Monday, July 26, 2010

WikiLeaks 'partners' NY Times and The Guardian point the finger at Pakistan

Could the leaks be used  to expand the war in Pakistan? Another 'never waste an opportunity' moment? The MSM is playing up this point. Will the American people ever say 'enough is enough?'

Afghanistan war logs: Clandestine aid for Taliban bears Pakistan's fingerprints

 Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan, Reports Assert

The leaks portray Gen. Hamid Gul, former head of the ISI, as a major player in aiding the insurgency against the U.S. and NATO forces.
Hamid Gul Response to WikiLeaks Allegations

Gull on 9/11 ...

Afghanistan The War Logs - Guardian

The War Logs - NY Times

Explosive Leaks Provide Image of War from Those Fighting It - Der Spiegel


  1. Will the American people ever say 'enough is enough?'

    Huh, did you say something? I was so busy reading up on the latest about that drunken tramp Lindsey Lohan that I didn't hear what you said.

    Gulls? Naw, we don't have any around here.

    Now I'm off to my Evangelical Church meeting where we'll pray to the 'Prince of Peace' for the start of WW III.

  2. Yeah, most will shrug their shoulders and turn back to the TV. Oh, did I take my pills today? Sad, very sad.ingstorg

  3. Of course Could "the leaks [can] be used to expand the war in Pakistan".

    But that doesn't mean that the Pakistanis are not anti-American and anti-NATO. Naturally they would be! Another reason the US, Canada etc should have no business there.

    Wikileaks is a scam as far as I can tell.

  4. Sorry, Correction:

    Of course "the leaks [can] be used to expand the war in Pakistan".

  5. as far as i can tell it's no great revelation that 1) pakistan is in an impossible position & put there by us, 2) we are killing civilians. so i'm not getting the excitement over these "leaks" except that it seems to allow for breathless support to attack pakistan, which Lo! is something that a certain faction has long wanted to do anyway, and which only lacked a good justification. voila! watch out balochistan.

  6. The Great Leap ForwardJuly 26, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    Could the leaks have come from somewhere inside the regime of Chairman Obama (the Messiah!)?

  7. Assange is a khazar "jew".

    Work it out!

    Sometimes things are simpler, and more obvious, than they appear.
    He's another in what seems to be, an endless supply, of "jewish" TRAITORS!

    I'll draw you a picture if you like?

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  8. Brianakira you and anything your guru Makow says should be examined with a fine tooth comb. You are a loud mouthed projectile with very little credibility in my opinion. I am your worst enemy.

  9. ABC news pushed the Pakistan angle tonight and even mentioned Gul. This partnership of wikileaks with the MSM seems to show their hand.

    Assange's statement that 9/11 is a 'false conspiracy' fails my litmus test.

    rabbi, if you could draw a picture to a credible link or two that shows Assange is a jew it would be good for the record.

  10. "rabbi, if you could draw a picture to a credible link or two that shows Assange is a jew it would be good for the record."

    Nope. can't do that.
    He just smells like a more sophisticated and mysterious a.j. to me.

    I fail to understand how he can breeze through airports, across, borders, without being apprehended, or even questioned, if that is indeed the objective of the combined western intelligence services.
    Who else can achieve such invisible mobility?
    His provenance and ancestry.
    Why the big mystery?
    In this day and age?
    You kidding me?
    With the full weight of Western Intelligence chasing his ass?
    During the "WARONTERRA"
    Smells "jew" all ways up.

    I'm still waiting on his expose of the zionist entity, and it's instigating role in the war medley we see before us.
    I expect he wouldn't be so elusive, should that come to pass.

    Smells fishy.
    Gefilte fishy.
    Looks it too.

    If i'm wrong i'll of course apologise.

    I don't expect to have to.

    The result of the release of these documents, seems to have resulted in ratcheting up pressure on Pakistan.
    Now who would be the beneficiary of that outcome?

    Mission accomplished!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  11. We 'said' we wanted these wars to end when we demonstrated in the streets. We 'said' we wanted these wars to end when we voted in (lying) Democrats into Congress and elected a (lying) Democrat president on anti-war campaign tickets. Now we are reeling from the shock of realizing that our vote doesn't matter, our political process is broken, money buys our politicians, our gov't is more corrupt and dangerous then ever before, and that it will take a mass civil uprising to change it. This is shocking and scary to people. And when this clown says there is a mountain of evidence refuting the assertions about 9/11 he's just another coward saying what he's told.

  12. Allovertheplace here.

    Hey brothers.

    We do not have an Afghanistan problem, we have a Jew problem, a very serious Jew problem. This ought to be the ONLY conversation among patriots of whatever original background - all remembering and discusssing the age-old Jew tactic of division and conquering. Notice how all of these egregious assaults on white America are occuring just as all of America is awakening to the Jew disease. All phonomena on the tv and radio is pure propaganda. That means it is intended to manipulate you. How anyone could miss what is going on is quite simply a complete mystery to me. Everybody loses, except one group always wins. Hmm. Seems a lot of people can analyse the he'll out of golf, football, baseball, hockey, the weather, and Amy other damn thing, but nobody notices a bunch of goddamn jews who blew up the a couple of the world's tallest buildings and a section of the pentagon and then started two massive wars costing trillions? What? Are you fools?

    Yes, you damn well are.

  13. "Dublin Mick said...
    Brianakira you and anything your guru Makow says should be examined with a fine tooth comb. You are a loud mouthed projectile with very little credibility in my opinion. I am your worst enemy."

    BrianAkira is a jew masquereding as a half Japanese half Irish male.
    Definetly keep an eye on this one.

  14. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  15. Anonymous said...

    Anonymous again eh?

    I have no idea what makes Dublin Mick an "enemy" of the bold BrianAkira, but speaking on my own behalf, i've always found him to be "on the square", ironically. In that he pursues jew/masonic b/s like a terrier down a rabbit hole.

    To the root and beyond.

    I suspect you are hasbara anonymous.
    Seeing putative division, and attempting to insert yourself into the crevice.

    Judge for yourselves.
    Pack a fondness of a good read. Comprehension. And a reasonably open mind.

    He can be tetchy, i'll grant you.

    You pays yer money, and you takes yer choice.


    "BrianAkira is a jew masquereding as a half Japanese half Irish male."

    What evidence do you have for this devastating insight?
    Do please elaborate.
    No need to be coy.
    I'm all eyes.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  16. ^Schiachperchten^July 27, 2010 at 3:24 AM

    Here we go again K.S. I can't get Timsters How Dare I blog to load. Says does not exist 404 (not found) message. Thanks for those links to other blogs, might not have ever found those and that would be a loss.

  17. The mainstream media have given publicity to the 'Pakistan aiding the Taliban' and 'Osama is still alive' leaks. So the war may be switched to Pakistan.

    - Aangirfan


    Sarkozy and friends.

  19. remarks attributed to hillary clinton in pakistan:

    “Should an attack on United States be traced to Pakistan, it would have a very devastating impact.”

    “I believe, Mullah Omar and Osama are here in Pakistan and you know they are here. Don’t double cross. Help us to get them.”

    “Pak-China nuclear deal is a matter of great concern. We can trace the export of nuclear information and material from Pakistan, through all kinds of channels, to many different countries. We are fulfilling our commitment, but it is not a one way street.”

    “Pakistan is double-crossing us in dealing with the terrorists. They are shielding the Haqqani group in particular, who are causing all the trouble for us in Afghanistan. It is time for Pakistan, now, to make sure, that we are on the same page on Afghanistan”

    “There is a gulf between how the Pakistanis define the good and bad Taliban and what Washington calls reconcilable and irreconcilable Taliban.”

  20. H.R. 5741 will be using all US citizens between 18-42 as cannon fodder in their illegal wars. Most of you are right, people will be oblivious to any of this until they come and get them for their tour of duty.

  21. They can use the 6000 man army that is hidden in obamacare. Or the obama youth can volunteer and see how they like hopey changey gettin' shot at and blown up for banksters and Israel.

  22. it means they are really scared,they know that little hell they have been making is cracking at the seams everything they do goes wrong,and if I were them I would run cause when that thing starts gushing,well I wouldnt like to say what will happen.

  23. You're missing the main point. The "leaks" were allowed to prove that Obama must shut down the internet for national security. It's already starting.

  24. Brooklyn Moise: "I am your worst enemy."

    You and all your tribe.

    And I always heard I was my own worse enemy. So you mean you're worse than me? If you say so.

  25. Kenny, I think you're right about wikileaks. First red flag was the media coverage. And why is this new media creature not in prison like Private Manning?

    What is the result and who benefits? I read somewhere that wikileaks had a hard drive from a Bank of America executive, one of the banks involved in money laundering. So, if wikileaks actually leaked something that made a positive difference, maybe I'd think it was for real. Right now I'm inclined to think they were trolling for whistleblowers, and that would be absolutely counter to the interests of those who believe our country has been hijacked.

  26. It's pretty obvious wikileaks is being as justification for the us government to shut down the internet for 'cyber-security' reasons.

  27. The 911 comment shows he's not what he appears to be, like Ron Paul, part of the disinformation, divide and control the opposition crew.

    The people we are fighting are not stupid and have learned much by studying past tyrants and authoritarian regimes.

  28. akira is a head case. He thinks everybody is a Jew.

  29. All I can surmise as to what set off Mr. Akira to accuse me of being Brooklyn Moishe was the the article on orgone energy and links to the Essene scrolls which managed to evade the vatican basement and are very much in disagreement with the council of Nicea.

    Mr. Akira does have a nicene creed on his site and could well be a jesuit. He does seem to be buddies with Makow who is more interested in his definition of Christianity than his is in his own religion.

    That is just a guess as to what the hysterics were about though in a dialogue on anther website.

  30. Dublin Mick has a 2-inch mutilated dick.

  31. Schizophrenia:

    1. "BrianAkira is a jew"

    2. "akira is a head case. He thinks everybody is a Jew."

    All bitch, no balls:

    1. "I am your worst enemy."

    2. "Waaahhh waaahhhh"

  32. The stupid J-Masonic "Essene Gospels" that Brooklyn Moise promotes was the work of the J-scamster Szekely.

    To say that Japanese culture is any way Jew or Aryan or "White" or any of the other crap that morons/tools spread around w ZERO historical evidence. The whole idea that ancient Japan is in any way J is a lie propagated by Chabad.

    The J Reich was a perv J conman. He didn't go to jail for being a J-perv, but for selling a phony cancer-cure via jerking off in a wooden box; snake-oil selling being something which is still a crime in the US, which is why diet supplements etc aren't allowed make unproven health claims.

    The Js' Frankfurt School & J “Critical Theory”

    The Js' Institut für Sozialforschung (Institut) was the creation of Felix Weil, who was able to use money from his father's grain business to finance the Institut. The J Weil was a young Marxist who had written his PhD on the practical problems of implementing socialism and was published by the J Korsch.

    Weil organised a Marxistische Arbeitswoche in 1922 attended by the J Lukacs, the J Korsch, the J Pollock and others. Weil negotiated w the Weimar Ministry of Education that the Institut would have the status of a University.

    The J Georg Lukacs and the J Korsch both attended the Arbeitswoche.

    The J Pollock took over as Director on the death of the J Grünberg. The J Pollock was a life-long friend and associate of the J Max Horkheimer, who later became Director -- it was this J who guided the Institut into its "innovative" exploration of cultural aspects of the development of J "capitalism" [usury].

    Wittfogel was a participant from the beginning. He established the classic J analysis of “Asiatic Despotism.”

    The J Richard Sorge worked at the Instiut, before being deployed to China.

    The J David Ryazanov was assigned to Germany to compile the writings of Marx and Engels and publish the Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe.

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    The J Lewin "contributed" to the group-dynamics and social action theory.

    The J Lowe "contributed" to J political economy.

    The J Raymond Aron was a urinalist and sociologist.

    The J Leo Lowenthal's principal interest was in the J sociology of literature; later joined by the J philosopher Herbert Marcuse.

    When AH came to power and started ridding Germany of these J-leeches, the Institut was closed down. Most of the Js regrouped in J York City, w The New (J) School affiliated to J-Mason Columbia U.

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    After the Institut re-established itself in Germany after the War, the main figure of the younger generation was the J Jürgen Habermas who continued to develop the Js' “critical theory” in the Hegelian J tradition of the J Adorno and the J Marcuse.

  33. "Mr. Akira does have a nicene creed on his site"

    Wrong. It's the Nicaean-Constantinopolitan Creed.

  34. Are you and Makow still afraid of titties? LOL

  35. "afraid of titties" ?

    You should get your lies straight:

  36. "afraid of titties" ?

    you're really weird

  37. "afraid of titties" ?

    must be some sort of talmudic joke ...

    ha ha ha ha ha木下あゆ美/

  38. BrianAkira (the jew) is a trouble maker and a disinfo agent.

    Make sure to not buy into his propoganda.


    "Used for sexual vampirism and divorced from femininity and babies, breasts are weapons of war, not love." Henry Makow
    Courtesy of Brian Akira.

    Brian you and Henry are proof positive the NWO is having a hard time keeping talent available these days.

  40. Ive seen the jew Akira banned from many sites. He subverts sites with disinfo, uses constant vulgarity and attacks other guests regularly. His jew Brain is on overload all the time. His lies and misinfo are unlike any Ive encountered thus far on line.

    His insanity can be amusing if you can get past his crude juvenile ways.

  41. Wayne Madsen revealed awhile back that wikilieaks is a hacker outfit Chaos Computer Club who made a deal w/ US govt.

    Hamid Gul? Isnt he the guy who said OBL was killed in 2001?
    For wiki-warp to deride 911 Truth? What more can one say? Another zionist SAYANIM backed by Illuminati that controls all sides.

    Once contacted by someone there wanting my sources on something I wrote to "Help me promote my issues." told them to go blow- I'd publicize my own causes.

    One troop who fell for the wiki-weaselry is now facing years in jail after his confidential stuff to wiki was "hacked." yeah sure.

  42. Brianakira is married to a high sabbatean illuminati priestess who is directly descended from Eva Frank.

    He sleeps in a bathtub full of eels.

    He eats sushi every day!

    His foreskin is bigger that 'Dublin Micks' dick!

    He once went to Venus with Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears.

    He was in charge of the MKULTRA program and was known during the war as M. Engele.

    He once made love to 5000 women in one night, so he can't be trusted!

    Henry Makow has a link to his site so they're probably cousins through the Varengian-Merovingian Bloodline, via Rothschild and Lyndon Larouche.

  43. Anonymous
    at 12.33am

    Is that you davina?
    It is isn't it?

    "His insanity can be amusing if you can get past his crude juvenile ways."

    I like his crude juvenile ways.
    I find it hard to be amused by them though, as i can't get past his insanity.

    "His lies and misinfo are unlike any Ive encountered thus far on line."

    Wont mummy take the child lock off?
    Bad mummy!

    Cannibal Rabbi.