Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Kids Are Still Alright

There's nothing like kids playing music. Perhaps we do have hope for the future .....

Smithville Tennessee Fiddlers' Jamboree July 3, 2010


  1. Glad they are listening to something other than MC Rappin' Johnny and DJ Turntable Slick. That bitch slap rappin' cocaine tongue is co-opted to the point of irrelevance now.

  2. Crime Does Pay.... Very Well. 80 Million for screwing over the 9/11 victims and probably several billion for screwing over the Gulf disaster victims.

    Kenneth Feinberg is an expert.

    His expertise?

    Collusive class actions.

    Limiting the liability of toxic tortfeasors.

    And covering up corporate and governmental wrongdoing.

    “Feinberg is going to get some money. Both Obama and BP trust him. He’s done this so many times in the past. He’s covered everybody who needed to be covered. It is the service he provides.”

    Is there an agreement covering Feinberg’s fee?

    “We don’t know that either,” Hager said. “He might have said – we’ll work it out later. He’s already made a lot of money doing these things.”

    “In 9/11, he notionally waived his fee. But he got 1.2 percent of the total $7 billion for administrative costs. So, he was spending a lot of money during the whole three years or so that he was working on that case. He had his very substantial costs covered. Over $80 million in three years.”

    “So, he has the flexibility to make all kinds of different deals here.”

    “He may even waive his fee in the BP case.”

  3. Feinberg is nothing but a thug criminal.

    I would pass this information along to a local Vietnam vet who suffered for years from Agent Orange effects but .... he died last year. A poor man whose last request was to be buried on his family's land instead of in an anonymous plot in a veteran's cemetery. His request was fulfilled. His name is not listed on the Veteran's memorial wall.