Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Insane Israeli ambassador: Attack was "perfectly legal, perfectly humane – and very responsible".

Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, has compared the Gaza flotilla attack with America's fight against Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

He should be expelled .....

From someone who was there .....


  1. Do you think they took a lesson from BP's success using repeated lies and propaganda?

  2. There is a class of people who will praise Israel no matter what they do. Look at the US government.

  3. Terror on Aid Ship: "Plan Was to Kill Activists and Deter Future Convoys"

    Nazareth --An Arab member of the Israeli parliament who was on board the international flotilla that was attacked on Monday as it tried to take humanitarian aid to Gaza accused Israel yesterday of intending to kill peace activists as a way to deter future convoys.

    Haneen Zoubi said Israeli naval vessels had surrounded the flotilla’s flagship, the Mavi Marmara, and fired on it a few minutes before commandos abseiled from a helicopter directly above them.

    Terrified passengers had been forced off the deck when water was sprayed at them. She said she was not aware of any provocation or resistance by the passengers, who were all unarmed.

    She added that within minutes of the raid beginning, three bodies had been brought to the main room on the upper deck in which she and most other passengers were confined. Two had gunshot wounds to the head, in what she suggested had been executions.

    Two other passengers slowly bled to death in the room after Israeli soldiers ignored messages in Hebrew she had held up at the window calling for medical help to save them. She said she saw seven other passengers seriously wounded.

    Gunshot wounds to the head? Damn, but those were some powerful 'paint' guns, probably 9 mm, fully automatic, don't you think?

  4. I joined NATO and all I got was this lousy tee shirt.

  5. Joe, I tend to think BP is using the Israel/US playbook. Proven tactics that work on many but not all.

    Greg, "9 mm, fully automatic"
    ... we all need a few of those ...

  6. All this time I thought Texas was the lone star state. I've experienced an awakening.
    Israel deserves a spot, here;

  7. If there was a blockade then those aboard the ship marmara must have expected to encounter some sort of resistance if not hostile resistance that they did indeed find. They must have known about the blockade.

    Does the israeli military blockade have any policy that states they can allow certain ships to pass? Were they actually within the boundaries of the blockade? There was fire before they repelled onto the ship correct? Should they have even been there?