Thursday, July 15, 2010

9/11 Lies Kill Again

A Marine carry team carries the transfer case with the remains of Marine Lance Cpl. Daniel “Gabe” Raney, 21, of Pleasant View, Tennessee. 

"He was really affected by 9/11," Penny Riley, his mother, said. "We watched the second plane hit, and he never forgot it. He always wanted to be a Marine, even though I didn't want him to be. {more}

Will these stories never end? A kid 12 years old on 9/11 can't overcome the psyops of that day and the lies of the wars that followed. Families mourn for the rest of their lives and so many call it 'God's will.' Deception rules the day, pawns die and the psychopaths of war profiteering smile.

And the attempts to divide us go on and on.


  1. (insert name here)July 15, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    One thing the powers that be learned from Vietnam was to keep body counts off the news. It is a damn shame these kids are dying for that shitty little country in the middle east.

  2. All for a fcken lie!!! The whole G-dmn war is a lie!! America, (our government) has been taken over by psyco-paths.. The US army needs to wise up and over-throw this present regime in America. If not, Bye, BYE.

  3. Hello Kenny
    Things look pretty bleak on all fronts. There has been some additions to photobucket on the blog. You however being from the south are probably one of the few who would see any merit or humor in this. Scroll down the photobucket to the last few pics in honor of the the "Florida Gators!"

    Time may be running out to truly express what I feel in this area!