Friday, July 23, 2010

Paul and Kucinich say "nip it in the bud"

"Mr. Paul and I are seeking to nip in the bud an expansion of US ground presence in Pakistan."

Our two favorite congressional designated dissenters, Kucinich and Paul, make another attempt to slow up the foreign interventions by introducing a resolution to force a debate on the House floor next week aimed at compelling the Obama administration to pull U.S. military forces from Pakistan. Miss Hillary just came back from Pakistan pledging billions to them to keep up the 'fight' so don't look for much of a debate.

Kucinich got his arm twisted/threatened by Obama on the bailout for the insurance companies that was called the health care bill and voted for it. After being a co-sponsor for the 'audit the fed' bill that got jerked around he voted against it. Someone got to him on that one too.

What Dennis did get to keep after his turncoat maneuvers was his anti-war 'credentials.' He made his deals that probably included that he could continue to introduce bills and resolutions against the wars because few in Congress are going to listen and the MSM is not going to cover it with any enthusiasm anyway.

Dr. Paul stays true to form and joins in the very small chorus of stopping the wars but as usual, besides a lot of talk, nothing is going to get done.

This is the way it goes in American national politics. A couple in Congress get to try and convince certain segments of the population that there's a debate on the wars while the rest of their peers line up to take the corporate war money and sign their pledges to the unbreakable bond with Israel.

A new congressional report says that we've already spent over $1 trillion on the fraud of the wars since 9/11 and projects the cost out to 2017 as around $2.4 trillion. They don't even pretend that there's ever going to be an end and try to smooth it over by saying that the 'war on terrorism' is only costing 1% of GDP, a bargain compared to say World War II.

Though it's not much of a bargain for the dead.

If the debate on our troops in Pakistan does get to the house floor, you can most likely watch it on CSPAN. Notice that there will be few attending. Most of Congress will have something better to do ... like that lunch date with the AIPAC lobbyist. They'll get back just in time to cast a no vote.


  1. Kucinich voted for healthcare and lost the thimble full of respect I didn't have for em. Paul has about a snowball's chance in hell. Real hopey changey candidates get the JFK/MLK/RFK treatment.

  2. I know what you are saying.. I don't know why Kucinich voted for the awful Health Care Bill?

    Maybe he knew that his party had sold us out (along with the Republicans).. and that was the best we were going to get?

    After all, Liz Fowler, former CEO of Choicepoint Insurance wrote the Health Care Bill and Obama Rubber stamped it...

    I've known Dennis since the 70's.. and he has always been a fighter for the people.. against the Corporations. He is the real deal.

    I don't know what is going on in Washington anymore. But I do know the working people will come out on the losing end... no matter what.

  3. What is going on in DC can be described in 5 letters-AIPAC. Case closed

  4. You've got it Saladin.

    More AIPAC influence in the next post.

    The U.S. House of Representatives of Israel Puppet Dance

  5. Very nice, kenny. Good job.