Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Ahmadinejad and Obama Show at The UN Sept 23, 2010

The U.S. delegation walks out during Ahmadinejad's rant. They just can't handle the truth.

But I still have to ask this question. Is Ahmadinejad for real???

No question on Barry. He's definitely not for real.
President Obama United Nations Speech (Israelis Are A NO SHOW!) 
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Russia Today: Israeli delegation absent at Obama UN speech focusing on Iran

Russia Today: 'Worse than Hitler': NY Intolerance or Ignorance to Ahmadinejad? 

RTAmerica: Anti-Ahmadinejad ad-blitz wallpapers NYC 

"I Think You Should Ask The F.B.I." Pres Ahmadinejad Interview with Larry King  pt.1

1 Out Of 100 Americans Are In Prison! Why? Did They Rape? Or Steal? Pres Ahmadinejad Interview with Larry King  pt.2

Why The Insistence In U.S. To ABSOLUTELY Defend The Zionist Regime? Pres Ahmadinejad Interview with Larry King   pt. 3


  1. Chairman Obamao wants to be U.N. secretary general.

  2. Ahmi is playing his part, quite well. He has a defiance that raises the hackles of the indignant Americans (they left like little children). But he poses some excellent questions around the 12 min mark of Vid 1.

    But, one thing that occurred to me (and has been confirmed by Max Keiser yesterday) is that Goldman Sachs is opening offices in Iran, which obviously means there will be no military attacks by either America (the Zionist fawning puppet) or Israel, itself (which is owned by GS).

    They are safe.

    Move along.

    Who's next? China?

  3. That is cool B. if Goldman-Kikes is going to open a branch in evul muzzie land it means no nuclear war this year. Guess the Rothschilds don't want it. The population control "philanthropists" will have their lacy bloomers in a twist though too much inferior and unwashed masses teeming about their playground earth.

  4. I must add that the Larry King interview is far more revealing than the UN speech.

    I don't see any honest way to argue with his points.

  5. I think that Ahmadinejad is for real, altogether too real for the Jews to deal with on a level playing field, thats why they where a NO SHOW. Someone whose entire existence is based on a LIE can't handle the TRUTH.

    And as for the White House BOY, what can one say?

  6. I agree with your doubts about Ahmadinejad and the possible war against Iran.

    During the 1980's Iran-Contra affair, who was the midleman?


    Even today, Israel does billions of dollars worth of business with Iran, but thru 3rd parties in the Gulf.

    I appreiciate his honesty about speaking to 9/11 truths, but is this just another con job to keep the sheeple scared to the point we can't think or act to protect what's left of our democratic republic?

    But there's one wild card in this crazed deck and that's the insane Israeli rabbis who have seats at the highest level of Israel's government and military.

    Maybe there won't be another 9/11 false flag against America, just a limited bombing campaign against Iran so we Americans can keep cowering in fear, a great motivator.

  7. Is anyone in power for real or is it all Kabuki theater? I take everything with a BOULDER of salt, it's safer that way. Better to keep expectations low, that way you won't be let down.

  8. Fine points from all of you. Skepticism is always a good starting point.

  9. If one knew about Russia, how independent they are from the illuminated bankers? They and China at least take the fake money from the bankers. I see a parallel, to this day there are conflicting stories about Adolf Hitlers independence, but I think, that he was fulfilling what he said, duty to the people of Germany.
    About this Keiser, mentioned above, with Goldmen sucks in Iran, I read doubts if he is reliable.

  10. Hi Kenny,

    Late to the party as per usual. Did anyone mention Russian S-300's or whatever they're called? What with them perpetually being talked about but never actually arriving I had them pegged as an acid test. Lo and behold the other Putin says they're cancelled. Okay, so now I wonder about Putin and Ahmadinejad. And frankly, if Ahmadinejad is in fact Jewish and catspaw for Israel, I'd say Iran is more likely to get bombed, not less.

    Oh, and I wouldn't make too much about Goldman Sachs moving in. That doesn't mean much. There was probably a Goldman Sachs office in the WTC. And? And... big deal. A bank is just a few offices and some computers. The most expensive thing in there would be the cappuccino machine. No biggie.



  11. Ahmadinejad didnt rant...Ive listened to the whole speech...there are more real ranters among his detractors.

  12. as for NY and Ahmadinejad...remember its a jewish stronghold, so the zionists will be thick on the ground there.No surprise their frosty reception for him.