Friday, July 30, 2010

I washed my hands in the bloody waters but they didn't come clean

Julian Assange et al "might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an Afghan family," because of the massive leak of Afghan war records.

          Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen 

For our 'leaders' the WikiLeaks psyops saga goes somewhat like this ...
Let's pretend we care about soldiers and civilians.

Let's make believe that we fight wars for righteous reasons.

What really goes on is none of the public's business. Just pay your taxes and shut up.

Lies are to protect you from the facts.

Scapegoats make for great diversion.

Unauthorized leaks need new laws. We've been telling you that the internet is dangerous.
___________ fill in the blank.

Find some war statistics-take your pick, explore a story or two from non-main stream sources, read up on the history of propaganda and the real history of history.  Or just go along with the crowd.
The more we accept the official story, the more sense the world will make. There are wonderful things waiting for those who believe what our loving and benevolent government says. I used to want to look it all up and find the real "truth", but now I realize that the real truth is what they tell me it is.

Yes, wonderful things will come for our acceptance and silence ...

                                                                  like this

                                                                  or this 

                              ah, but sometimes there's smiles


  1. Here’s a good video:


    However, Communism is not International Jewry’s “end game”. A former U.S. Counter Intelligence officer reveals what their goal is:

    The Ultimate World Order
    — As Pictured in “The Jewish Utopia”
    By Robert H. Williams
    “THE JEWISH UTOPIA”, discovered by the author in an unlisted Jewish collection in the library of the University of Texas, is the authentic and complete plan of the Zionists for world domination. It pictures the ultimate “new social order” which the Zionists hope to establish after they have used Communism, democracy and a third world war to gain their ends. THE ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER is an analysis of “The Jewish Utopia”, with photographs and excerpts from the original text.

    If the Communists think they are going to conquer all the nations and set up a world government under a dictator of their own choosing they may be in for a surprise. For their parent, the sect which originally launched the Communist movement as an offshoot to accomplish a specific and temporary purpose, has plans for an ultimate world order of its own; and this sect, commonly called Zionist, now vastly overshadows the much cruder Communist machine in skill, finance, organization and influence. The Communist plan for rubbing out all national, religious, cultural and racial lines and submerging the world in formless, characterless chaos for easy domination is grandiose enough. To say that there is still another, more grandiose plan beyond that for which the Communist machine was set up is indeed to challenge the credulity of most of us, especially of us Anglo-Saxons who are too busy with our humdrum routines to pull the propaganda curtain aside and see the giant hiding there.

    Not many years after I began studying the Communist movement, trying to understand it, I noticed a hint that Communism was not to be the ultimate world order…

    Read the rest:

  2. Interesting history. I've saved the pdf's for later. thanks

  3. This morning, the 'Cartoon News Network' hosted a discussion, featuring some of our Apartheid friends, wondering if laws should be passed to regulate the Internet, so people wouldn't suffer harm.

    There's already laws for slander, libel, defamation of character, etc so it's easy to see where this is going.

  4. You're welcome, Kenny. Here's a source to download a PDF of "The Secret World Government Or: The Hidden Hand" by Maj.-Gen. Count Cherep-Spiridovich (1926) with retyped Appendices 1 and 2.

    The Appendices in the PDF that you get when clicking on my name are mostly illegible. The site that it came from is worth checking out. I have no affiliation with it.

    Count Cherep-Spiridovich may not have been correct in every particular, but nobody is.

    Here is some interesting information about him:

    At the time of his death, Grand Duke Sergei was the Military Governor General of Moscow and had worked to uncover the cells of anarchists who were assasinating government officials which included his own father Czar Alexander II. His wife Grand Duchess Elizabeth, sister of Czarina Alexandra, was involved in the research to unmask the anarchists and this interest brought them both into contact with an Orthodox spiritual writer named Sergei Alexandrovich Nilus. Nilus was one of the earliest men to produce a copy of the “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion” and Grand Duchess Ella introduced him and the Protocols to her sister and to Czar Nicholas II. Major General Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich, President of the Slavonic Society, was thereby one of the earliest members of any Intelligence Service to see the Protocols. He was given the mandate by the Russian Imperial family to investigate the matter fully and to spread the alarm about “the hidden hand” of international Zionism and its plan to gain global control through the elimination of the Christian Church. He was made a Count of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius X about 1907. He was President of the Catholic Grand Priory and was one of the principal organizers of the American branch of the SOSJ. His patronesses, Czarina Alexandra and Grand Duchess Ella, were convinced of the authenticity of the international conspiracy and in 1918 both of these influential women were murdered by the Bolsheviks.

    On June 24, 1925 Eleazar Wilson of Philadelphia became Grand Prior of America. In 1925 Captain Sidney G. Reilly, founder of the Anti-Bolshevist League, was lured from the United States into Russia and killed by the Bolsheviks. The exploits of Reilly later prompted the “James Bond” series. In 1926 Cherep Spiridovich incorporated the Anti-Bolshevist Publishing Association of the Anti-Bolshevist League in Albany, N.Y. with H. V. Broenstrupp and G. M. Sykes. This was an SOSJ project of the Kirill intelligence service planned by Captain Reilly and by Cherep Spiridovich. It was intended to provide propaganda about the danger of the internationalist’s agenda and was the continuation of the publishing operation of Cherep Spiridovich in Paris from 1904 to 1920, known as the Agence Latine. It had been continued in 1921 for a few years by Henry Ford and his newspaper the Dearborn Independent. Major General Cherep Spiridovich, OSJ was assassinated at his residence on Staten Island, N. Y., a few months after re-starting the publishing operation. Boris Brasol provided the funds to bury this leader of the SOSJ. Cherep Spiridovich was one of the principal founders of the American Grand Priory of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem. H. V. Broenstrupp, OSJ published “The Hidden Hand” by Cherep Spiridovich shortly after the assassination of his adoptive father.

    Read the rest:

  5. What's the story behind Raw Story? Anyone know where they came from? Couple interesting headlines today.

    FBI admits probing ‘radical’ historian Zinn for criticizing bureau

    Anti-racist ADL ‘joins bigots’ in opposing Ground Zero mosque

    Democratic Rep. Mike McMahon Fires Staffer for "Jewish Money" List

  6. Count Cherep I will read that when I have time. I have about one chapter to go of "Rasputin the Saint Who Sinned.' It involves the same time period. It is one hell of a book.

    I was not aware myself that Czar Nicholas's father was a Russian monk.

    The Russian secret service had a full time job at the time keeping track of Rasputin as he was in and out of the bath houses at all hours of the night. He was almost co-sovereign of the empire at the time.

  7. Good stuff Count. Keep it coming.

  8. An excellent source of information about the events leading up to the Second World War is "The Nameless War" by Captain A.H.S. Ramsay, available in PDF here:


    "The Nameless War" reveals an unsuspected link between all the major revolutions in Europe-- from King Charles I's time to the abortive attempt against Spain in 1936. One source of inspiration, design and supply is shown to be common to all of them. These revolutions and the World War of 1939 are seen to be integral parts of one and the same master plan.

    After a brief review of the forces behind the declaration of war and the world wide arrests of many who endeavoured to oppose them, the author describes the anatomy of the Revolutionary International machine--the machine which today continues the plan for supranational world power, the age-old Messianic dream of International Jewry. It is the author's belief that the machine would break down without the support of its unwilling Jews and unsuspecting Gentiles and he puts
    forward suggestions for detaching these elements.

    WHO DARES? …
    APPENDIX 1 …
    APPENDIX 2 …
    APPENDIX 3 …
    APPENDIX 4 …
    APPENDIX 5 …

  9. "The Saint Who Sinned" is Masonic rubbish issued by the Mohr-Bertellsmann's Random House. Mohr sits on the Council of Rome.

    Rasputin was not "a co-sovereign" of Russia. He was in fact just a Jew-puppet installed in the midst of the royal household in order to discredit the Romanovs, to the benefit of the Rotschilds, the Bund, the lodges, etc.

    Rasputin was the Masonic creature of the Jew Aaron Simanovich, who posed as Rasputin's secretary, and was his partner in crime (bribery, pimping, etc).

    It was the Jew Simanovich who created Rasputin's extremely exaggerated post-murder reputation, via his testimonies, letters, and "assistance" to reporters from the Western Jew-Mason press.

    -- Akira

  10. What on Earth is "a Count of the Catholic Church"?

    You mean a Roman Count, like Rose Kennedy?

    + + +

    I'm not sure how Alexander III Alexandrovich could have been a monk, with 6 children, and considering he slept with his wife until his death.

    + + +

    Cherep-Spiridovich was a con-man hooked up with the Roosevelt and Carnegie rackets.

    + + +

    "Captain Sidney G. Reilly" was the Jew Georgi Rosenblum

    The Jew Rosenblum was a Mason, a Schiff agent in Japan, and an SIS/MI6 agent.

    He also went by the names Shlomo/Salomon/Sigmund Mikhailovich/Abramovich/Grigorovich Rosenblum

    He was arrested in Imperial Russia as a member of the Friends of Enlightenment lodge.

    He worked for the Rothschilds/Schiff in Manchuria.

    He was allegedly lured to Soviet Russia to meet with "The Trust", a Soviet fake dissident group, and then he was allegedly killed there -- shot while trying to escape. In fact, he knew very well that The Trust was fake, and went back to work for the OGPU in China.

    -- Akira

  11. Here we go again. The Jew BrianAkira Dealing in misinfo. He now takes a shot at Count Cherep.

    Hey Kenny. Nip it in the bud. This nutter jew will clog your site with disinfo.

    Dont believe me??
    Youll see, Ive seen this reptile in action before.

    I like your site, Akira is bad news, any good info will be twisted and distorted by this jew troll!!!

    Take it as you will. I for one will not visit this site as long as the dis info is spread out.

    But when the smoke clears and Akira is eventually rooted out I'll be back.

    Ita a pattern with this Akira.
    He only has an average run of about two months tops.

    Youve been Warned!!

  12. "Count" Cherep praising the work of Andrew Carnegie in the creation of a world government, and lying that that is the goal of the Russian Emperor, 1907:

    [Also Russian denials that Cherep was any sort of "Count" except in the Vatican. i.e. a Count of Rome.]

  13. + + +

    "The only son of Pauline and Gregory Rosenblum, Sigmund Georgievich Rosenblum, alias Sidney George
    Reilly, was born on 24 March 1874 into a wealthy Polish-Jewish family with an estate at Bielsk in the
    Grodno Province of Imperial Russia.(3) His father was known locally as George rather than Gregory, ... The family seems to have been well connected in Polish national circles through Pauline's friendship with Ignac Paderewski [a Frankist, i.e. Sabbatean], the famous Polish pianist and propagandist, who became Prime Minister of Poland in January 1919. Sigmund Rosenblum married a widow, Margaret Thomas, at the Holborn Registry Office in London on 22 August 1898 and, in the following year when he joined the British Secret Service, assumed the second name of her father, Edward Reilly Callahan, as his surname. Thus, Sidney Reilly the secret agent was born."

    -- Akira

  14. 1. The comments are full of lies.

    2. I present facts.

    3. The liars insist that I should be banned.

    What kind of a creatures go around lying, then demand that the truth be censored? What tribe is it?

    -- Akira

  15. Aaron Samulovich Simanovich:

    Арон Самуилович Симанович (1873—1978) — купец 2-й гильдии, личный секретарь Григория Распутина.

    По профессии ювелир, владел ювелирными магазинами в Киеве. Переехал в Петербург в 1902 году.

    О месте и обстоятельствах знакомства с Распутиным Симановича достоверно неизвестно. По одним сведениям, это произошло в Киеве, по другим — Петербурге при содействии известного авантюриста князя Михаила Андроникова.

    Согласно записям службы наружного наблюдения, Симанович бывал у Распутина почти ежедневно. Сразу же после Февральской революции в марте 1917 года подвергался кратковременному аресту. Эмигрировал, написал малодостоверную[источник не указан 439 дней] книгу о Распутине — «Распутин и евреи. Воспоминания личного секретаря Григория Распутина».

    По окончании Второй мировой войны состарившийся Симанович обосновался в Монровии (Либерия). Был дружен с президентом страны Табменом. Скончался в 1978 году от инсульта в возрасте 105 лет.

    Aaron Samuilovich Simanovich (1873-1978) was a 2nd level merchant, and the personal secretary of Grigory Rasputin.

    By profession a jeweler, he owned jewelry stores in Kiev. He moved to St. Petersburg in 1902.

    The place and circumstances of Simanovich's familiarity with Rasputin are not known for certain. According to one report, it happened in Kiev; and according to another, it took place in St. Petersburg with the assistance of renowned adventurer Prince Michael Andronikov.

    According to the records of the external supervision service of, Simanovich visited Rasputin almost daily. Immediately after the February Revolution in March 1917, Simanovich suffered a brief seizure. He then emigrated, and wrote a poorly-sourced book about Rasputin called, "Rasputin and the Jews. Memoirs of a personal secretary of Grigory Rasputin."

    After the Second World War, the elderly Simanovich settled in Monrovia (Liberia). He was friendly with President Tabmenom [William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman, president from 1944 to 1971]. He died in 1978 of a stroke at the age of 105.

    [References: "Воспоминания" А. С. Симановича (Aaron Simanovich, "Memoirs: Recollections of the Secretary of Gregory Rasputin", Paris, 1922, Molodaya Gvardiya, Moscow, No. 6, 1991); и "Симанович А.С. Распутин и евреи." Воспоминания личного секретаря Григория Распутина. — М.: Советский писатель, 1991. — 181 с. — (Б-ка журнала «Слово»).]

  16. [Last "anon", with Russian text, was also me -- Akira]

    Aaron Samuilovich Simanovich (1873-1978) was a 2nd level merchant, and the personal secretary of Grigory Rasputin.

    By profession a jeweler, he owned jewelry stores in Kiev. He moved to St. Petersburg in 1902.

    The place and circumstances of Simanovich's familiarity with Rasputin are not known for certain. According to one report, it happened in Kiev; and according to another, it took place in St. Petersburg with the assistance of renowned adventurer Prince Michael Andronikov.

    According to the records of the external supervision service of, Simanovich visited Rasputin almost daily. Immediately after the February Revolution in March 1917, Simanovich suffered a brief seizure. He then emigrated, and wrote a poorly-sourced book about Rasputin called, "Rasputin and the Jews. Memoirs of a personal secretary of Grigory Rasputin."

    After the Second World War, the elderly Simanovich settled in Monrovia (Liberia). He was friendly with President Tabmenom [William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman, president from 1944 to 1971]. He died in 1978 of a stroke at the age of 105.

    [References: "Воспоминания" А. С. Симановича (Aaron Simanovich, "Memoirs: Recollections of the Secretary of Gregory Rasputin", Paris, 1922, Molodaya Gvardiya, Moscow, No. 6, 1991); и "Симанович А.С. Распутин и евреи." Воспоминания личного секретаря Григория Распутина. — М.: Советский писатель, 1991. — 181 с. — (Б-ка журнала «Слово»).]

    Instauration, 1976.11:

    "Simanovich was a stellar light; it would be naive indeed to think that he did not know the leaders of the Bolshevik groups. Aaron moved through the maze of St. Petersburg conspiracies with great success and delight, seeing endless opportunities for moneymaking, organizing nightclubs, cabarets, gambling halls, and brothels, all activities, with unlimited facilities for espionage and blackmail. Simanovich's activities, unknown to the Czar and Czarina, would have confirmed the worst fears of the anti-Jewish "Union of True Russians," a group to which Rasputin at one time belonged"


    "It became obvious to Aaron Simanovich that he was on to something big and needed professional assistance of a high order if he were to control efficiently the mess that he had already created in the Czar's court. he got it. Soon materializing as Simanovich's and Rasputin's most important "adviser" came none other than Manasevitch Maniulov, an intriguer to the purple born, a Jewish gentleman of taste and quality and a snappy dresser. Manasevitch had started on the road to power as a protege of a homosexual prince..."


    "All available evidence indicates that
    Rasputin was a primitive, crude, naive,
    open soul - traits not all uncommon to
    the Russian peasant. Under the guidance
    of the two conspirators, he was gradually moved into a position where he could make high appointments. He had been placed in a unique position for obtaining all sorts of secret data and, to the cabal "advising" him..."

    "After the final murder of the Czar and his family, the assassination of Rasputin, and the seizure of the Russian government by the Communists, Aaron Simanovitch, wining and dining in Paris, well-heeled financially and completely unscathed, cashed in on a sensational book ... the most unreliable book on Rasputin that has ever been written."

  17. The Jew Simanovich's Jew colleague in handling Rasputin:

    Ivan Fedorovich Manasevich-Manuilov, 1869-1918.

    Worked for Russian & German secret services. Worked for the Jew Warburg as German agent in Russian service in Paris. Manuilov

    -- Akira

  18. Robert Wilton, "Russia's Agony", p. 119:

    "Among the prisoners here released was Stunner's factotum, Manasevich-Manuilov, whom Miliukov had described as one of the Razputin "camarilla." Manuilov was under trial for extortion. A wild-eyed soldier burst open his cell, crying out, "Are you for the Revolution?"

    "Anything you like," replied Manuilov, and quickly appraising the situation, he fled hatless and coatless into the
    cold. Unlike most of his fellow inmates, he was captured later and exiled. Another captive Razputinite was the notorious Prince Andronikov, adventurer, informer, sycophant, who had frequently palmed himself off on unsuspecting foreigners as a "prominent" Russian.

    Escaped convicts set fire to the Courts in order to remove records of their crime. Former agents of the okhrana sacked the Police Department to destroy evidence of their complicity. Enormous quantities of invaluable documents went to feed bonfires in the streets. All the notarial archives thus perished."

  19. BTW,

    Robert Wilton, the alleged "antishemite", was a Mason and a Zionist

    Wilton, at the Bohemian Club, San Francisco, January 4, 1919:


    Let us, before all, make reparation to the race that gave us our religion, the very basis of our civilization ; let us restore the Jews to their country and to their nationhood. It will be but an act of sacred Justice; it will also be a means of social salvation. The liberation of Palestine from Turkish thralldom and its promised return to the Chosen Race have been rightly heralded and acclaimed by Jew and Gentile alike.

    We have fought in order to assure the unfettered progress of nations towards universal brotherhood by placing national life on the sure foundations of peace, ordered liberty and social justice. At a great price we have won this boon for ourselves and for other nations, cementing with our blood a comradeship that eschews class privileges and distinctions. Is this great step in human progress — with all its inevitable sacrifices — to be imperiled by a mere handful of madmen, seeking to destroy the very existence of nations? The people of the United Kingdom have given their response in the electoral consultation which has just been concluded. Who can doubt that France and the United States will be equally emphatic?


    Her [Russia's] troubles came
    not from the Monarchy, but from the alien influences that the Monarchy imbibed. [True -- Alien: Masonry and Jews and Britain and France and America; but here, by "alien" Wilton means Germany] The German incubus will have been removed ere Russia can revive.

    Of that revival I perceive sure and certain promise. I believe that the Russian people were destined to play an exalted part in the advancement of mankind, and that the day will soon dawn when the peoples of the world will duly appreciate the sacrifices that the Russians have endured, not
    less than the services that they render to the common cause
    of humanity. It is with this confidence that I am leaving
    the hospitable shores of America to rejoin my Russian comrades in the great adventure of this unparalleled war — the restoration of Russia.

    R. W.
    Bohemian Club,
    San Francisco,

    January 4, 1919.


    -- Akira

  20. Tokyo akira's schtick is the appearance of a virulent truth teller concerning Jews while at the same time distorting anything that has to do with them.

    Of course Rasputin used a couple of Jews and was connected to many of the women of St. Petersburg. He was a monk and promised Kama Sutra. Anyone in Russia familiar with history will point out that Rasputin "s influence with the czar and family was through his ability to heal the czar's hemophiliac son Alexi and the ability to see the future. Rasputin urged the czar not to enter the war as Russia would be destroyed and he was right.

    Petersburg was teeming with British agents at the time who wanted the monarchy overthrown and the managed it resulting in the death of the entire family and Rasputin. In fact many of the upper classes had no Russian blood as Rasputin made comments to them saying "none of you dogs have a drop of Russian blood do you?"

    Akira's ramblings are fairy tale and yes he does it on a number of blogs until people tire of it.

  21. More on Rasputin

    Stewart Rixon of thetruthteller has one of the best essays on the web concerning Rasputin. Is Stewart a Jew also Akira?

  22. I wonder if the Russians were thinking "Where are we? America?"

  23. Its the same game here in the states. The Bolshevic movement in Russia had the same earmarks as the communisation of America.

    Replace the old Anglo Saxon elite with jews.

    Its communism/judeo rule.

    First the the banks, then the media, then the use of the host nation to conquer jew enemies, next destroy the host thru financial ruin, and then comes a police state/communism..

    Read into the ruin of Russia and Germany by jews. Same game plan in play here in the states.

  24. BTW
    The word communism is rooted in commune. The sharing of wealth and nessities.
    This is only relevent to the lower classes/goyim in the minds of the elite/jews.

    The ones in power/bankers/jews enjoy all the fruits of the ones whom are ridden by the commune status iflicted on them.

    Its apparent this system benefits the ones in controll of masses.

    Some call it Zionism.

  25. "Some call it Zionism."

    But they are either "jews", bought and paid for yid licker's,ignorant, or clinically, mentally retarded.

    For it is in fact judaism.
    Torah, or talmudic.
    Makes no difference.
    Same faeces, different names.

    And here is the "jews".

    No "jews" is good "jews".

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  26. While I am not an antiShemite in that I do not blame only "the Jews" for the NWO-Communist direction of the world, I do agree that Political Zionism is NWO-Communist. Wealthy Jews in international finance and media are indeed a threat. However, Rockefeller and Morgan and Harriman are not Jews. Schiff, Warburg, and Rotschild are. I do agree that Zionocommunists are employing the US-UK to do their bidding through "Republican" NeoCons and now the Democrat NeoLibs. Look at the NeoLib attack on Gadaffi, who wished to challenge the Goldmann-Sachs controlled US Dollar system.
    By the way, Rasputin was connected to the Protocols of The Elders of Zion by the fact that he knew Count Sergei Von Witte. Count Witte knew two well known Russian occultists. The famous Helena Blavatski and the lesser known Madame Glinka. I forget Glinka's first name, but she and her father were Okhrana operatives, as well as occultists. The Glinkas worked in Brazil and appear to have collaborated with a French author(s). I cannot remember the French authors names, but I think they may have been a father and son team. The elder Glinka was also a member of numerous secret societies. The Protocols appear to come from the Glinkas. Rasputin, Blavatski, and Glinka are very famous Russian occultists.
    The Protocols has had a very negative effect on the world because it is associated with Hitler. National Socialism borrowed heavily from Blavatski and Glinka symbolism, more Himmler's influence than Hitler's. However, Hitler's over dramatic response to Judaism has made it difficult for us to debate with Zionism. The Doctrine now is "if you dislike Zionism, then you are a Nazi". I know Jews who dislike Zionocommunism and they are called Nazis.
    By the way, the Grand Duke Sergei connection to Rasputin, via his widow is quite well known. The mysterious figures of Simanovitsch and Manuscheviz-Maunilov are also of interest. I believe the latter was liquidated by the Bolsheviks in 1918. It is believed that Zionists helped spread the Protocols to create a Martyrdom scenario. That was achieved in 1945. Now no one can criticize Zionism. All they had to do was sacrifice their fellow Jews.
    Nothing has changed. Gadaffi was liquidated by Zionists because he was involved in Operation Gladio, in that up until recently, the west secretly encouraged him to conduct terrorist operations. Now, they have sacrificed him to their newest Operation. The Fundamentalists.