Thursday, July 8, 2010


Larry King is not gone yet and gets an interview with his old buddy of 30 years Netanyahu. "Kiss kiss." Larry doesn't talk about the protesters against Israeli crimes outside the White House.

Mike Rivero possibly puts his guest spot on the Alex Jones show in jeopardy by a WRH front page post of AJ ranting and raving about the 'feeble minded, mentally defective, nazi, klan, Hal Turner followers' who are anti-Israel. As Rivero says ....

Noam Chomsky gets called out again. People are fed up with gatekeepers posing as dissidents.

Rachel Maddow goes to Afghanistan. Isn't she cute in her battlefield attire? But a CNN correspondent is fired for having an opinion contrary to the zionist network's official position. Free speech doesn't apply when you're on the payroll.

Rand Paul losing momentum? Better watch out for those electronic voting machines Rand.

CIA/Mossad stir up trouble in Iraq?

Foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan so far this year is 341. 

BP says they may stop the spill this month. If not, take a look at this projection.

John Walker Lindh attorney now heads DOJ suit against Arizona.

al-Qaida in Norway. They're everywhere!

I'll swap you ...... 


  1. Don't forget the important stuff K.S. Who will Lebron play for? Hopefully Chumpsky and Jonestein can get together and stop those Arabs that run Hollywood! This collapsing empire stuff is kind of fun after all! Woo Hoo!

  2. the local coffee shop has an alq branch in back.

    alq craft work sold at nearby flea mkt.

  3. 5ds, are you psychic or just watching me? I was just reading about the grand opening of a local coffee house that has plans to expand their building back to the river. Probably an escape route. A commenter at the story was wondering about free wifi there. Definitely an alq hangout.

    Plus my wife is watching a quilting show. Getting hints for funding?

    Foghorn, I'll dvr the Lebron show tonight. Don't want to miss that. He'll be making more money than all the folks in my county combined. Only in America.

  4. Ohh la la Natasha can spy on my delicate infrastructure anytime! Can we trade commie for commie send them Kagan and we can keep Anne Natasha.