Friday, May 14, 2010

A Visit From the Census Girl

The encounter was very much like in this old photo.

It was odd that my wife had mentioned a couple of times in the last three days that the census people would be here soon. She wasn't going to answer the door if I wasn't here. It was my responsibility to talk to them according to her. That was because when I filled out the mail-in form all I answered was that 2 lived here. The rest of the answers were an N/A. Sure enough, the census representative showed up late this afternoon.

Another odd thing was that 'census girl' didn't want to know anything about our house, it wasn't on her list. She assumed we had sent back the questionnaire successfully. It was about the house next door which is a 110 year old frame home with no permanent electricity, no water and no bathroom or working septic system. It needs paint but has a good roof and a well kept yard but is nothing but a storage area and workshop.

I told her no one lived there and hadn't for over 15 years. She pressed a bit and said that it looked like a nice little place where someone could live.

I said,  "0 people live there and 2 people live here. That's the census."

She then asked if I would sign a form stating that there was no one living there to prove that she had been here.  I responded, "I don't mind telling you the truth about an unoccupied house but I'm not signing anything." I was nice about it and went on to say that last year another census worker came by taking front door GPS readings and that I had told him the same thing. For some reason the house must have been flagged for verification. I suppose it looks like a hideout for illegals or something.

The census lady was polite and nice and said that I didn't have to sign the form, thanked me for my time and left.

Hopefully that's the end of it. I've done my constitutional duty. The government knows how many live on the property and that is good enough.

The cost of the 2010 census is somewhere around $15 billion.

"The 2010 Census will be the biggest peacetime government mobilization in our nation's history."

Rahm Emanuel is responsible for overseeing the census. That means that nothing about it is in our best interest.


  1. Just tell them you don't know the neighbors, it is none of your business, you just live your life in freedom according to the constitution. IBM has been illegally contracted as a spokesman for the government anyway.

  2. Nice post. I was a "taker" in 2000. I gave it up after a week. I saw it has a bit too invasive, and felt embarrassed asking all those questions. Shame really. Now that I am getting into genealogy I wish more people had given more information 100 years ago. You see both sides sometimes.

  3. After my house burned I purchased an old school bus to live in. Tried my best to avoid the census, but they got me, were waiting for me after a couple of notices on the door in previous days. That would have been 1990 or so. DOH.
    I tried.

  4. As much as I have disdain for the Federal Government, I applied to be a temporary Census worker. Well, it seems it caused my background to be investigated. My 2001 taxes were then questions. My Federal and Vermont State tax returns I was counting on to buy a vehicle were seized and they now say I owe $12,000 with interest and penalties compounding.

    The Big Brother Nazi is upon us.

  5. Why, it's common knowledge that Tennessee is filled with AQNA--al Qaeda North America!

    Perhaps the satellite/UAV time they might devote to poking around your place will be a blessing to those who like to plant exotic tomatoes this time of year.

  6. I work for the Census now, and I find it very odd they asked you to sign something, because I've never heard of anything like that, and I've dealt with situations just like this, there is no form for people to sign, in fact they don't even want people to look at the forms we fill out. I find it very very odd, and I you should ask for their badge number, and contact their supervisor, because that is definitely not supposed to happen.

  7. WHAT! 15 BILLION?!

    What are billions to the ptb scum, anymore? Scatter them here and there.

    Officially, we're paying for our own repression.

    If one believes the official story, but in reality, it's all cyber figures.

    All that thebt "They LIve" say, we, Grassroots, owe.

    We DON'T owe ANYTHING!!

  8. Just to set the record straight, since the CONstitution is just some pieces of paper that nobody ever signed, nobody has any CONstitutional duty to do anything!

    That isn't a federal government in DC, it's a criminal mafia. The reason they go after the other mafia is because they don't like competition.

    So there.

  9. According to your source:
    "First, the Head of State, Rahm Emanuel, is now responsible for overseeing the census, when usually the Secretary of Commerce was the one who was responsible. Why should this change?"

    What change? That Rahm is now "Head of State" (whatever that is) or that the Sec. of Commerce is not responsible?

  10. bon appetit y'all

    "A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

  11. I too just put the number down, sure enough two little census girlies turned up last week.
    Unfortunately my English Bulldog had to go out for her evening pee and they discovered that they had more pressing business elsewhere so we didn't chat, shame really.

  12. I too just put the number down, sure enough two little census girlies turned up last week.
    Unfortunately my English Bulldog had to go out for her evening pee and they discovered that they had more pressing business elsewhere so we didn't chat, shame really.

    Thanks for the laugh. Reminded me of that scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" when the nosy school principal decides to stick his nose into the Bueller's home.

  13. Prior to the illegal formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and later the Social Security numbers for tracking all of us and still later the data assimilating Home Land Security, there was perhaps a need for the Census. However, to continue with this facade is today perplexing and its reasons highly questionable.

  14. The Stark Raving Viking said...

    "they now say I owe $12,000 with interest and penalties compounding."

  15. Hey Kenny, found this cool thread on
    Page three has some shots of the recent weather action in Tennessee posted by a pilot. Nice air photos.