Sunday, June 20, 2010

And the winner for best actor in a Mossad film is .....

Adam Pearlman!!!

Special thanks to the producers and directors at MEMRI.

A June 20, 2010 release.

Part 2 ..... Part 3

Regrettably, Adam will not be attending this year's American Mossad Academy Awards show.

Accepting in his absence will be Joey Lieberman and Chucky Schumer.


  1. From being told the guy was nuts to portraying him as some kind of Clint Eastwood type, bounty hunter.

    I don't think I would be taking Afghan hash along to smoke if I was planning on 'smoking' out 'Binjamin' Laden. Might get too stoned and forget to take off the safety.

    How close did Gary Faulkner, the shaggy Colorado construction worker arrested in Pakistan on Sunday, come to tracking down his prey, Osama bin Laden in the mountains along the Afghan border? Very close, according to his brother, Scott, a physician in Fort Morgan, Col. Scott says that during his last two visits to Pakistan, wanna-be bounty hunter Faulkner had located a cave on an 18,000 ft mountain where he saw "a bearded man in a white robe speaking on a walkie-talkie".

    The 52-year old American was arrested in a forest in northwestern Pakistan while trying to cross into Afghanistan's wooded Nuristan province, a known lair of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters. Police thought he was joking about hunting bin-Laden until they searched Faulkner and found a pistol, a 40-inch sword, a dagger, a pair of handcuffs, a small chunk of hashish, and Christian literature (presumably for his own inspiration rather than to convert the al-Qaeda leader). "I was surprised to hear that Gary had been caught in a forest," his brother told TIME. "Everything Gary had told me about this cave was that it was on a barren, high mountain with no trees. Maybe he found out that bin-Laden had moved on."

  2. Hey Adam, that turban wrap job looks like it was done by Rita Katz


    Jane Burgenmeister has started a new google blog.