Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barry and a Beatle

Last night PBS finally got around to airing the "really big shew" of Paul McCartney receiving the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song at the White House which took place on June 2.

'Sir' Paul and his band and guests played a few tunes to remind the crowd what the award was all about and Paul gushed over Barry and Michelle throughout the love fest. It seemed like Paul thinks Barry is the best thing to happen to America since, uh, Stevie Wonder, who was also there.

A few of the other guests were surprising. Elvis Costello, fresh on the heels of canceling his concert in Israel, calling it an act of  'conscience'  in protest over the treatment of the Palestinians was there. Apparently his conscience didn't kick into gear over playing for drone lover, surge enabler and war puppet Barry. And Jack White was there too ... humm.

A little editing of the show was ordered by the White House. Reportedly Paul said near the end  "After the last eight years, it's good to have a president that knows what a library is."  Too bad Barry didn't spend more time at the library and check out the constitution.

The missing moment ...

I kept waiting. It didn't happen.

On his current tour, Paul has been playing a tribute to his assassinated partner John Lennon, "Give Peace A Chance." You might think the peace prize prez would want to continue the charade and sing along with that one. The grand finale to give the world 'hope.'

But na na na na na na na. Hey Jude got the finale honor with everyone joining in on stage

Just one question ... WTF was Seinfeld doing there?



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  2. Re: "WTF was Seinfeld doing there?"

    Because it was all a bad joke.

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    When I try to comment, I keep getting the message "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request."

    Is this common here?

    I'll try to comment as anon.

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    BTW, Assange is completely wrong for posting those documents as is. They contain the names and addresses of civilian Afghans who "assisted" the NATO forces. This is completely inexcusable. We don't know the circumstances for their co-operation, and people caught in the crossfire aren't responsible either for the Taliban goverment or the occupation, and often have to take measures they wouldn't normally. Why didn't Ass-boy delete that information, as governments are required to do when releasing documents, in order to protect people's privacy?

    + + +


    Bù cái míng zhǔ qì

    For my failings, a wise lord relinquished me.

    [Meng Haoran 孟浩然, "On Returning at the Year's End to Zhongnan Mountain"]


  3. because this isn't what it appears to be.

    there's an agenda behind the facade.

    at least that's what my gut tells me on this one.

  4. This is fricking nuts

  5. attack of the fifty foot hasbaratchikJuly 30, 2010 at 4:18 AM

    Paul was serenading our African Queen and the first affirmative action president? Is he back on the LSD? Couldn't he play some of those great Wings classics complete with Casio keyboard (sorry Linda). Kikefeld was there really? Who gives a rat's ass.

  6. The reason the names were exposed is simple. This so called war is profitable and the end game is to have American soldiers near the Iran border.
    The people who gave info to American intel. are but pawns in the big game. The big game, being the war on Iran by occupied Palestine. The Jews need to fire this enguament up in the American media. Its a drawn out, thought out process. END GAME: WAR on IRAN

    Anything and everything that comes out in the jew media concearning the middle east is a push/reason for an inevitable attack on Iran.

    This was no leak, this is part and parcel of jews inciting a new war.

    Read between the lines. Understand this would never have been "leaked" unless it served a purpose for those who supposedly let it "leak".

  7. I dont know what you readers dont get at this point. The only info on the MSM is filtered/created.
    Think of all the major stuff that never makes the news/MSM.
    Its all propoganda!
    If its on the news/MSM its been filtered/created to sway world events in favour of those whom produce said media outlets!!
    Im sure real leaks occur hourly but they will never be exposed to the masses, because the news/MSM just will not give them air time. Because they are not to benefit of those whom own and use the propoganda.
    Wake up to the media. Its propoganda!!!

  8. "BTW, Assange is completely wrong for posting those documents as is. They contain the names and addresses of civilian Afghans who "assisted" the NATO forces."

    BrianAkira is giving credence to this obvious false flag. He knows it to be a tool of propoganda. Dont feed into misinfo agents.

    This "leak" was dis info as well!

  9. akira has been tossed on several sites lately due to panic attacks. He is most likely Makow incognito.

  10. The Beatle's song, "I, Me, Me, Mine," was written by Lennon and was about 'Sir' Paul.

    And I'll use the word Lennon used to describe Paulie, cunt, in that Paulie is paying big money to have all the songs written by him and John retitled so that Paul's name comes first on the credits.

    Wadda guy!

  11. I didn't comment on whether the "leak" was genuine, planned, dissidence, cooperation, co-opted or anything like that.

    I just said that whatever it was, Ass-ange had no business releasing the names of any people who gave info to the US military (or who are claimed to have provided info) for whatever reason.

    + + +

    Anonifag: "akira has been tossed on several sites lately"

    Do these sites have names?

    I've been banned from more sites than you've jockied knob (that's saying a lot!) -- most of them were Neo-Con and Jew and Jew-con etc outfits.

    -- Akira


    Again I've been unable to comment with ID. Am I banned here? C'est la vie.

  12. The jew has once again been banned from yet another site. BrianAkira is the most obvious troll on the net.

    "Again I've been unable to comment with ID. Am I banned here? C'est la vie."

    It seems youve been exposed here too.
    BrianAkira, come up with a new shitck. The whole half Asian half Irish thing is see thru.

    Maybe, muhammed or perez?
    I'll still be able to spot you.
    A jew is a jew is a jew.

  13. Anoniqueer,

    An rabbi hath betimes procured thee to his vicious purpose, and obtained first to lie upon they bed with his doublet and hose, and after within the bed, and finally he hath lain lay with thee naked, and used thee in such sort as a man doth his wife, many and sundry times.

    + + +

    Verily, I have again received yon code of "bX-ywtyjz" when ingress herein I besought. P'r'aps others have also the selfsame barrier come across?

    -- Akira

  14. BrianAkira's insanity can be amusing.
    Its not polite to laugh at retardation, but.... LOL

  15. I see you took the time to find out that there are comment issues with blogger akira.

    At times I also have problems posting, preview doesn't work, format is off, text is bold when it shouldn't be, etc. This appears to have started when they added more features here lately.

  16. kenny's sideshow said...
    I see you took the time to find out that there are comment issues with blogger akira.

    Seems I have. Good luck with this guy Kenny!!

  17. Just a guess, Anoniqueer, but I believe that

    "I see you took the time to find out that there are comment issues with blogger akira."

    Is not in fact addressed to you, as you have presumed.

    You presume Kenny meant:

    "I see you [Anoniqueer] took the time to find out that there are comment issues with [this] blogger [called] akira."

    I suspect the intended meaning was:

    "I see you [Akira] took the time to find out that there are comment issues with Blogger, Akira."

    + + +

    Aaah, Anoninobody, you express so well the self-centred delusions of the ever-lonelier hasbarat.