Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top Down Killing

I heard in the latest, Shape of Things to Come- ALTA Report that… BP is largely owned by Zionists. I didn’t know this. Do they own everything? It’s a good question. Forbes puts out the world’s richest list at certain intervals. How come The Rothschild’s are never listed?

I’m not going to go into all of the intricate details, which are made intricate by those using the confusion to engage in criminal activity. I’m just going to lay it out as a direct statement and you can assume it is true, even if there are other factors at work. When money gets tight, it’s because the Central Banks caused it. When the housing market crashes or any other financial problem occurs, the Central Banks, along with Goldman Sachs, or Wall Street, if you prefer, caused it. When war breaks out anywhere in the world it is because the Central Banks want to generate capital from financing both sides of the conflict. When any nation in the world is suddenly in serious financial trouble or on a breathing apparatus, due to the weight of crushing debt on their chests, the Central Banks caused it in order to loot the resources of that country without paying for them.

There are a few simple reasons why all of the complicated problems you hear about occur. Let’s look at the result first and then work backward. 1% of the population possesses 40% of the wealth and the lower 40% of the population (economically speaking) possesses 1% of the wealth. This is some kind of official number, so I suspect the gap is actually wider. I can say with some authority that it is certainly getting wider every day. Who owns all those millions of foreclosed houses? Banks own them. Did banks lose money making risky loans to these people whose houses they now own? They might have but the American people gave them bailouts to cover what might have been their losses. It’s hard to imagine these banks ever losing money (except for the smaller banks swallowed up for lunch by the Central Banks) because they can print more money out of thin air any time they want to. {more - Les Visible}

Also see Twelfth Bough for an ongoing analysis of BP's top down 'killing floor.'

"Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" by Skip James


  1. Why does everyone talk about Jews as being 1% of the population? Has there been some kind of national data gathering on the exact numbers of Jews? Or is it just part of the propaganda?
    In my estimation, they make so much noise and own so much property in every single country of the world that they must surely represent more than 50% of the population.
    If they are really only 1%, they should be alloted only 1% of the power in their country of origin.i.e. 1% of Doctors; 1% of representation in government etc
    It would be the best way to curb their illicit activity in almost every field.

  2. hallo, thank you really, for publishing this article, kenny. An inspiration for the day. And more. Since we live for the day, in the situation with the worse and worse media -lies and -threats about Korea, Iran and the oil swamp and finance war, how can one have a vision for another day.
    Like the media people think, by telling lies or giving wrong confusing explanations, they control the scenes. But actually they, including politicians, make the threats and disasters. A vile group, known they are.
    The primary reality that needs to be brought to their attention is that they have been operating under the assumption that, on the one hand, they are in control of what happens and, on the other hand, appetite satisfaction and personal dream fulfillment are the only priorities on Earth. It seems that none of this is true and that it is important they are informed of this.
    And he finds a positive perspective.

  3. The money supply, M3, is contracting.

    That's not caused by magic, but the Federal Reserve, who pumped up the money supply to help blow up the housing bubble, which in turn generated taxes to finance the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

    That they are contracting the M3 means they're not thru pushing the economy off a cliff.

  4. after reading more, heve to add to my comment above, that, while Les Visible sounds possible to understand, he is linking this theory to halfpasthuman and there is the prophesy of : "The powers to Be" will start WW3 on behalf of some aliens and sacrifice Israel e.g.. Here this is too exotic for me, like the apocalypse, at least there is no basis. It looks like an explanation for Worldwar 3 , for that can be no human motivation.
    Na ya, things are already bad enough and problems like war aggravated for simpler reasons like making profit and stupidity, ignorance.
    regards foofritz

  5. Glad to see you're back in action, 'Kenny.' Round up the usual suspects!

  6. Don't you ever get tired of sitting at your computer hour after hour, smoking cigarettes, drinking diet coke, and looking up "interesting facts" to write pessimistic articles about. Really, don't you think most people know the gov't lies, don't believe anything you hear, and believe half of what you see? You have to know there is a lot more to the story (per se) than what the MSM reports and what you do (fragments of info from whatever sources). There's always their side, your opposing side, and then the truth... Want to make a difference? Offer some solutions...