Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ken O'Keefe Exposes BBC Gaza Flotilla Propaganda 'Show'

 by Ken O'Keefe

If you haven’t seen it, look for BBC Panorama’s “Death in the Med” program online, you will be treated to first class propaganda as only the BBC can deliver.

I am one of the passengers/witnesses interviewed for this program and I am very much aware of BBC’s role in justifying war and covering up Israeli crimes.  I am in no way naive about this; to the contrary my motivation for the interview lay largely in the all too likely opportunity to expose the BBC.  A relevant job considering the BBC’s role in the slaughter of over one million Iraqi’s, a direct role by virtue of the war they justified.  BBC from start to present, justifying Iraq, a massive war crime and crime against humanity based entirely on lies (propagated intensely by the BBC).  The British Broadcasting Corporation, synonymous with millions of orphans and refugees and countless lives destroyed in Iraq, beating the drums of war without pause, the ultimate prostitutes of propaganda. {more}

Here's the BBC 'show' which includes some of the faked IDF video.


  1. I have every respect for Ken O’Keefe but I refused to watch that program when it aired. This ministry for government and zionist propaganda is paid for with a compulsory ‘license fee’. They can compel us sheep to pay the fee but not to watch their crap.

  2. Same thing here with extorted taxes paying for PBS and NPR to propagandize us.

    Just yesterday a caller to NPR said that the US should end all war spending and help our own people here. No response from the host at all and he moved right along.

  3. That sounds about par for the course Kenny. I always wondered if the sound of uncontroversial truth was that of tumbleweeds rolling by (grin).

    I see that Ken’s article at VT immediately picked up a hasbara. I couldn’t help myself from prodding it.

  4. Good one at VT chucky.

    Tel Aviv Queen Esther needs a hasbara refresher course if she wants to continue to get paid. She's really pathetic.

  5. The BBC works for the security services. And some of the people on the Gaza flotilla were probably secretly working for the security services.

    - Aangirfan.

  6. Esther over there is a sweet heart. I want to buy a used car from her.

  7. Agreed Aangirfan. The spooks are never far away from any organised protest.

  8. Bjerknes has an interesting post on this subject, positing that the whole deal was a jewish ff to advance Erdogan's position in the Moslem world?

    "The "Turks" the Jews Killed Were Mostly Kurds, Perhaps Kurdish Mossad"


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  9. Cannibal Rabbi is now shape shifting his image. His nonscense has changed in order to try and retsore his image.
    His game will now shift into a jew wise White guy.
    He will post creditable info and when he falls off the radar he will begin his dis info campaign. Half truths and distortion of facts.
    Dont fall for it.
    This is the second phase of his hasbra agenda.

  10. anonymonkey.

    "His nonscense has changed in order to try and retsore his image.
    His game will now shift into a jew wise White guy.
    He will post creditable info and when he falls off the radar he will begin his dis info campaign."

    ???????nonscense???!!?? RETSORE????!!??? Somebody call the cops! This vapid manhoor, has lost its marbles!

    And still no content, not even a nod to the topic?

    I think that ball gag is cutting off the blood supply to your brain, anonyspazz!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  11. Couldn't agree more. Cannibal Rabbi=the most obvious hasbarat Ive seen in months.

  12. "I think that ball gag is cutting off the blood supply to your brain, anonyspazz!"

    Very nice Cannibal Rabbi. Typical jewish perversion in play. Your fixation with genatlia and scat are clear markings of judeo tendencies.

  13. I must be doing something right if the shitkikes are turning up mob handed!
    But STILL no content!

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    Hava (nagila) some o' that vile khazar filth!

    No jews is good jews!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  14. Here's an interesting link for all of you that like conspiracy stories:

  15. The only fake here is okeefe, everyone knows he was carrying an iron bar and everyone knows he was one of the original instigators of violence, he is one twisted narcissist so desperately in need of attention and applause.

  16. Eaxactly right,Tim

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