Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CNN's AC 360 Spins Into Murfreesboro for More Mosque Diversion

It's getting tiresome that this wonderful area is getting so much national and world negative attention. Without the media hype and lies wouldn't this be a non-issue?

When the zionist controlled media needs a local spokesperson against Muslims, who do they go to? Yes, faux Christian Israel first zionism trained and funded  Laurie Cardoza-Moore

She's  from Nashville, not Murfreesboro, but I guess she's the only public speaker available to the media that they trust to get the hate speech points across and whip up the frenzy.

One of Cordoza-Moore's main tasks is to make people comfortable with sending their kids off to war and to die for Israel. Her words could come straight from the ADL.
“There is no greater love, then a brother be willing to lay down his life for another.”

With the growing threat of worldwide anti-Semitism, it is time for Christian's to take a stand. Never again, can we allow our Jewish brethren to stand-alone. Never again, should they have to defend their right to exist in the land of their inheritance. Never again, can Christians allow injustice and unrighteousness to be perpetrated against our brother Judah.
Now, more than ever, Christians must unite to take a stand for Zion’s sake! {more trash talk here}

A little arson at the mosque construction site has had one effect, inviting the FBI to attend services.  The Israel firsters must love this. I'm sure they would like the FBI in every church and mosque that doesn't toe the zionist line.

Dividing Americans against each other is the goal and the deceived among us are falling for it. Even those who support the absolute freedom of religion need to dig deeper beyond the surface distractions.

We have to identify the real enemies before we can overcome them.

Supporters and opponents of a proposed Islamic center clashed at a vigil in Murfreesboro Monday night. (Photo by Jude Ferrara)


  1. Thank you for this post! I was looking for this clip but I had forgot this woman's name:
    Laurie Cardoza-Moore.
    She is one scary "Lady"!

  2. I don't think you're from around here Annabelle so you may not know exactly how scary she really is.

    She's interviewed seems like every other day by the local neocon talk radio 'hosts' and had an especially hateful one today. World War III for Israel is an option she's very comfortable with.