Sunday, August 29, 2010

Arson at Murfreesboro TN Mosque Construction Site

The psy-ops of the Muslim mosques is not just for New York. Locally, the issue of construction of a mosque is taken to another level as someone sets fire to excavation equipment at the site. Dumb media and politician manipulated redneck bigot arsonists or paid provocateurs? Either way, the manufactured controversy heats up. 

From Channel 5 News ...
Murfreesboro, TENN. - Agents from the ATF, the Nashville branch of the FBI, and investigators from the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department are seeking the public's help in solving an overnight construction site fire at the future home of a Muslim Mosque.

Eric Kehn, spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Tennessee and Alabama, told NewsChannel 5 Saturday evening that investigators are actively pursuing any and all leads this weekend. Kehn stopped just short of calling the fiery assault on four pieces of giant, excavating equipment and vehicles a hate crime; rather, Kehn said it's being pursued and prosecuted as a fire at the site of a future house of worship.

Call it what you will, but local Muslims are truly frightened and taking the attack quite seriously.
"The members of the community are very scared," said Camie Ayash, spokeswoman for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. "As I mentioned, it's Ramaadan. We try to come together as a community in the evenings to break our fast together. Our attendance level has been very low, because people are scared to leave their homes."

Ayash is quick to point out that Muslims have quietly co-existed in this community for 20 years. Only since plans were unveiled to build a brand new Mosque, at the intersection of Bradyville Pike and Veals Road, has such public opposition become so loudly expressed. {more}

Feds investigate fire at Murfreesboro mosque site - The Tennessean

Fire Strikes Future Site - DNJ


  1. If that equipment was being used to build a synagogue, the UN Security Council would be in session and the House and Senate would return from their month long vacation to see who could shout the loudest into the mic that THEY were Israel's best friend and would an extra billion or two help ease the pain?

    Why don't we just revert to the 1950's, when it wasn't uncommon to see a back man dangling from a rope around his neck, except the hatred this time will involve lynching Muslims or anyone who looks like a 'Muzzie.'

  2. You've got it nailed Greg.

    It's embarrassing that so many locals have fallen into the trap of this game of hate.

  3. well i think they should look into the connections here, since this was just covered on the daily show:

    the woman interviewed: laure cardozza-moore. and look here, she is profiled in Christian Friends of Israeli Community:

    Bring A Bucket!

  4. A Dual-Seedline Christian Identity 'take' on events of the past week within the White Nationalist [bowel] Movement by an Aryan Nations activist of over 16 years experience.


  5. pez,
    cardozza-moore is well known in this area as an israel first troublemaker. Bought and paid for. I would like to trace her funding.

  6. Greg; Loved the WACO thing.
    Goon squad lol

  7. Next we'll hear that American homegrown 'insurgents' have joined forces with that notorious environmental gang, ELF and that the Muslim brotherhood in prisons are the head capos.

  8. See Save the Male site, Henry Makow. The Illuminati work the mosque routine. Crisis, crisis, crisis. As the article points out that is how they work and Obama is the perfect foil as he was trained in the Gramsci/Alinsky school in Chicago. Alinsky's son called him the "perfect student". It's a communist takeover which is well underway only we still can't see it because this is not what we were taught that communism is suppose to be.

  9. haha, roger that. xo to you guys.

  10. Those towley ban ayerabs they hunger for our white women! The joos though are our good buddies they reserves us a seat in the rapture.

  11. yes all right, but from Europe it is a different situation. Here people from Near East, North Africa, Turkey, and others have been allowed to immigrate by many tens of millions. So that many nationalists want them out, even the courageous Brigitte Bardot fought against mosques in France.
    Nowhere people were allowed to vote for or decide on this mass- immigration, and it is obscured that freemasons (Coudenhove Kalergi in the 1920s) and the Zionists pushed it.
    Some reasonable nationalists (often) explain these machinations. It isn't the same problem in America, that is actively fighting the Zionist directed wars in ME but the people of Europe have to defend their ethnic cultures, only not to forget who,the jewish state and organizations is directing destruction.

  12. yes all right, but from Europe it is a different situation. Here people from Near East, North Africa, Turkey, and others have been allowed to immigrate by many tens of millions. So that many nationalists want them out, even the courageous Brigitte Bardot fought against mosques in France.

    Brought to you by your sold out, corrupt politicans whose main goals in life is to get elected, then keeping getting reelected, until it's obvious to all--except the politico--he need to be in an Alzheimer's ward.

    Just think of all that spare time you can use to count your dirty pounds, because you betrayed your nation.

  13. they will be deported to Khazaria in some other time.

  14. Right after the first gulf war our US government 'chose' middle Tennessee to be a refugee area for ME Muslims. Why they picked here I'm not sure, maybe a central location for them to spread out from.

    I may be way off but I've been wondering if there wasn't some long term plans for division even then, now coming into play.

    One thing I will never forget was the words of one of these refugees that I worked with, an Iraqi lady-former school teacher there, who on 9/12/01 told me; Jews/Israel did it.

    A damn good educated guess wasn't it.

  15. yes, they often have a sharp view.. and know who is behind the wars and finance. I thinks when economy deteriorates further and in their countries will be peace, that many of them will return home - if you regard how the Palestinians cling to their earth and refuse to leave even under the occupation gulag system.

  16. I visit a Russian blog from time to time, lately the admin has been showing pictures of Putin riding on motorcycles etc...contrasted with pictures of our presidents past and current on mountain bikes and looking well...girly. I must hate the Russians now too, and the Chinese, the muzzies were already on the list.

  17. Can't seem to find any quotes from our good buddy, Abe Foxman regarding the torching at the planned TN Mosque site.

    Guess Abe is so busy raising hell about that NYC mosque that he forgot that the ADL: "The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry in the U.S."

  18. Abe is keeping his fingers crossed that this is what a number of callers to the local neocon zionist talk radio shows are calling it - an 'inside job.'

  19. Ground Zero Mosque and Mass Zio-Tardation

  20. But this doesn't worry them. Americans have truly been turned into vegetables.

    Collateral Damage USA: Extremist cells target 350,000 US civilians

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans could be suffering direct effects of a well-hidden form of terrorism sweeping America involving interconnected extremist cells keeping targets under covert surveillance and assaulting them with psychological warfare tactics and military grade directed energy weapons' (DEWs) invisible ammunition. New FOI documents reveal that the number of Americans targeted by such cells in the campaign of terror could exceed 350,000.

    The state-sponsored terror program is a likely arm of the Bush/Obama 'locate and assassinate' New Phoenix Program in the petrochemical-military-industrial-complex (PMIC) 'war on terror' in which anyone not "with" government lies and deceit is a "terrorist." In other words, the program is genocide of good, honest people. (See: Dupe, D. Let's kill all the good people, August 29, 2010) This atrocity could be another WikiLeaks' Modified Limited Hangout distraction from an even greater crime: Collateral Damage U.S.A.

  21. That was some really nice USA equipment that got burned. I think the torching was a bit premature and I really wish they hadn't have cost an American company all that insurance money. If I had to guess, the perps will return to the scene of the crime again...and again....and again...and again. Until they are done.

  22. Bury a pig at the constuction site.
    It works in Spain, it should work in the U.S.A.