Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Treasonous Dollar Drain

 AIPAC: The Voice of America - Part 1: The Orange and the Pea

U.S. Taxpayers vs. Israeli Masters - Veterans Today

No surprise here .....
Official: US Will Stand with Israel

Propaganda Response in Israel to Aid Ship Attack


  1. If anyone had any doubt as to who controls the US media and much of the world's MSM, this blatant propaganda barrage by the ZIONAZIS should put those doubts to rest.

    The Zionist TERROR MASTERS are all over the MSM, telling lie, after lie, after lie, while the brave humanitarians of the Gaza Aid Convoy are being held incummicado in prison or some IDF run hospital.

    You can damn well bet the survivors are being physically abused and psychologically tortured, so some will write a 'mea culpa' recusing ZIONAZILAND of any and all crimes.

    They're probably even pumping drugs into the wounded that will help them 'remember' the
    ZIONAZIS version of the murders.

    IDF GOON SQUADS armed with only 'paintguns?'

    These are the same fucks that shoot kids in the head like it was sport and we're supposed to believe the assassins that descended on the ships were only packing paintguns and tiny, little pistols?

    How fucking stupid do they think people are?

  2. Greg, they think that the people are very stupid indeed and guess what they are right. 90% of the people who hear this line of crap WILL BELIEVE it to be so.