Saturday, July 31, 2010

The fix was in on the 9/11 Responders Bill

The toxic dust, fumes and air from the demolitions of WTC 1,2 and 7 were said by the EPA and repeatedly by Mayor Giuliani to be safe. They lied.

Why should we even expect the traitors in Congress to help those who gave their hearts and bodies and for many their lives to clean up the WTC mess? That's not to mention those who lived and worked in the area and were told to go to work, "everything is OK." Wall Street had to get back to 'normal.'

No, we can't take care of our own. Any money spent on the American public in need might take away from the killing and stealing for bankers, war profiteers and Israel.

H.R. 847 - the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 was rigged not to pass. Congress can't put together a bill that's straight and simple. They have to fill them with 'amendments,' shovel a big chunk of the bills 'budget' to lawyers, bureaucrats, etc. and use their sorry 'procedures' so the two parties can put on a show and point at each other and say "it's your fault."

Facts Not Fairies covers the story ...
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Weiner goes epic on 9-11 health bill

The zionist 9/11 cover up agent Kenneth Feinberg predicted the demise of the legislation. Being a 9/11 judicial insider, along with Alvin K. Hellerstein, he was tasked with keeping the truth of 9/11 hidden and the costs down. He had information that it wouldn't pass.
"Ladies and gentlemen, you can wait and wait and wait for that legislation ... It's not passing," Kenneth Feinberg, the former special master of the federal 9/11 victim compensation fund, told an audience of ground zero responders Monday {7-26-10} in a meeting on Staten Island.

When it comes to anything 9/11, it's always insult to injury.
Cui bono ...


  1. Fux news was showing footage of trough feeder Wiener (D) vs. plunderbunderer Hot Dog Bun (R) and it was pretty funny. I was hoping the blonde bombshell news babe tits would flop out or a good upskirt but had to see these trough feeding maggots instead.

  2. I saw Wiener's performance.

    He should be nominated for an Oscar.

  3. Nice picture.Doesn't look much like a fire though.Two jets hit two mega steel and concrete buldings.Two fires burn for a gross total of two hours and three buildings made of concrete and steel fall into each of their own footprinst.To this very minute this act of sabotage and terror blows my mind...What is a good jew?A good jew is just there to document the event.What is a bad jew then?Lucky Larry Silverstein a man who profited on all this misery.Lucky Larry luckily had a dermatologist appointment that very morning...I am so sorry we,Americans,have killed and destroyed so much and so many.My heart grieves...