Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tennessee's First Distillery Referendum Set for Cannon County

On the home front there is little on the November ballot except for replacing a long entrenched retiring congressman with another two party shill.

But there is an historic referendum that would allow the first distillery in the state under a new Tennessee law for counties where there is no liquor by the drink or package stores that gives voters a say so in approving or rejecting the business.

Cannon County is a very typical bible belt area in desperate need of jobs so it's hard to tell how the vote will go. It does have a very colorful history of moonshine making and a distillery in a beautiful remote location could be a potential tourist attraction and revenue generator. 

My suggestion to the Short Mountain Distillery owners was to create a niche market organic whiskey. All organic ingredients using the clean spring water in the area. It's something that is rare in the world and I feel it would be successful. The potential owner is already in the process of getting his farm organic certified.

Jack Daniels had better look out. There may be a new kid moving in.

Distillery Debate Hits The Ballot In Cannon Count
Group turns in signatures for Tennessee's first distillery referendum
Short Mountain Distillery website


  1. Nascar came from Southern moonshiners before people were slavish obedient sheep who sit around with their a thumb up their ass waiting for mommygov to come and save them. We need to get back to that rebellious streak to save this country.

  2. "Organic" whiskey? Who would it be marketed to? Health-conscious consumers who don't mind a little cirrhotic liver damage?