water wells.

    We built a road for a guy from Florida over a year ago who owns over a 1000 acres deep in the hills who wants to drill for oil. He didn't do it and the road has been washed away and now wants it redone. He uses satellite imagery to find the depressions where oil may be closer to the surface. Using GPS we have the spot marked.

    If he hits anything but water a dam will have to be built around it to catch any spills. We'll see how this pans out.

  7. If it slips all the way Kenny everybody in the world could feel it. It would be two continents basically rearranging themselves.