Monday, July 19, 2010

The Real Terrorists

Corbett Report - 9/11 FOIAs Denied, Economic Realism

What's missing from the Washington Post's Top Secret America 'expose?' 50,000 intelligence reports are published each year and I'll bet not a one of them is about the threat of a false flag in our country from our own CIA or the Mossad. None of them are focused on past and present criminals within the government, pentagon and industry concerning the real story of 9/11. They can't or they would be out of a job or eliminated.

Untold billions spent on 'intelligence' and our Secretary of State says bin Laden is still hiding in Pakistan. It's not even funny anymore.

If we really wanted to end the 'war on terror' and have security all we would have to do is round up a few hundred of the real terrorist traitors that are right in our midst, bring all of our troops home and cut off all aid and support to Israel and the world banking system. Shut down the Federal Reserve and their banker/Wall St. allies and we might just be heading on the right track.

Of course I'm dreaming. There's no one to do this so I suppose we as a nation will just have to wait until the system collapses from the weight of its own corruption, deal with mayhem that will follow and try and survive to pick up a few of the pieces.

It's coming down to saving ourselves ... from ourselves. 


  1. Depressing isn’t it? Don’t let it be. It’s merely the pause before the storm.

    My wife pointed out that I was an arrogant SOB thinking that I knew better than the sheep. She then pointed out a few local examples where people were starting to boo and hiss when that would never have happened before.

    Are we buying the corporate puppet show and missing the gathering mob? We are witnessing a very volatile time. I’m positive that we will be given a spark. Why? Because the arrogant B’s have always done so.

    911 was a vile act of mass murder by the usual Zionist criminals and their buddies. Eventually I hope we get the chance to apologise to the Muslim world for the libellous crusade launched against them in its name.

    It is our burden to carry. Keep spreading the real back story. Don’t let our friends and neighbours get led by the nose to blame the usual patsies.

  2. I'am afraid your living in la la land the sheeple didn't even march
    to force the truth about JFK's murder.We didn't protest when they
    took our rights under the guise of keeping use safe,as Ben Franklin said"those who are willing to give up freedom for safety do not deserve either". We can't even get them to shut down the border,enjoy the coming one world!

  3. Will we let a neo-liberal ruling clique minority take us to our doom? What will we say to our offspring when they ask why we didn't do anything? Remember the JFK quote "those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."