Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another blog censored? ~ Ziofascism

Canadian blogger 'anachore' may have had his "Ziofacism" site shut down again.

How many times has this happened before, 3 or more?

Google cache still has the site here so that could mean there is a technical issue and it will be back soon ... or maybe not.

ZionistGoldReport reported on 'anachore' being taken down a couple of days ago.

Now please before anyone wants to comment and tries to tell us something they think we don't already know about anachore' ... we'll just say that in comments on other sites he was sometimes perceived as an arrogant pain in the butt prone to arguing/debating. He often called out others as 'hasbara' and he got the same accusations in return. Personally there was never a problem. Relatively speaking his blog never seemed all that 'dangerous' but some in Canada may have thought otherwise.  Perhaps some in the U.S. didn't like the Edgar J. Steele saga reports he had lately? Maybe it's something altogether different.

Censorship of free speech remains a top shelf issue with the internet as a battlefield. The snipers are out. The psyops is to sometimes go for just a wound, other times it's for the kill.


  1. Canada gone to the dogs and I fear the worst. Half the population fogged by psychiatric drugs, eugenics alive and well, the other half openly fleecing the sheep, not a twig of stubble is not snatched hungrily. Drunk with power on stolen indian land, nutcases all.

  2. reo speedwagon jean jacket patchAugust 4, 2010 at 11:37 PM

    Not the internet snipers! Oh the horror! I haven't been this frightened since Dragonstryke approached me with his 80 sided dungeons and dragon dice!


  4. Canada is a lost cause.

    Canadian bloggers are forced to practice an extreme form of self-censorship in order to defend themselves against legal harassment from Canada's Soviet-like government.

    Unfortunately, this self-censorship renders Canadian blogs essentially worthless since they only contain heavily filtered info.

  5. I wonder why yours, mine and a few others with a similar vent aren't already shut down?

  6. So the site may not be censored and it is a technical issue.

  7. Thanks Kenny... has been moving their servers to new datacenters and have been giving notices about down SQL databases, so it probably has something to do with that. I'm taking a bit of a break for the summer anyhow.

  8. I couldn't get it to load last night at 0200hrs K.S. using opera browser. I keep three or four browsers on hand and sometimes a page that won't work in one will load in another. Canada is not a lost cause anon, they have Labatt's, the B.C. crippler weed and Rush. Hee hee.

  9. Analsore is constantly yapping about how he's being/been censored.

    He also refuses to even use the word "Jew". He keeps going on about some mysterious people he calls "J-ws".

    The guy's a complete phony.

    He also keeps 'kvetching' about Zionist Gold Report being banned. Now ZGR 'kvetches' that Anal is banned.

    Hint: ZGR = Analsore.

  10. Anal is also a big fan of Robert Lindsay, who says on Voice of Reason [Robert Stark's show] that all "antisemites" are insane, and that he wishes he could be some rich Jew's whore.

    (Hilarious. As if he isn't already!)

    Listen for yourself. Just google Voice of Reason Stark Lindsay to find the mp3.

    Lindsay's latest is about how gay he is to hear about the queer Queer "Marriage" ruling in California.


  11. About Canadian bloggers being "forced to self-censor"

    That's just used as an excuse by pissy Candian wimps.

    Makow's in Winnipeg.

    And how is "eugenics alive and well" in canada, besides the widespread infanticide? which anyway is most common amongst the middle class whites. Is that the meaning of eugenics?

  12. Makow is a MOTT and I personally don't trust him.

    The only good stuff on his blog is the stuff that was copied from American blogs.

    The rest is just crap.

  13. K.S. I tried snippits and snappits blog at 23:15hrs using opera and it said does not exist. I copy pasted the url into mozilla and it took me to joogle search engine page. I don't care how good the search results are I would rather use ixquick search engine it is more private. These blogsters are doing something right to get hassled like this. P.S. the snippits blog owner is one of the most ravishingly beautiful women I have ever seen if that avatar is really the owner. [:-)

  14. You may very well disagree with Makow's slant, but the fact remains he's Canadian, in Canada, and has no fear of naming his fellow Jew-bastards, without using sypuid non-words like "J-Ws". He was facing a kangaroo court star chamber until the law was challenged via an unrelated case.

    Repeat: Most Canadians are pussies, wimps. Just as most Americans are whores for the Jew.

  15. Skeebo,

    the S+S blogger is a Canadian broad called Barb, not the Palestinian she's scamming as in her profile pic.

  16. One exception doesn't disprove the rule.

    Apparently, Makow can afford to hire a good lawyer and isn't intimidated by legal threats the way most people in his position would be.

  17. INCOGMAN shut him down, thats for sure, he just hated this guy as he claimed he is a ZOG disinfo and if you ask me he was right.

  18. Perhaps the reason Makow can afford to hire a good lawyer is because he's being bankrolled by someone.

    Someone with a vested interest in supporting limited-hangout controlled-opposition frontmen.

  19. 'Canada gone to the dogs and I fear the worst. Half the population fogged by psychiatric drugs, eugenics alive and well, the other half openly fleecing the sheep, not a twig of stubble is not snatched hungrily. Drunk with power on stolen indian land, nutcases all. '

    its called 'freedom' has a unsettling dizzying effect on people, son they lose their sense of proportion and are easily swayed.