Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Change in the Weather

The Children of Iran.

As the decibel level of the drumbeats of war increase day by day, let's ask this question. Are we willing to victimize the youth of Iran as we have with Iraq and Afghanistan? Iran is a nation with which we have no legitimate quarrel.

Are these the kids you are willing to sacrifice for Israel and war profiteers?

Music by the late great Nashville/Murfreesboro TN band "Freedom of Expression"

From their early 80's LP "For Lack of a Better Word"

Photos from here and here.


  1. sloth the happy mutantAugust 7, 2010 at 7:54 PM

    Years of sanctions and denial of food and medicine to the children of Iraq didn't seem to bother anybody. No one cared when precision munitions and hot lead projectiles ripped through the same children. As Babs Bush said why should we trouble our minds with such negativity.

  2. The war in Iraq was a war crime by any standard. Iraq posed no threat to American soil or citizens.
    The Iraq war was fought by American service men to stop Sadaam Huessein. Sadaam was a fierce critic of the policy of Israel. He put his money where his mouth was in funding Hamas suicide bombers.
    A little known fact about Sadaam was that he only let Christians teachers educate his children. All of his nannies and house staff were Christians as well. He permitted Christians to build churches and worship freely.
    Christians had it very well under Sadaam.
    America killed over a million citizens of Iraq for the advancement of Israeli intrests.
    The same war for Israel in Iran is being hashed out as we speak. Another war where innocent lives will be lost and American lives will once again be wasted.

  3. That is the question: what is our quarrel with the Iranian people? Would a more influential Iran be worse than how the globalists are running it now?

    How subversive of you to show these children. Reminds me of the show on Iran that Rick Steves did that showed Iranians as actual human beings! Very subversive. If the American public ever catches onto that, we might question this really long, pointless and unwinnable war to make a few rich shitheads richer. Planetary lockdown and surveillance gulag for the rest of us.