Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The message falls on deaf ears

The American public deaf from propaganda lies and distractions. Politicians deaf because they are paid and blackmailed to be so.

No matter what one may think about Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich it should be the message that counts. Even they don't go deep enough.

On the House floor ... July 27, 2010

Ron Paul "We Give Them 2 Options! Do It Our Way Or We Bomb The Hell Out Of Them!" 

Wake Up America! WikiLeaks Gave Us 92,000 Reasons To Leave Afghanistan PICK ONE! Dennis Kucinich 

Ron Paul: Osama Bin Laden & The Taliban Used To Be Our Best Friends!



    Another well head just popped in the gulf around Louisiana, spewing oil 100 feet in the air in six feet of water. Owned by a company in Houston. Too dangerous they say to get near the well right now.


  3. Time for everyone to take their pills and watch some TV, that will make you feel better.

    Or climb inside a bottle, that's the trick!

    Or maybe stick your nose into a mirror.

    For gawd's sake, whatever you do, DON'T think.

  4. (RTTNews) - Members of the House of Representatives shot down a resolution calling for the removal of U.S. troops from Pakistan by a wide margin on Tuesday, with the Congressmen unswayed by reports suggesting that the U.S. is conducting a secret war in the country.

    The House voted 372 to 38 to reject the resolution, which was introduced by Reps. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, and Ron Paul, R-Texas. Thirty-two Democrats and six Republicans voted in favor of the measure, while three Democrats and one Republican voted "present."

  5. Gas pipeline just blew up 50 miles outside Houston. Residents told to stay inside, turn off the air condition, shut the windoes and don't make any sparks.

  6. The final vote count with names.