Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Afghanistan "Industrial-Strength Insurgency" Kills 21 U.S. Pawns in 48 Hours

As the press reports that Afghanistan bomb attacks kill twenty-one US soldiers in 48 hours ... David Petraeus describes the Taliban as if he is pitching a new and improved spray cleaner or laundry detergent; tough, 'industrial strength,' stronger than ever.

Does he make this stuff up on his own or have a PR team prepping him before interviews?

Petraeus definitely has certain talking points not to be deviated from ... lies to be exact ...
"We are here so that Afghanistan does not, once again, become a sanctuary for transnational extremists the way it was when Al Qaeda planned the 9/11 attacks."
Of course he throws a few truths into the mix to prepare us ...
Winning the war is a "long-term proposition."
Long-term as in forever or until the U.S. implodes, whichever comes first.

The general should have to go to the families of each of the these 21 who were wasted in the last two days and just tell them the truth.
 "No poppies are being hurt in this operation, the bankers are still making all the money and war contractors, including any possible future employers of mine, are doing just fine."
That way the grieving families would have a little bit better understanding of how the blood of their sons is keeping these 'too big to fail' institutions healthy and not have to fall back on old cliches like 'for our freedoms' or 'fight them there not here.'

Perhaps they'll just accept the reality and say ...
"My husband's dead and gone but JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs must also soldier on and GE is a brand I can trust!"

That aside, believe me on this. If you truly love a son or daughter, losing them is the worst thing in the world that can happen. Sometimes the loss is seemingly unavoidable. In the deceptions and lies of war there was always the possibility that you could have prevented it.
But for 21 young folks coming home in a box ... no one did.


The world is a maddening place. 
Now on the eve of another fake and hyped up Israeli/Palestinian peace talk, Israel kills 4 of their own in a false flag and puts the blame on Hamas. Israel doesn't want peace. They want more land, power and many more dead Palestinians ... and Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Syrians, Lebanese  and of course Iranians.

Obama gives his Iraq war speech filled with lies. What else did you expect?
"Americans across the political spectrum supported the use of force against those who attacked us on 9/11."
al Qaeda is mentioned 6 times in this short teleprompter swill.

Islamophobia Rising ... satire as a weapon ...
Putting a Mosque Next to WTC-7 Is...BLASPHEMY!

We're all oil soaked Pelicans now ...
Zoriah Miller - Pictures of the Gulf Coast Disaster 


  1. I heard the same rubbish about the so called murder of the israelis. Its getting so obvious at this point its laughable.
    Anyone who buys into this crap needs their head checked.
    The jews will lie, steal and cheat to obtain their objectives.
    Spilling American blood in Iraq and Afganistan is no problem for the jew.
    Any American who signs up to fight these wars for Israel is an uninformed man or woman.
    Just what the zionists needs, more dead and more ignorant drug addicted pawns to sacrfice.
    These wars are not of honor. And I believe the new soldiers elinsting are not the soldiers of the past who had honor and fought for honor.

  2. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/08/28/gordon-duff-veterans-today-releases-secret-al-qaeda-training-tape/

    Breaking Veterans Today releases new secret Al Qaeda tape even the isrealis could not find.

    By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

    Just in time for the 9/11 “celebrations” in New York, the “idiotfests” prostesting the Fox News financed “terror mosque” or the “save the Constitution” rallies for the “bring back slavery” white supremist crowd, also financed by more Israeli-Americans tied to American fascism, this video mysteriously appears. We didn’t get it from the Mossad or the CIA. Friends from Afghanistan sent the link to me last night via their secret server in the caves near Tora Bora. (They work for the United Nations….I think they are studing the mating habits of bats.)

    The link led me to a secret Jihadist site even the Israeli’s, always finding Osama bin Ladens at the most convenient times, couldn’t locate.

    Veterans Today, one of the world’s most respected sources for intelligence and analysis, is now, finally, ready to go to congress and ask for millions of dollars in subsidies to feed Islamophobia and the continued insanity in Afghanistan.

    With an editorial and writing staff that has a combined 2500 years of military service, 500 years with intelligence agencies around the world, speaking 56 languages (writing only 2), with staff members on terrorist watch lists from 27 governments including, not only the United States but Uganda, Poland, Latvia and Andorra, few organizations can approach our capabilities.
    I am packing my bags today, ready to head to Washington to brief Congress and sign contracts to find more of the same. Ain’t America grand?

  3. I know as fact that my bigoted Zioparents who
    supported Bush wholeheartedly and still blabble daily about 'those Muslims' would not bat an eye to lose me in this bloodbath.
    Serious mental illness.
    Pure purgatory.