Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Disrupting a Pelosi speech

I've often questioned Code Pink as potential controlled opposition because of some of their funding and how they get by with what they do but for the moment I'll try to rely on "caring more about the message  than the messenger"

The message sent to Nancy Pelosi is certainly one I'll go with although they just didn't have the vocals of a group of disabled activists who know how to shout down a shill.

Kicking Ass

A frustrated President Obama said he would have fired BP CEO Tony Hayward by now.

"I know whose ass to kick."

That would be the American people wouldn't it Barry.

Winning the war

Still trying to convince the loved ones of the dead that the soldiers are heroes who were sacrificed for our freedoms.

Americans, Canadians, Aussies, 24 dead in the last week ..... No Israelis though. No rich kids.

Murderers investigating murderers 

Tony Blair, said Tuesday that any investigation into Israel's raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla last week had to be "full and impartial" and that Israel had the right to defend itself.

Netanyahu has nearly completed a draft of guidelines for the establishment of a commission of inquiry comprised of Israeli jurists.

Charades ... the number one game in the world.


  1. Tony looks just like a certain villain character from the 60's show 'Batman'
    A superhero to save Gotham City from the forces of evil would be real nice right about NOW

  2. codepink support the US presence in Afghanistan

    codepink did not support all of the gaza aid convoy going into Gaza - a few months ago when Galloway was with them.

    "Charades" is right

  3. "Phony' Tony is still getting Big Bucks from certain parties to be an 'impartial' peace negotiator in the Israeli land thefts.

    Nuttyahoo's probably already has the 'findings' of the savage attack and now just needs a dog and pony show, to be covered by their employees at FOX and CNN.

    Code Yellow has been rather quiet since their man, OBOMBA, got elected.

    Wait until the East Side Mob takes over from the West Side Mob in November, Medea will start barking at the moon again.

  4. Good thing those Arabs control Hollywood, right AJ?

    Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood: an outlaw hero that even the rich can love

    In their new version of the legend, Robin Hood, Ridley Scott and screenwriter Brian Helgeland happily eviscerate all of the character’s essential content, leaving a dry husk filled with their own nasty concoction. To summarize, they revise the story to add a chapter in the life of Robin Hood which precedes the great story we all know and love, or in Hollywood-speak: they have made a “prequel”.

    This new chapter presents a very unheroic, brooding Robin (Russell Crowe) who is not really an outlaw at all, but ultimately a great patriot who aids a corrupt and ruthless king to unite the country—exploiters and exploited alike—against a demonic and ever-present foreign enemy, France. Another new addition: Robin Hood and his merry men initially meet and band together as mercenaries slaughtering Muslims in the Crusades!


  5. I heard an interview with Stephen Knight on NPR a couple of weeks ago where surprisingly he exposed this film's poor adaptation of the traditional story. Another good reason to boycott all Hollywood films.

    Morris, if I remember correctly, CP came out all in favor of the Afghan surge for the women. Kill 'em to save 'em.

    anon, I thought essentially the same thing when I saw the Haaratz photo of Blair.

  6. I was beginning to like Khaddafi. Whats up with his becoming pals with Blair? I simply do not understand.

  7. http://www.america-in-prophecy.org/_____THE_GREAT_ABYSS_DRA222.html

    Scroll through the bible thumping and read the rest of the story on gas pockets.