Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joe the Plumber Heads for the Hills

In today's world being an irrelevant hack doesn't mean that someone or something won't fund you to travel the country endorsing GOP candidates. Who exactly is paying Joe to do this?

Joe literally 'heads for the hills' this Fri. for a meet and greet with sixth district congressional candidate Lou Ann  Zelenik at the appropriately named Joe's Place in Woodbury TN.

But in his overzealous attempt to earn his paycheck, it appears that Joe has endorsed two candidates  in the same race. Heck Joe, just endorse them all and you're bound to pick a winner.

I can understand his confusion. Leaky faucets all look and sound essentially the same.

One candidate in the district that Joe hasn't endorsed yet is Gary Mann who had this to say a couple of months ago.
"Our system of government is based on the Old Testament Israelite system of government."
Sounds also like someone you can relate to Joe.


  1. "The oil spill is not the last disaster America will face."

    Now we know.

    "Beware of the pedant, the man in the ivory tower, who cannot be trusted any more than the rabble of the streets. Too long cloistered in the halls of academe, the first are dangerous, for they fail to understand the world, and know not reality. The second are like a mindless storm, roaring and insatiable, full of rage, and a self righteous and acquisitive passion ..........Cicero

  2. That's a great quote by Cicero, but Obama is neither character he's described. Either he's an MK Ultra Intelligence Asset prepared specifically for this role, or he's a witting front man, cheerleader....pitchman for the Oligarchs. Either way, it's most important to look past the curtain, and not at the curtain. Bush was a curtain, as well, as are all sitting presidents these days. Some poster on another thread wanted to focus on Obama versus Bush and I can't tell you how shallow and narrow-minded that is. You might as well just step in dog's the same effect......and it's what the Oligarchs want you to do.

  3. The last three or four turd presidents are an ongoing disaster.

  4. did you not read the part that said "look behind the curtain" lumpen ????

  5. I didn't notice that anon @ 1845, but the Cicero quote describes president dingle Barry. All politicians are asspuppets who will do as they are told by Rothschilds, Soros, etc. They probably selected Barry to preside over the collapse years ago.

  6. I think it was some 20 years ago a big zio banker predicted obomba would be the first black president. Plans are made way in advance.