Friday, May 21, 2010

Will the Real Rand Paul Please Stand Up?

Will this Dr. Paul have the courage to stand up to the most powerful lobbies in Washington?

photo art from The Peoples Voice

Rand Paul is a novice politician so he's going to make some missteps in trying to maneuver the minefields of the corrupt political system. He makes strides, gets wounded, resorts to damage control and tries to move on.

What's interesting is that Paul gets support from and is attacked from both the left, right and middle.

From the foundation funded left gatekeepers to the corporate controlled media, he takes his hits. He's called everything from neocon to neoliberal. Opposed by still walking free criminals Dick Chaney and Rudy Giuliani and yet supported by still walking free criminal enablers like Sarah Palin. Even one of the most despicable war mongers there is, Bill Kristol, gives a sort of/kind of endorsement. Kristol obviously thinks Paul can be controlled.

Paul's Democrat opponent Jack Conway, another state attorney general, appears to have endorsement from left gatekeeper Daily Kos so some may find that reason enough to vote for Rand in November. The Huffington Post is no friend of Paul and as much as I hate to admit it, they make some points that need to enter into the debate. But it's still all part of the false left/right paradigm.

Most of us don't have a vote in Kentucky so we're just watching from the sidelines for now. Yet whoever wins the general election will eventually have an effect on all of us.

The way I see it is Jack Conway will fall right in with the establishment and not be any help for his state or this country. There is the slight possibility that Paul might disturb the status quo just enough to get some of the real messages out front when this game of getting elected is over. As I was reminded today from someone who I consider an ally, "I care for the message more than the messenger."

We pick and choose our messages. We will never agree with everyone on everything and some compromise is necessary. What we don't agree with perhaps we can try to influence and lead in another direction.

Will, or maybe the word should be can, Rand Paul make a difference in the Senate? Can he stand up to the lobbies, the influence of Israel and the zionists, the military industrial complex, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, the corporate and political criminals who are destroying us? Can he oppose the wars based not only on the monetary costs but also on the lies that have led us there and the moral and ethical implications?

Despite many of the messages that Rand's father Ron espouses, those that we nod our heads and say yes to, I can't thinks of a single direction in governmental laws and policies that have changed for the better over the last decade. And yes, Ron has had very little help and has faced much subversion. Most good things can't be accomplished alone.

Whether Rand Paul can make a difference or whether his candidacy is a crack pipe dream of the deceived remains to be seen.

What we do know is that the system is broken and we have allowed it to happen.

It'll get more interesting and likely more deadly from here on out.


  1. I think in answer to your, he will not make any difference...only deference.

  2. Yeah, I had seen that. Thanks for the link, a good addition to the post.

  3. In 410-4 Vote, House Approves Millions in Extra Funding for Israel’s Missile Defense

  4. Many people seem to be suspicious of Paul!

    - Aangirfan

  5. Huh, what? Did you say something?

    I was too busy listening to my latest Taylor Swift CD while watching Turdy Keith on Talmudvision and enjoying an ice-cold Silver Bullet... Man, that's living!

  6. Regarding Rand Paul's appearance with Rachel Maddow: never wrestle a pig; you both get dirty but only the pig enjoys it. Regarding trying to explain libertarian philosophy to Rachel Maddow: Never argue with an idiot. She brings you down to her level and beats you with experience.
    -Richard Carpenter

  7. I'm not foundation funded. I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm an American who see through the lies.

    Rand Paul is a friend of Israel.

    Rand Paul wants to have a constituional declaration of war against Afghanistan - a nation which has done NOTHING to us.

    Rand Paul wants to keep the house of torture in Guantanamo open to house "terrorists" that have been receiving support from the USA for years and years. Will Senator paul do ANYTHING to bring the creators of the Taliban, including Zbigniev Brysinski, to justice? We all know the answer to that.

    Those of you Americans who think voting is now or has ever been a way to improve the situation i this country. You are not only wrong, but you aere criminally wrong, with the blood of millions on your hands.

    If you have ANY human decency left inside you, you would never step foot inside a voting booth again.