Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July: From Celebration of Independence to Acceptance of Slavery?

Fireworks remain the symbol of neverending war while we sing the anthem of death and destruction.

It can be argued that the American war of independence against the British was the last just war in our history. You could add the War of 1812 when the English and European bankers took a stab at regaining central control  but that's it. We as a country were never threatened by external forces beyond that point. The threats were always internal. Bankers, corporations, corrupt politicians and their willing allies who hoped to gain favor and profit rigged the system.

Some will continue to say that the Civil War, WWI and the 'good war' WWII had to be fought to preserve our freedom. The only freedom won in these conflicts was for the few to be able to count their money unhindered and to impose taxes and fear on the 'small people.'

The winds of war today are pushed along by media propaganda and an extensive network of social engineering psychopaths deeply funded by ultimately the bankers.

The pawns are the soldiers and the working classes who are forced to pay for it all through the system of what could be called indentured servitude. We are conditioned to think that we don't have a choice. Pay the taxes of death or go to prison ... or worse.

In reality this cannot continue. The debt of war and extorted payments to the banks and the corrupt traitors that enforce their rules are too great for our country to survive. Maybe that's the plan? The American people are the biggest threat to a global order. Destroying us leaves what is perceived by the planners as an open road to world wide central control.

What we are facing today is not all that different from July 4, 1776. The enemy is essentially the same, only the technology and some of the techniques of propaganda have changed. Slavery of the population is still the end game. Depopulation of the 'useless eaters' also comes into play.

What we can do on this 4th of July is to reinforce the idea of independence. Many of our friends and neighbors need a little help. They are having a hard time seeing the enemy within for the distractions of the failing economy and the threat of 'events' such as the Gulf disaster and the brain numbing repetitive rhetoric of 'terrorism' and the false celebrity culture.

Perhaps over that burger and beer and the figurative 'bombs bursting in air' you can plant a seed of dissent towards the powers that be or as some call them the powers that think they be.  Isn't it our duty to do so?

Just say it. No war with Iran, bring our troops home, end the Federal Reserve and their enforcement arm the IRS, clean up our environment messes and work to decentralize our energy monopolies, keep our communications and internet free from totalitarian repression, kick out the traitors in government, imprison the criminals at the top, America first with no foreign influence (insert Israel here).  You can ad lib with a few more independent concepts that you are concerned with.

If we don't do something soon, the potential for another independence day dims.

We can have the numbers. All we lack is the will and strategies to take our country back.

Have a safe 4th and don't be afraid to speak your mind. I think our lives depend on it.


  1. Bravo K.S.! Some blogs and pages pay lip service to freedom but this is the real deal.

  2. Thanks for this. As I watched Obama's "you can take it to the bank" withdrawal date from Afghanistan be replaced by the "need to give the new general time to make his plans work" and now even Biden in Iraq resetting the end of that pointless war, I wonder if the American people will ever say, "No more."

    The stupid arguments over economic stimulus range all the way from the D's stupid plans to the R's stupid plans, and no one on teevee ever has to acknowledge that of course funding endless would sap our economy. The pundits never have to address the level of poverty that would be necessary to make us competitive with other peasants, or that sending our industries overseas would weaken our standard of living.

    The banks go on, and "reform" is meaningless. People have wanted change for decades and still we stay the course. The GOP is back to the inane proposition that criticizing war for profit equates to not supporting our troops, and on it goes.

    Nothing to celebrate about the nation this Fourth.

  3. Did you read about the article on the Washington Post website regarding how Thomas Jefferson changed the word "subjects" to the word "citizens" instead in an early draft of the Declaration of Independence??

    Maybe the truth accidentally slipped out there ... again??? :-D

    Happy 4th of July ... you may have been screwed from the very start ... hehe.

  4. There are tens of millions of people in this country with guns, many armed to the teeth, ex-military who know how to organize, hunters, etc. And they are waiting for these geriatric scum to make the wrong move. And they will.

    As some chimp-faced punk once said, BRING IT ON!