Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Next Congresscritter? Lou Ann Zelenik Quotes MLK as She Stokes Hatred of Muslims

Zelenik is spending the money, her ads are all over the airwaves.

Now she stoops  to the lowest common denominator of the 'small people' in Tennessee's 6th district congressional race.

Groveling for AIPAC money and the propagandized vote.

from the Nashville Scene
It was only a matter of time before an unscrupulous politician tried to gain a little mileage out of all the angry opposition to the Islamic community center in Murfreesboro. Lou Ann Zelenik proudly stepped into that role today by issuing a statement that not only exploits but inflames racial prejudice and religious intolerance.
"We Americans pride ourselves on being a tolerant people, but tolerance does not require naïveté. Our nation is at war with Islamic extremists. Radical Muslims are killing our servicemen and servicewomen everyday. They say [they] want to kill us, and time and again they have backed up their words with action."
She had the spectacular gall to quote Martin Luther King, as if he would agree with her hate-filled message.
"As Martin Luther King said, 'in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends,' so let us not be silent. Stand strong for our God, our families, and our country. God bless you all."
The crazy thing is that Zelenik, a construction company owner who can self-finance her campaign, might actually win the Republican primary in the Sixth Congressional District. If she does, she'll probably win the fall election, too. If you think Marsha Blackburn is freaky, just wait until Zelenik goes to Washington.

Sign at future mosque site vandalized again

Zelenik denounces plan to build mosque 
Sixth District candidate Lou Ann Zelenik said she stands with those who oppose building what she calls "an Islamic training center."She says the center is not part of a religious movement, but a political one "designed to fracture the moral and political foundation of Middle Tennessee."

Zelenik emailed her statement to media just hours before a rally was to be held inside the Rutherford County Courthouse to promote tolerance following inflammatory comments made prior to last week's County Commission meeting about the center that garnered national attention.

Zelenik, who calls herself a leader in the Middle Tennessee tea party movement, hopes to replace U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon, who is retiring after 13 terms.

Anti-Muslim Psyops Still Alive and Well in Middle TN


  1. Our nation is at war with Islamic extremists.

    Hmm, I thought the "Authorization to Use Military Force," passed by Congress after 9/11, was to go after those who attacked us on 9/11, al CIA duh, like we've been told 100,000 times.

    Each time 'Nanna' Zelenik uses that line, I bet money from AIPAC flows like wine into her coffers.

    Does 'Nanna' have anything to say about the Fed wiping our our currency and stealing our wealth?

  2. Great stuff
    show it to your kids
    Be proud.

  3. OOps forgot to include fffft
    in the above comment.

  4. 'Nanna' doesn't speak about the bankers. She's very quiet on Israel. I think she loves war. Besides Blackburn, Michele Bachmann must be one of her heroes.

  5. I was down in Florida recently where they are having a governors race..
    The republican one kept talking about obongos platform and all..

    WTF does that have to with running for governor?

  6. I find it interesting the BP symbol is the wormwood flower. You know the one that casts the burning mountain into the oceans and turn them to blood.

    I don't do too much ad lib but here is a shot.

    Other good stuff coming from the truth tellers.

    Chain the exit doors the party is about to begin.

  7. Wake up! The rest of America is tired of your hate-mongering and ignorant attacks on anyone that differs from you in any way.

    We are bigger than this, and it is time we start behaving like it. If this woman manages to get into Congress by preaching intolerance, it will be a shameful mark on this nation's proud history and legacy.

  8. Zelenik does not understand the Constitution. I am glad we have a good candidate to run against her in Ben Leming.

    Ben Leming is willing to go on record against this hate.


    For every significant civil rights breakthrough, there is a backlash. Like the KKK after the Civil War… today we have Fox/Beck/Limbaugh/Breitbart ... Zelenik and the Tea Party.

  10. God, please don't let Lou Ann use You to justify her hatred and politics!