Monday, August 16, 2010

“From the Shadows of Liberty” Film from Americana Pictures in the works?

From the Ugly Truth post The Man With The Israeli Accent–USS LIBERTY Survivor’s Life Threatened by Mossad on American Soil While Uncle Sam Yawns comes word that there is a planned movie that will include elements of the Israeli attack on the Liberty in 1967.

Looking further into Americana Pictures, I found it to be located in Gatlinburg, TN with a mission and philosophy unlike that of Hollywood.


The Mission of Americana Pictures is to develop, produce and market quality motion pictures, which promote fresh talent and the best of traditional European-American ideals.


As an alternative to Hollywood, we seek to restore the American Dream and promote those qualities that made our country great. Unlike the proponents of pop culture, we will not propagandize with falsehoods, nor desensitize the public with a relentless stream of venal and decadent entertainment. We look to entertain in positive ways with honor and integrity, and create classic stories and characters that can be beacons of light - to entertain, inform and help recapture the vision and spirit of our founding fathers – the spirit of Americana.

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On the Liberty film ...
Other quality projects in development include, “From the Shadows of Liberty”, a powerful story of action, intrigue and romance. It has direct connection to the little known, but historically significant assault on the USS Liberty and impacts the current and noble struggle to preserve our individual liberties and our nation’s sovereignty.

Americana Pictures sounds promising. Best of luck to them. I think they will have plenty of support from those of us sick and tired of Hollywood.


  1. The Mission of Americana Pictures is to develop, produce and market quality motion pictures, which promote fresh talent and the best of traditional European-American ideals.


    I can already hear Abe screaming anti-Semite.

  2. Bagatelles pour un massacre, 1937

    Louis-Ferdinand CÉLINE

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    And so much more.
    Take it and read!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  3. Check out Merlin Miller's Jericho on Netflix. If you're a fan of westerns, that is one of my favorite westerns of all time.


  4. Haven't seen Jericho but would like to. I don't do Netflix or video stores but I'll look for it on basic satellite.

    From Miller ...

    To do business in Hollywood, one must play by their unwritten and unspoken rules. But they are rules nonetheless. And the first and foremost rule is to always support the Jewish-Zionist agenda. Their definitions of political correctness are always anathema to the interests of the traditional European-American majority. This destructive reality has been well hidden, but is increasingly coming to be recognized.


  5. Eye am tired of Hollycaustwood and those damn Arabs that run it. Hopefully there is a new upskirt of Paris(ite) Hilton she is hawt. The film actors guild won't like that.

  6. Merlin Miller sounds like a good guy and I hope his attempt to create a viable alternative to Hollywood succeeds (unless he's another bible banger pushing some sort of hidden religious agenda).

  7. Just one question: where is Miller going to find actors and actresses who are willing to work with him once the ADL gets through trashing his reputation?

  8. K.S. here is a link to a story about a USS Liberty survivor being threatened by Israel.