Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pat Tillman's Father Gets MSM Time

Assassination ...

New documentary  by The Weinstein Company will still not tell the whole story.

h/t DP


  1. So... how many anti-Jew tough guys of 'the movement'(JOKE) have even commented on the FBI railroading of one of their own?

    I am talking of course about Edgar J Steele...

    Why is it that with so many 'patriotic heroes' and 'white revolutionaries' in the USA ready to do battle against evil ZOG, or 'the Jews'(as the Feds like to boil it down to), that a Canadian anarchist and a British conspiracy expert some of the only people commenting on his arrest, the seizing of his funds and denial of bail based on white powder conveniently sent to FBI offices!

    Where is incogman, and Adam Austin? Where is the movement? There is none. These wankers are of course Feds, and so are most of their supporters.

    Go to IncoNman's site, and every 2nd word is white this, white that blablabla the 1st word is Jew this Jew that blablabla...

    But a genuine defender of 'white interests' like Edgar J Steele does not merit a word... hmmmmm.

    You wankers that follow Inconman and Adam Austin are real fucking dolts, you know that?... those of you that aren't Feds or Isr-elis that is.

    Poseidon's latest has the Hasbarat Jew Hater Division running for cover wearing their soiled diapers over their heads.


    NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR... I would love to drop a Khmer Rouge on you bourgeious fucker's heads, you fakes... that would smarten you up.

  2. The dividing line of who's who- the Edgar J Steele case:


  3. Austin=Fed


    Cannibal Rabbi=Fed(this guy has the "jew hating" hasbaRAT act down pat)

  4. I'll come to you next time i need some tips for the horses,
    anarchygirl (sorry ladies).

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  5. Good link on Steele. I'll check it out in detail tonight.


    And how does that work exactly?
    Some details?

    "I would love to drop a Khmer Rouge on you"

    You imagining yourself in the role of pol pot?
    How telling.

    "bourgeious fucker's heads,"

    What a quaint, misspelled, nineteenth century expression.

    Gadzooks. Have at thee, knave!

    "that would smarten you up."

    Dead smart, anarchy girl.

    I think you've shown how YOUR mind works. Very jewey.
    Very revealing.

    Pol (piss) pot..





    Cannibal Rabbi.



    You're a star-bellied sneech, you suck like a leech

    You want everyone to act like you

    Kiss ass while you bitch so you can get rich

    But your boss gets richer off you

    Well you'll work harder with a gun at your back for a bowl of rice a day

    Slave for soldiers till you starve and your head is skewered on a stake

    what you need my son... what you need my so-oo-on...

    is a Holiday Inn Cambodia


  8. Any comment from the horny rabbi about his fellow tribes-pipers pretending that Edgar J Steele doesn't exist? Didn't think so!

  9. Very jewey? Really Cannibal Rabbi? How much do you get paid for your obvious megaphone/ADL/ziowhore bullshit? So transparent.

  10. Anarchygirl. (sorry ladies).

    So you imagine yourself as a jello biafra/pol pot hybrid? Wreaking vengeance on the great unenlightened? Spilling blood from a position of unimpeachable righteousness?
    From yer mummys basement in Canada, where you're scared to say "boo" to a jew, in case you get into trouble with the authorities?
    So how do you plan to get from a position of "shitting your pants", as jello says in "police truck", to a position where you are waging "class war"? E.S.P? Sign language? Morse code? Jungle drumming? smoke signals? Anagrams? Crossword clues? Penguin mating dance?

    You should be in the streets badass, working the goyeem into a roiling frenzy, to the benefit of your own kikey ends!

    What's holding you back, you feckless nancy boy? It's not like you have to go to work!
    Make all that spare time work for you flaky!

    No balls?

    Only half a dick?

    Go back to your anarchist dreamland, you, laughable, little jew.

    Jello is a kike as well, isn't he?
    And an arse bandit.
    Thing about old jello is, and the rest of the embedded, discreet, kikes, like rollins, and many more, in the "scene" that was "hardcore", in all their "ant-establishment" tirades, they never once addressed the real establishment and power of kikery. Still haven't, even in the face of out in the open, sub-beast savagery. Now would that be because the only reason they gained notoriety, was because they were doing the bidding of kikery?
    Surely no!
    Say it aint so shlomo!

    Why would that be d'ya think, them being all fearless outspoken, kikes like?

    Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables indeed.

    And it's holiday in Cambodia, not inn, you mong.

    And where the hell did bob zimmerman's "protest song" about the sub-beast devils go?
    I'm sure he wrote and croaked one, because he's the sort of lying, Godless kike who would, him being so concerned and all! Caring like. Committed to all that's good. Against all that's bad.


    Why's that d'ya think.
    Eh brainiac.

    In fact the kike rollins nee garfield, is always in shitrael, singing it's praises.

    Where is biafra's take on the murder gang that is shitrael?

    I'm still a' waiting, fearless purveyor of unvarnished truth.

    And guess what?
    Another of yer heroes, john "i am an anarchist" lydon, is going to play shitrael.

    Anarchygirl (sorry ladies), you're a twat.

    Tattoo it on your arm, and tell everybody the Naaaazzziiiisss put you in Twattvitz, and drowned a billion of your relatives in chicken soup, and all the wittle childwen, had to starve to death, because the bad men germans, gave them steak that wasn't kosher.

    Bad Nazis.
    Down boy!

    Class war? Go back to school.
    You tit.







    Edgar Steele will do just fine without any help from you, jew. Poking your outsized proboscis in, trying to gain some reflected glory, all the while doing the devils bidding.
    Instead of attaching yourself to him, attach yourself to a paving slab, by a length of rope tied to your scrawny jew neck, and throw the slab into Lake Ontario!


    Shut up you tool.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  11. Anarchygirl (sorry ladies)

    Think the dk's would have got anywhere with these album titles?

    # Kiketime for Democracy
    # Frankenkike
    # Fresh Kikes for Rotting Mockies
    # Give Me Kikevenience or Give Me Death
    # In Jews We Trust, Inc.
    # Jewish Plastic Surgery Disasters

    "but the ultimately complicated legal dispute (involving royalties, publishing rights, and a number of other issues) soon led to the courts, where Biafra was found liable for the royalties and guilty of fraud and malice, and was ordered to pay damages of nearly $200,000, including $20,000 in punitive damages, to the band members."

    "It was found out that Alternative Tentacles was paying Dead Kennedys less per CD than all the other bands, including Biafra himself, and not informing his other bandmates, which was the fraud. Biafra accused the band of wanting to license the famous Dead Kennedys song "Holiday in Cambodia" for use in a Levi's jeans commercial, which the band denied."

    Typical chiselling faggotty kike.

    There's your anarchy, anarchy girl (sorry ladies).


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  12. Thanks for the link anachore. Steel will need all the help he can get.

    Today’s outlook: - sunny with passing showers and the troll traffic will be light to moderate (grin).

  13. chuckyman

    That directed at me.

    "We must speak out. We are being led by the nose by cunning liars"

    Thats what you wrote at your "who will speak out againt the jews" piece?

    Good bit.

    That's what i think anarchygirl(sorry ladies) is. A not very cunning liar.

    A bloodthirsty one at that.

    Bloodthirsty. Mmmmmm. Now who has made a virtue of THAT through the ages? I wonder.

    So if you have something to say to me, be a man and say it. Not some sneery old poof, without the courage of yer convictions, as this would tend to taint anything else you have to say.

    Or are you harvesting your character traits from kikes, as they harvest organs from humans?

    That's a dead end (grin).

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  14. Why are Brits so dense?

  15. My post was not aimed at you specifically CR but at a string of 10 posts prior to mine and NOT ONE was on topic – not even anachore’s original post.

    Many years ago I would attend socialist discussions and trade union meetings. Many times it would be like this- everyone accusing the other of splitting ‘the movement’. It was like a piss poor copy of The Life of Brian and The People's Front of Judea accusing everyone else of being ‘splitters’. I stopped going to Incogman’s place because the comments were like this - a pissing contest.

    You couldn’t even make your point to me without throwing the shite. I will admit to feeling old if that makes you any happier but at least I’m a little wiser than I was back then. If we use the BS mind control techniques developed by the Zionists I could say that you are projecting your own inner emotions on my persona. Would even saying that make out forever as ‘one of them’?

    I follow my convictions of speaking out in the real world and not just in the controlled space of blogger and the other sites. If I can learn something to help me, great. I don’t go around calling everyone who disagrees with me a plant, disinfo agent or crypto-jew. That is a tactic our enemy employs.

    To address the original post, I think that Pat Tilman’s execution is a weak point in the armour of the War Party. A man who by all measures was a poster boy for The American Dream & The War Against Terrorism (TWAT) was executed rather than allowing him to speak openly of the truths of his own experience.

    No credible voice of opposition could be tolerated by the war mongers and their hidden backers. Any tactic can be used to remove that threat and the thread of posts on this article is equally illuminating.

  16. That's hate speech!

    I'll admit that a lot of Brits are dense though.
    Thick as pigshit!

    The Queen owns Canada btw, so you'd best whisper that, behind your hat!

    Why are you so gnomic?

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  17. For the record – I’m a Mick. We have a track record off getting off our arses -not just the once centuries ago.

    Tiocfaidh ar la

  18. chuckyman

    Fair play. My mistake.

    May the road rise to meet you.

    "For the record – I’m a Mick"

    Me too.

    Obviously a "troublemaker" like this guy..


  19. No problem Anon @8:37. I live among the heathens so it’s an easy mistake to make.

    I liked the article. That’s us all right – always ready to do folks a good turn 

  20. I was actually referring to the British bitch hasbarat Cannibal Rabbi.

  21. Sigh... I see the pleasantries didn’t last long.

  22. Anonymouse.

    You've never forgiven me for summing you up sexwise (or lack thereof) a few threads back.
    Nothing personal pal, you're just words on a screen to me.
    Try and use an anti-bacterial, on yer keyboard.

    As to hasbara, how so?
    I don't follow your reasoning?
    Care to flesh that idea out?
    A girlfriend, that's what you need.
    Here's a hint. Repeat after me. Just because i say it, doesn't make it true.
    And again. And again.
    Don't thank me.


    That was me at 8.37. Sorry again. I'm no spring chicken myself
    Very disappointed in john lydon.

    Didn't he write a book called "No blacks, no dogs, no Irish".
    Creepy little bastard.

    Here's another one o' the scum.


    Thing about Tillmann, and this applies to anyone Yank, Canuck, or Brit, When you sign up for the armed forces, check what you're buying in to.
    If he didn't realize he was an expendable pawn, in someone else's game, then his old man should have explained it to him.
    If he didn't realise, then you have to ask yourself, where has he been all his life?
    Ignorance of the law is no defence.

    No jews is good jews.

    Cannibal Rabbi.


  23. Edgar Steele will do just fine without any help from you, jew. Poking your outsized proboscis in, trying to gain some reflected glory, all the while doing the devils bidding.

    I think Edgar J Steele could use all the help he can get.


    Yep new Khmer Rouge is just around the corner... all you realtors, and other property pimps, corp lawyers, Hasbarat embeds obvious and clandestine, cops, cop lovers, military shits, corporate overlords and think tanks, and other profiteers of exploitive property who enlargen and enrich yourselves at the public and private trough at the expense of others can toil in the fields for a while!

    It ain't about the J-ws.

    Get rid of usury and the whole game is over and no would-be exploiter can take over the 'government' of anarchy... this is the uncoupable... this is counter revolution... distributed systems, the fascists nightmare.

  24. Anarchygirl.

    So the khmer rouge only murdered
    "realtors, and other property pimps, corp lawyers, Hasbarat embeds obvious and clandestine, cops, cop lovers, military shits, corporate overlords and think tanks, and other profiteers"?

    So all those pictures of kids are they butchered kikestyle, are a set up?
    It didn't happen?

    That's why they were backed by reagan, and the kikes who controlled him, kissinger et al? And it took the Vietnamese to invade, and kick their Godless bollocks into the the pages of historical infamy?

    You are a retard anarchygirl.

    "It ain't about the J-ws."

    And still you continue to supply proof of this;


    "Get rid of usury and the whole game is over"

    I know! The jew game!

    You are a moron.

    Hand in your anarchy card at reception. You're fired!

    Lose the jews, wave bye bye to the blues.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  25. chucky, thank you. Making points is one thing but sniping at each other doesn't do much good.

    As far as Tillman goes, yes he was deceived in the beginning but reportedly 'saw the light.'

    It has been said he communicated with Chomsky and wanted to meet with him after returning from Afghanistan. I've wondered if Chomsky was the one who dropped the dime on him and set his killing in motion. Chomsky has been outed the last few years with his 9/11 and Palestinian issue statements so he's fair game for any questions.

  26. Funny you say that kenny, I have often thought the same thing-that Chomsky sounded the alarm on Tillman. Chomsky is an obvious fraud, much like Cannibal Rabbi(2 very different kinds of frauds who both ultimately help the zionist cause). I have corresponded(through email) with Chomsky on both 9/11 and his inconsistencies on Palestine, its like pulling teeth trying to get a straight answer out of him on anything.

    CR, you don't follow much of anything very well do you? Summed me up? HA! Closet case, you only exposed yourself for the sex obsessed, jew obsessed coward you are. If you have to ask why you are a hasbarat you either already know and are playing dumb or.....no, you're just really fucking dumb.

  27. Anonymous

    "CR, you don't follow much of anything very well do you? Summed me up? HA! Closet case, you only exposed yourself for the sex obsessed, jew obsessed coward you are. If you have to ask why you are a hasbarat you either already know and are playing dumb or.....no, you're just really fucking dumb."

    You are the jew porn fan.

    "you're just really fucking dumb"

    Pray direct me to a posting where i've been "really fucking dumb". I'd be anxious to revise it, should your charge carry any validity.

    Shall i wait in vain?



    Yeah i remember that rumour.
    Sort of like approaching the undertaker for a cure.

    Anything even suspect of being jew, or anything tangentially connected to jew, in these times, knowing what we now know, from jewish sources, should be closely inspected, interrogated and disinfected, at arms length.
    Or ropes length.

    Destroy judaism!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  28. Spot on Kenny. Tillman reached out to someone he trusted and was betrayed. The war mongers could not let an unassailable voice of opposition arise untainted. There were vast sums of money to be made and real-politick to enforce. I don’t think they expected the real cause of his death to ever get out and that was their mistake.

    Chomsky was still in the respected category for many at that time. Kaminski is emphatic is his lack of trust in any member of the tribe. A poster over at Timster recently said “I will not hate them but I will hate what they do”. There is no point overturning any tyrant when we raise another one in its place.

  29. "jew porn". AGAIN with the porn? Cannibal Rabbi, it is YOU who is clearly obsessed with porn/sex/jew porn? etc. Homos scare you, jews scare you, porn scares you, jesus christ pussyboy, stop living in fear like an insecure little bitch. Did uncle Saul touch you when you were a kid? Is that where your sex "issues" arise from?

  30. kenny, if you're too pussy to call out the hasbarat trash among us I'll do it for you. Call it sniping if you must but if you tolerate the obvious megaphone rats then tolerate those that will "snipe" at them. Incogman and naive little boy scumbags like cannibal rabbi give your otherwise good blog a bad name.

  31. Anonymous

    Not much scares me sonny, least of all calling b/s by its name.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  32. Would that name be...."JEW!!!!!!" by any chance?!?!? We get it you british toolbag, you make no distinctions and make the ADL VERY happy.

    Sorry old man, but your "jew this jew that jew everything" tactic shows you are dripping with fear and stupidity.

  33. Cannibal rabbi=terrified of sex in general,jews in general,homosexuals(especially the jew ones-wait rabbi, I bet that ALL homos are jews right?!?!) and "jew porn"(LOL!). Not in that order. I'm pretty sure Mexicans scare him too. Again-especially the jewish kind. Israel loves you Cannibal Rabbi, and your tireless efforts to make all anti-zionists and pro-Palestinian activists look like retarded hick supremacists like yourself.

  34. Hahahahahahahaha

    I think i'd put my trust in this fellow, rather than you anonymous.
    Whether you share his faith or not, he exudes integrity.




    What emanates from you is immaturity.

    Peace in the valley.


    Cannibal Rabbi

  35. The thing about Tillman is, even though he was misinformed as to the justice of the cause, you don't expect to be shot by your own side, and this to be covered up, all the way up the chain of command.
    Is it that his death was misrepresented, due to the warmongers at the top taking advantage of a propaganda opportunity, and disguising an accident. Or is it more sinister, the killing of a dissident soldier.
    Either way it says everything that needs to be said, about the utter cynicism of those running the show.
    You're right about the weinstein,s.

    The very scum who promote, and feed off of the atrocitious, illegal, pointless wars,making a financial killing from supposedly exposing wrong doing, during a bloody farce of their making, while posing as the champion of the wronged, and offloading blame onto another.

    It's the jew way.
    I can't believe people still buy into it.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  36. Yes, you have link for days my goyim soldier! Thank you so much for your "work" Cannibal Rabbi, you make our "work" so much easier. Israel thanks you,Incogman and all the other closet hasbara that get your "jew hate" on! See! Only racist hick morons bash Israel! Cannibal Rabbi proves it! Point and laugh and fool the average American idiot into sympathizing with us zionists! You are great cannibal rabbi, so stupid you do not realize how much you help us, but great nonetheless.

  37. Abey baby.

    Just you keep telling yourself that. It will make your public destruction all the more sweet to savour.
    The crimes of your tribe are uncountable and impossible to atone for. Those rats you think of as your allies and friends, will run from you, and be the loudest voices calling for your destruction, denouncing you, if only to save their own putrid skins. Those who stay, will be brushed aside, like brushing away a cobweb, swatting a fly, pushing at an open door.

    Think of the effect of a hammer on a cockroach.

    All the disgusting evils you visited on humanity, will be visited on you, and more.
    The look of shock on your ugly faces will be a comedy staple for centuries to come.

    Shame you wont be around to share the joke, but at least you will have contributed something to humanity. Happiness. Joy.

    As you sit typing your smug hubris, nemesis gathers pace, hastening the end of you.

    And you know it jew. You know it allright.

    All your whining and pissing will fall on deaf ears.

    You have very little time left. You feel it too, don't you? Jew. Run jew, run!
    But there's nowhere left to run. Everywhere you turn, will be vengeance!


    Cannibal Rabbi.

    The evidence mounts. The dam will break. You are FINISHED jew!

  38. Carnal Rabbi, why do you try to blame everything on J-ws and only J-ws?

    Show me that all the war profiteers are J-wish.

    You know it isn't just J-ws or even a majority J-ws that are the problem, but your simple minded bigotry won't let you grok that corruption based systems don't get fixed just by 'getting the banking in order', when usury and exploitive property- that was stolen from the natives and shouldn't 'belong' to anyone, least of all the Crown(as in Canada) or the state, thus taxation comes into play since property owners are just renting from the Crown - is the cornerstone of the whole rotten pile.

  39. Anarchygirl(sorry ladies)



    When was that expression ever hip daddio?

    Still rockin' out to jello, the selectively outraged, jewboy?
    All those hardcore hebrews?
    Hey, they're really angry, don't you think? Sort of a shame they could never garner their ire enough to eviscerate the jew!
    I suppose that would have been, a sort of own goal.
    But hey they sure told us what the problems where with everybody but the jew, didn't they though?
    And made some handy shekels on the way!
    Well you know how it is?
    A jews gotta eat, huh?
    And there's your CAREER as a professional anarchist to consider!

    Still dreaming of murdering South East Asian kids anarchygirl?
    You, jello, and pol(piss)pot?
    You'll show them eh?
    We'll all be sorry we called YOU a thick, spiteful, whiny cunt!


    All i have to show YOU, is contempt!

    Banking, usury, IS the corruption based system!
    Banking, usury, NEEDS, eternal war!
    Jews ARE banking. JEWS ARE usury. Usury is JEWSURY!
    JEWSURY needs eternal WAR!
    Taxation is a function of JEWSURY! To enable eternal WAR!

    YOU are a POSEUR!
    YOU are a FAKE!
    YOU are a lying sack of SHIT!

    But amusing.

    How is that anarchy working out for you?
    You, jello, and mr pot, sketched out any practical steps, to bring yer dream to fruition?
    OR is it all theoretical?


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  40. Uh, Cannibal Rabbi, I think you YET AGAIN missed the point-in this case Abe Foxman, your fearless leaders point. YOU ARE HELPING THEM. Fucking toothless Brit moron.

  41. Cannibal rabbi=ADL's greatest ally

    Cannibal Rabbi=too fucking stupid to know it. Insecure little Brit puss.

  42. Anonymous.



    "Fucking toothless Brit moron."

    You a dentist?

    "Insecure little Brit puss."

    What does that MEAN?

    You come across as one o' them thar judaic bullshit pedlars, anonymous. You sure do.

    Cannibal Rabbi

  43. Cannibal Rabbi, it appears your only replies seem to be variations of-"der, you sound like a jew". You think this is maybe a sign of your lack of.....something? Just trying to be diplomatic by not saying what that something is. Just try a little bit harder ok? You can do it little guy. Also, if you really have to ask "How?"....well,see above for what this says about your intellect, or lack thereof.

  44. How are you helping them? It's obvious. Please get a clue.

    "What does that MEAN?"

    I believe it means you insecure little british pussy(coward). Do I need to explain to you why you come off as an extremely insecure pussy too? So slow.

  45. Anonymous.

    Whether you're a kike or not, you sure are a content free bore.

    Don't be diplomatic on my account, speak your tiny mind.
    Is it back to genital obsession anon, but you don't want to be clear, in case your preoccupations become clear?

    Fuck the adl. Fuck what jews think. Fuck what YOU think.
    Who cares?
    Don't shoot the messenger yid-licker. I'm only spelling out what's on the way.
    You don't want to rock the boat. Fine. Go back to your onanism. Mind yer onanism business.
    Putting it clearly.

    Piss off pissant.
























    There ya go wanky. Fill yer boots!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  46. GROK???

    When was that expression ever hip daddio?

    Answer the question turdworker.

    GROK is a term invented by Robert Heinlein, author of Stranger in a Strange Land which denotes a deep understanding which is impossible for the deeply stupid.

    Now turdworker, why do you only blame J-ws when it is the billionaires working together with all of us under the usury system as their fools.

    An opportunistic infection invades a debauched weakened and perverted host, and you blame only the infection?

    By the way all you fascists are faggots. History proves it.

  47. Banking, usury, IS the corruption based system!
    Banking, usury, NEEDS, eternal war!
    Jews ARE banking. JEWS ARE usury. Usury is JEWSURY!
    JEWSURY needs eternal WAR!
    Taxation is a function of JEWSURY! To enable eternal WAR!

    And a ball rolling down the hill will keep rolling, even if those who gave it the initial push, are long gone.

    Most of the billionaires keeping the war machine humming and feeding of human sweat and blood are not J-ws.

    The Zios give a reason for more profit and more wars and the rest of the scum are happy to oblige.

    You have your gay fascist booklicking fantasy where all the J-ws are rounded up, but that would not change anything.

    Go back to the other retarded bumfucks and Feds at COINcogmanTELPRO, and cry.

  48. "Is it back to genital obsession anon, but you don't want to be clear, in case your preoccupations become clear?"-Cannibal Rabbi yet again brings up sex. No, that was not what I was talking about at all. Issues. CR, I would hate to know what really goes on in that head of yours. Scary stupid stuff.

    You say "fuck the adl", and I agree, yet YOU do its work for them and again-do NOT even know it you are so damn retarded. And "content free"? Nice links. I can do copy and paste too. I can also reduce everything down to "the jews" like you do as well. Not exactly actual content. By the way, where are you really from? Oh right, you don't actually know how to answer questions, you just spew empty talking points about your fears. You're either trained well or you're simply too stupid to go beyond your usual squawk. You retarded broken record, Israel loves you and depends on cliches like you.

  49. Here are some more, to ignore,



























    Guess i just helped them some more, eh?

    I'm fick y'see!



    Cannibal Rabbi.

  50. Dumb fuck, it is not your links(some of them anyway,some are pure bullshit but many are just fine) that are the problem, it is you. Dense fucking brit.

  51. Anarchygirl and anonymous, sitting in a tree,

    I thought they cancelled the muppet show, when the main jew puppetmaster died! Apparently not!

    You three, Abe included, working out of the same yeshiva?
    Bit of a tag team?
    I bet you are!

    Anarchygirl(sorry ladies) says,

    "GROK is a term invented by Robert Heinlein, author of Stranger in a Strange Land which denotes a deep understanding which is impossible for the deeply stupid."

    I know dafty, i was only ripping the piss out o' ye.
    Big fan of online fantasy games? Mongquest? World of mongcraft? Read a lot of harry potter? How are the mushrooms?

    "You have your gay fascist booklicking fantasy where all the J-ws are rounded up, but that would not change anything."

    It worked the last time, between 1933 and 1945!

    "gay fascist booklicking fantasy"

    How does that tie in with yer feigned concern for Edgar Steele? Don't you class him as a fascist bootlicker? And if not, why not? You contradictory clown!
    Get your fucking story straight! At least try and be consistent!
    What a shit hasbarat you really are.
    I hope it's volunteer work, cos even i feel sorry for the kike that's paying your stipend.

    "Now turdworker, why do you only blame J-ws when it is the billionaires working together with all of us under the usury system as their fools."

    Now turdworker,(is that another "phrase" you're trying to make fashionable?) why do you only blame J-ws when it is the billionaires(who are all jews, or goyim, enabled by jews, to cover their tracks) working together with all of us under the usury system as their fools.

    Usury is jewsury. You are the only fool i see.
    That's akin to blaming a rape victim, who doesn't resist,under threat of violence, and saying, it's your own fault! Why didn't you say something!?!?!?!
    You are a moron!

    "An opportunistic infection invades a debauched weakened and perverted host, and you blame only the infection?"

    That's who the medical professionals blame! That's why we have hospitals!
    That's why They treat queers and junkies, who by their risky sexual practices, leave themselves open to a variety of maladies, that if untreated, would become terminal. That's why they treat the infection! Dopey!
    I take it you're not in favour of this?


    "Cannibal Rabbi yet again brings up sex. No, that was not what I was talking about at all."

    You weren't talking about anything, you were inferring.
    People can work it out for themselves wanky.

    "Nice links. I can do copy and paste too"

    Go on then. Prove it, don't just say it, do it!

    I didn't post those links for you, abe, or anarchygirl.

    They are for people, not hasbarats.

    "I can also reduce everything down to "the jews" like you do as well."

    Go on then, prove it,don't just say it, do it!

    "You retarded broken record, Israel loves you and depends on cliches like you."

    Some tunes you never tire of hearing. The ones that ring true.
    Fuck shitrael!

    Fuck "jews"!

    And fuck you!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  52. Anonymous

    "Dumb fuck, it is not your links(some of them anyway,some are pure bullshit but many are just fine) that are the problem, it is you. Dense fucking brit."

    Boohoo.Anonymous wont be my fwend. Boo hoo.

    Tell me exactly the links that are pure bullshit, in your considered, and erudite opinion!
    I can always use tips from a dentist's nurse!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  53. Just as soon as you answer my questions ok tard? Promise. And again, dumb toothless hick, YOU are the only hasbarat here, as has already been stated. Abe loves you. Shitrael benefits from scum like you. You're too dumb to know how.

    "yer a girl,der der!". Well, I did ask for something new and while wholly cliche and typical again, it is for once not the old "yer a jew!" line. Progress? For someone as blatantly retarded as you it'll have to be.

  54. Anonymous.

    If i took any notice of what you "think", i could be sorely offended at your mix of teenage angst, immodest language, projection, and over fondness for the word "pussy"(is that the new swearword sweeping your school).
    But i don't, and so am not.

    Abe hates me. Jews are liars.
    The reason abe pretends praise, is to put doubt in the minds of the intellectually feeble(you and anarchygirl), positing, that by pointing up the Filthy Godless jew, i am somehow empowering them. Like "anti-semitism", "it's a trick, we always use it".

    "For someone as blatantly retarded as you it'll have to be."

    Now really!
    What does that sentence mean?
    Are you suggesting that one can be retarded and disguise the fact?
    Are you suggesting that there are a militant group of retards, exiting the low i.q. closet and organising themselves into, for instance, "Retard Pride", action groups?

    More power to ye!

    When is your next march?

    Do you have a site for paypal donations?

    My mother always told me to help the less fortunate.
    If i have any money left over, after paying my dentist's bills, it's all yours!

    What's your organisation called?

    "kno scharpp objicts"?

    No jews is good jews.

    Cannibal Rabbi.


  55. Usury is jewsury. You are the only fool i see.
    That's akin to blaming a rape victim, who doesn't resist,under threat of violence, and saying, it's your own fault! Why didn't you say something!?!?!?!
    You are a moron!

    That doesn't make sense... if usury is rape, we have thousands of rapists ready to keep screwing the people, no matter what happens to the J-ws.

    It is the system, and many if not most people have totally bought into and identify with it.

  56. Um, Rabbi? The "Abe" poster is a parody. A parody that gets close to the truth about your stupid ass but just a parody nonetheless. You are empowering them by being sloppy and stupid. Pussy describes you so well, no reason to drop that one pussy.

    Oh, and I believe that sentence means the standards for you are lower than they are for most considering how blatantly retarded you appear to be. Try and keep up stupid.

  57. They have no choice!

    It's play along or DIE!

    Jews hold the reins.

    Jews make the laws!

    Jews control every aspect of your world, including Canada, believe it or not!

    Jews control every aspect of what you are allowed to think, or express.
    They cordon off, and patrol the parameters of your possibilities.

    Why you defend them and their vile belief system, beats me. Unless you are in fact batting for the dark side.

    What difference does it make if you are an anarchist, a social democrat, a liberal, tory, left wing, right wing, fascist, anti-fascist, direct-action, republicrat, green, socialist, if all of these philosophies have to kneel, and show fealty to the filthy Godless kike?

    What can be achieved, even from your point of view, that doesn't conform to the rules laid down by the khazar scum!

    Not big on analogy, metaphor?

    Lose the jews, and their sabbath goyim wont be far behind them.

    The jew, is the lynchpin.

    Did you work your way through those links?

    Thought not.

    Still think Edgar Steele is a boot licking fascist?

    And if not, why not?

    If so, why defend him?

    You don't make sense.

    Let's talk about THAT anarchy girl.


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  58. Anonymous.

    You're a fuckwit, AND you know it.
    Post some content to support your argument, or go away.

    You say nothing.

    You Prove nothing.

    You have insight into nothing.

    Opinions, like you, are like arseholes. Everybody has one.

    I support my views with evidence in abundance.

    You? Not so much.

    So abe is a snide.
    You are a snide, and are fond of playing with yourself.

    I of course concede!!!


    When is your march again?

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  59. Jews apparently own your every pussyfied thought Cannibal Rabbi. Such a scared little british bitch. Poor thing.

  60. Away and have a good wank to yourself gimpy.

    Gotta go, i have a dental appointment in the morning.

    P.s. Read a book some time!
    One with no pictures.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  61. Wow, the guy who STILL can't master the name/URL button is calling me dumb. Sorry tard, you have the stupid market cornered around here.

  62. Jews control every aspect of your world, including Canada, believe it or not!

    Big J-wry does steer the foreign policy in Canada these days, but most of the billionaires in Canada are not J-ws. Even most of the media companies are owned by non J-ws.

  63. Anonymous.

    No i call you a wanker and a gimp, primarily.

    But you are dumb.

    Take your own advice on the URL.

    Blaze a trail.


    Edgar Steele! Boot licking Fascist?

    Read the links sayanim!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  64. "wanker". Geez, even your annoying british slurs are predictable and lazy. You poor, sloppy son of a bitch.

  65. Anonymous


    Mental midget?

    Credulous cretin?


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  66. Actually mental midget fits Cannibal Rabbi perfectly! "Hahahaha"

  67. Try and come up with tour own material, or at least ask permission before your wholesale, hebe, plagiarism.

    Then go top your fadda, and fuck yer mudda, freud style!


    Canibal Rabbi.

  68. Sorry little boy, but "tour" material is not worth stealing. "you jew!". Yeah, we get it you retarded british pussy ADL controlled opposition whore, anyone you disagree with is a jew. In your eyes. :yawn:

  69. "anyone you disagree with is a jew. In your eyes. :yawn:"

    Lotta kikes on line, trying to misdirect, get sites that expose their evil closed down, Posting the same crap you do.
    Coincidentally, they all sound like you do! And sign off as anonymous.

    Your a jew boy. Your mudda is a yenta, who has to shave more often than the wolfman, your fadda is a beady eyed, pot bellied, whinykike.
    You are a shitkike all right.

    Best get packing, for your new home in Atlantis.

    Enjoy your swim.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  70. Oh no! He couldn't refrain from his old retard standby of-"yer a jew!!!". Might as well hold up a flag saying-"I'm too stupid to say anything else" Cannibal Rabbi. Thats essentially what you are admitting when you stoop to that yet again. Dumbest fucking troll Ive encountered in a very long time. You poor little british bitch boy.

  71. anonymous.

    You know what you are, and so do i wanky.

    "Dumbest fucking troll Ive encountered in a very long time."

    Yo mamma!

    Funnily enough i was thinking the same thing about you!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  72. Really? STILL coming with the lazy "yer a jew" line even RIGHT AFTER you were called out for it? No, in this case you in fact have a goyim disagreeing with your retarded ass, hate to break it to you moron.

  73. "No, in this case you in fact have a goyim disagreeing with your retarded ass, hate to break it to you moron."

    And there you have it!

    Using a kike expression of contempt to describe yourself, while you stick up for the Godless scum!

    How low can a sub-tard go?

    Gruesome to behold.


    "The prosecution rests you honour"

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  74. And there you have it! Cannibal Rabbi proves he is too dense and retarded to understand irony or humor! You fucking moron, I know just what the term means and I knew it would tweak you. I actually didn't know you would miss point yet again. Probably should have.

  75. anonymuppet.

    For someone so dense, and retarded, i seem to have a vastly superior vocabulary, lexicon, grasp of ideas, history, and concepts, than you could ever dream of possessing.

    Tough shit half wit!


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  76. Really? Other than your spelling errors you mean? And your history consists of-"the jews did it, all of it. They scare the shit out of me and I KNOW they ALL move in one cohesive group! HELP ME!!!!!!!!". Not exactly deep you retarded assclown. Ironic that somebody as stupid as you, someone so dumb that he has no clue he is helping the people he hates so much, would tout his own intelligence. Maybe ironic isn't the right word. Maybe your "vastly superior intelligence" can help me out with a better one huh little british bitch boy?

    You are a funny piece of shit, unintentionally of course, your own "jokes" that make only you laugh aren't actually funny but your conduct is. "Hahahahaha". You make yourself laugh, you tell everyone how intelligent you think you are...Um, you know it means less when you say it about yourself though right dumb fuck? Did your fat drunk mommy not praise you enough little guy? Your anger says yes. Poor wittle bitch.

  77. Anonywuss.


    I must have inadvertently sunk your battleship!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  78. Don't yuh think that it's about time to ban the Jew? The hook nose is starting to get a bit tiresome.

  79. kenny doesn't ban hasbarats(and those retarded enough to fall for their bullshit), that means Cannibal rabbi and your old ugly insecure ass will be staying. Sorry sliverdick.

  80. What can I say Silverfish – we’re obviously outmatched by mental giants. It hasn’t dawned on these pre-pubescent idiots that the only ones posting their ’my dick is bigger than yours’ shite is them. I don’t consider them hasbara – more like ‘smells like teen spirit’.

  81. Chuckster.

    Any claims i make as to mental agility, are only in relation to anonymouse. I'm left with no choice given his incessant drone.
    My penis is about average size, given my physical proportions.
    And i wouldn't be a teenager again if you put a gun to my head!


    You might have noticed, everyone is "old ugly insecure", in anonymouse' book.

    You'll also notice he nearly had yer hand off, about the hook nose comment, when in fact you didn't specify who you were referring to.

    Yup, he's bright all right!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  82. Silverfish provided a picture of himself. He is clearly old and ugly, and since he thinks like you it appears he is deeply insecure like yourself. Not rocket science you fucking retarded british pussy. chucky, you're too damn stupid to know hasbara when you see it. Hint-Cannibal Rabbi is an obvious case study. Obvious.

  83. Hahahaha

    "Look mum! Everyone is out of step except our Charlie"


    Too funny!

    Check the links i posted.

    No Godless kike would put up that sort of damning material.
    Then check the links anonybore presents.
    Zero. Like its I.Q.
    The point of hasbara is to distract you from the information in those links, not draw your attention to them!
    Personally speaking, i don't check out other men in terms of aesthetics, or attractiveness.
    I'm more into birds. Women. Chicks.
    Each to their own!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  84. I'm more into birds. Women. Chicks.
    Each to their own!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

    August 16, 2010 9:04 AM

    The fact that you felt the need to point that out proves yet again just how insecure you really are. Keep going, this is hilarious!

  85. Hahahahaha

    Is "insecure" the latest three syllable word you're learning at remedial school?

    Cannibal Rabbi (sinecure).

  86. Insecure describes you so well Cannibal rabbi, I'm not surprised you are reacting the way you are to being called this. It in fact just reinforces the charge as being true. "Hahahahaha".

  87. anonymouse

    Haven't you got a wife or girlfriend, you can argue with?
    Can't say i'm surprised.
    You're a legend in your own imagination.
    Where are your links and opinions pertaining to the matter at hand?

    Everybody is "insecure" to you.
    It's your answer to everything.
    Or ugly. Or hasbarat.

    Made to look an ignoramus?

    "Your insecure"

    Car wont start?

    "It's insecure".

    T.v. remote doesn't work?

    "It's insecure".


    "It's insecure".

    Ashamed of being intellectually inferior?

    "You're insecure".

    People pointing and laughing at you in the street?

    "They're insecure".

    Men in white coats arrive to put you in a place of safety?

    "They're insecure".

    Place you in a secure ward, for the sake of public safety?

    "You're insecure".

    Blah blah blah.

    "it's insecure".

    Yap yap yap.

    "it's insecure".

    Cuckoo cuckoo.

    "it's insecure".


    "it's insecure".

    Get a hold of an old Readers Digest, and "increase your wordpower".


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  88. Anonymous said...

    Insecure describes you so well Cannibal rabbi, I'm not surprised you are reacting the way you are to being called this. It in fact just reinforces the charge as being true. "Hahahahaha".
    August 16, 2010 11:49 AM

    Pretty much. Look at you Rabbi, losing your head over this little word that describes you oh so well. A nerve has obviously been touched. Your reaction is again very telling you obvious hasbarat. Very telling indeed.

  89. Grow a brain Sherlock!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  90. Grow a spine Cannibal Rabbi, your cowardice is plain to see in addition to your naivety. Fear and stupidity are what drives your pea brain.

  91. anon2.17

    "your cowardice is plain to see in addition to your naivety.

    Mmmmm, naive cowardice? Mmmm, cowardly naivete? Mmmm.
    No i'm not seeing that at all!

    I identify myself clearly.

    You hide for fear of having to be consistent. You know that by staying anonymous, you can pop up anywhere on the web, without having to take responsibility for anything else you ever posted.
    Now THAT'S cowardly.

    "Fear and stupidity are what drives your pea brain."

    Oh that's me all right!


    Up all night worrying away at that particular put down?
    Hope it didn't distract you from your "hobby".

    Perhaps you combined the two?

    Here are some things to read, should you ever learn to.









    Cannibal Rabbi.

  92. British bitch boy, you wouldn't even admit where you were from. A simple question you refused to answer over and over. Having an ANONYMOUS internet name like Cannibal rabbi is still anonymous dumbass. Where ya from pal?

  93. anonypunk

    Anything i post anywhere online i use the same sn. That way i can be checked for consistency of outlook and philosophy.
    You and other anonymii, hide behind each other like bashful girls at a school disco, wittering away pointlessly, never in any danger of having to stand behind your pusillanimous drivellings.

    You are a coward.

    I'm from the U.K., now answer the questions i put to you. One of which was, name the links i posted that were "bullshit", in your "considered" opinion.
    I wont hold my breath, as you are an obvious, to me, shithouse rat!

    Now post some content, that doesn't relate to the love of your own miserable, pitiful, self reverential, ignorance. Or is that a leap in the dark for a sissy, such as you?


    This sort of thing!
























    Cannibal Rabbi

  94. Do you feel like a victim Cannibal rabbi? All the time? Be honest.

    Just about everything Ive ever read from Freeper and CNN has been trash, for the record.

    You are consistently helpful to the ADL set(I suspect purposefully so but maybe you really are just that stupid that you still don't know it), and consistently dense. Still, using the same anonymous name over and over is still anonymity so no, I think I'll stay anonymous as well in my own way. I can tell I'm annoying you and annoying a hasbarat like you is always great fun so no need to change.

  95. Wank on anon!

    Wank on.!

    Sissy coward.


    Cannibal Rabbi.

  96. Pussy british bitch boy ADL tool. Fuck your queen. The US has a pathetic system too but you pussies are beyond a joke.

  97. anonyfreak

    "Fuck your queen."

    We agree on that at least.
    Figuratively at least! Literally? Please God no.

    "The US has a pathetic system too"

    Perhaps. But at least you have this,


    a blueprint. A map. Which like Orpheus' piece of string, can lead you back to the entrance of the maze, in which you find yourself.

    "but you pussies are beyond a joke."

    Again you are correct, even if it is a sweeping generalization, it's not altogether unfair.

    Lose the jews, wave bye bye to the blues!

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  98. You are an expert user of sweeping generalizations so I guess you would know them when you see them. I generally don't engage in them but since it seems to be the way you operate I figured I would make an exception. I don't actually think that all Brits are little closet hasbarat bitches who overcompensate. Do you feel like a victim? You act and sound like one.

  99. Anonywho

    Everyone, who is not a jew, and they are of no concern to me, is a victim of kikery to some extent, directly, or indirectly.
    This is an undeniable (to those willing to directly address the evidence) fact!

    Check the links i posted, and then argue that this is not the case!

    Even you, apparently.

    Lose the cocky mocky, and life's road wont be so rocky!
    Slap a dirty sheeny, don't bow down to the beanie!
    Disempower the kike, live a life you like!
    Bin the filthy yid, then nail down the lid!

    No jews is good jews.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  100. The "kike" owns your mind not mine so who is really the one in need of "losing the cocky"? You seem to seriously think that just about every jew is "on the same page", it's no wonder you live in such a state of fear and obsession. All you really had to say was-"yes, I am a victim". It's obvious.

    Admit it, this site doesn't hate jews enough for you. It doesn't over-generalize enough for you. Yet it and others who do not engage in your(and other hasbara like Inncogmans) brand of "anti-jewry" or whatever it is you supremacists call yourselves lately are still capable of leveling legitimate criticisms based in fact without assisting who you claim to fight.

    Ironically you are the flip side of the most racist,zionist,talmudic elitist jews you hate(and think that literally all jews identify as)-they,like you, think that they are superior. YOU help them with your BS. Intentional or not that is what makes you an obvious hasbaRAT.

  101. Anonymoose

    "You seem to seriously think that just about every jew is "on the same page"

    They are! Point me to jews who aren't, and i'll show you a lying jew, who when push comes to shove, will join with its co-religionists, at the expense of the native populations, of whichever society it happens to be leeching off of.

    "it's no wonder you live in such a state of fear and obsession."

    Moi? Fear and obsession? No.
    Awareness? Certainly.

    "Admit it, this site doesn't hate jews enough for you."

    I dont hate jews! The hate comes from jews! I just point this fact out, unapologetically. If anything, they amuse me, and knowing how much they enjoy a giggle, i set out to share the fun. If you want hate, check out that there talmud.













    "whatever it is you supremacists call yourselves lately"

    I dont call myself anything, let alone supremacist. These are jew terms. Jews are the supremacists. All proveable by jew only sources! Check out the frank collin youtube link.
    He was a jew pedo (say it ain't so shlomo)

    "Ironically you are the flip side of the most racist,zionist,talmudic elitist jews you hate"

    You say that like it's a bad thing! You could say i love jews enough, to show themselves to themselves. Jews just ADORE irony, so they should be grateful!
    What's good for the kike is good for the kattle!

    Hate? No.
    Despise? Yes.
    Hold in contempt. You bet.
    Disdain? Guess so!
    Hope to live to see the back of? Can't wait!!!

    Destroy judaism!

    No jews is good jews.

    Cannibal Rabbi.


    For over two years I have maintained open comments in the interest of free speech but now it has gotten out of hand.

    I am going to start deleting comments that are totally off topic and are perceived to be hasbara bullshit. Will that make you happy? You can then run to other sites and badmouth me as a censor and continue your deceptive mission. It doesn't matter, I don't care, call me what you want. Find somewhere else to go.

    If I delete anyone who is sincere then I apologize upfront, but as I said ... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  103. It's your blog kenny. You must do as you see fit.

    Cannibal Rabbi.

  104. "no jews is good jews" isn't hate? Could have fooled me. Hate does come from MANY jews(not all unlike your narrow mind seems to believe). It also comes from many non-jews, you are a clear example of that.

    And when I said flip side I should have made clear that I meant you are just like them. The jews who follow the talmud and think we are all inferior. You are the other side of that coin much like the Democrats and Republicans are 2 sides of the same rotten coin.

    kenny, If you're going to finally start deleting hasbara then I guess we should wave goodbye to Cannibal Rabbi. Your site is great and Ive been coming here daily for some time now but as long as OBVIOUS zionist (yes-you are Cannibal Rabbi, knowingly or not you help them and their false cries of "victim!" so accept the label) "jew hating schtick" scum populates the comments sections I can't recommend this site to anybody. Not to mention the Incogman link-I'm all for an open exchange of ideas but in his case its just too obvious what he is.

  105. Fair do's.

    Cannibal Rabbi.