Thursday, August 5, 2010

Being Warned

Philip Giraldi and Ray McGovern Call on President to Preempt Israeli Attack on Iran

Castro to Warn of Imminent Nuclear War at National Assembly

Israel to Attack Iran?

Israel Wants the Litani River Desperately

Flash/stop the presses: "UN supports Israel over Lebanon!"

Chossudovsky: 'Impossible to attack Iran'

Countdown to Zero: Propaganda for War on Iran


  1. Indeed Kenny. The shrill shrieking from the poor downtrodden – nuke armed – Israhellis is reaching an eardrum splitting screech.

    The last time it got this loud only the release of the NIE report spiked it. I think the VIPS press release was hoping to provoke a similar release.

    Even Wayne Madsen has thrown his tuppence worth in to warn everyone.

    Anyone got any ‘factor 6 million’ sun cream? This could get very ugly.

  2. Hopefully chairman obama is a military genius like der führer was as we are going to be undertaking a three front war.

  3. Never mind that, what's the latest on that Anna Nicole Smith trial?

    Is Lindsey Lohan out of jail yet and did you see what Lady Gag Gag was wearing on her latest video?

    How about those Cards/Giants/Blackhawks/Cavaliers/LPGA/NASCAR?

    Not long ago, there was a story about the illegal aliens spilling over the southern border and they described some of the articles they had left behind crossing over, like copies of the KORAN.

    What, no tittie bar visits?

  4. AuntyChrist writes;
    The crucifiers of Jesus have reached horde size. Trying to crucify me was a bad bad mistake, kikester pigs traitors. Time to burn the Knesset, Downing street and Canadian Parliament and White House.

  5. G.B. I have an article in pdf format from an independent Arizona newspaper that details muslims crossing the border posing as mexis! We must allow it though in the interest of fairness and diversity.


    Episode #29.7 -- Roid-Rage&WhiggerSwill&HAC&Mattoid-Meercats&Moaners A fighting, fussing, fucking, farting, foolish ball of . . . something.

  7. flap your boogie flapAugust 5, 2010 at 6:26 PM

    Fibrilating farts flapping face ass to mouth resuscitation is that for real Prothink. I'll have to listen to that.

  8. "UN supports Israel over Lebanon!"

    So the Zionist/Globalist stringpullers who control the UN are supporting the Zionist/Globalist government of Israel?

    Gee, what a surprise.

  9. For some reason Russia looks real small on that map. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Russian strategy meetings and hear what they really think about the U.S. having so much military might right in their backyard.