Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Culmination

Nine years is a long time to wait for justice for the 'attacks' of 9/11. It reminds me of the almost 47 years we've been waiting on closure for the JFK assassination. Do we have to wait forever? Some are hoping yes but we've got a somewhat better chance this time around. The ptb are running out of options besides another false flag and that is not likely to work. Or is it?

One of the absurdities of this week is the sentencing of Marc Emery, the so called Prince of Pot, to five years in prison for the 'major crime' of selling pot seeds. I don't recall a single person dying as a result. Yet while he is put away, every single one of the perps of 9/11 are walking around free. Some of these real criminals are even being interviewed on teevee this anniversary day whining and lying about the 'terrorists' and how we'll blow up the world if need be to stop them.

Another insanity of the week is the little psyops that Time magazine pulled off with their Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace.  It's basically that Israelis are too self centered and concerned with money to care about peace with the Palestinians. What a surprise.

The real purpose was to give the ADL and others another chance to cry "we're the victims" and "you're anti-semitic." 

The false dichotomy continues.

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush traveled to Shanksville PA to commemorate the the myth of "let's roll" and the amazing hole in the ground crash site.

None of the eyewitnesses were invited to speak.

Fox News keeps replaying the 'My Pet Goat' scene from the 9/11 media movie during interviews with Andrew Card. Many have questioned why the secret service didn't immediately remove the befuddled Bush from the classroom but he needed a little time to compose himself before getting the rest of his orders. What did Card whisper in his ear? Probably "Don't fuck this up."

Enough of the main stream media. Just turn on the tube. There's wall to wall coverage. Giuliani was just on and besides talking smack about 9/11 and the NY mosque he even gets in a little 'holocaust' narrative.
       How exciting.

Thankfully the 'fringe' media is not silent and not buying the official story repeated so often that the sheep are counting falling towers as they drift off to sleep. Was it 2 or 3?  Oh yeah, that damned Building 7 doesn't fit the game plan so we'll ignore it.

Les Visible takes aim at the lies. Check it out if you haven't already. "Number 9, Number 9."

Aletho News give us  Zionist False Flag Terror and Deceptions for a little history.

Everyone has been posting and linking to It Wasn't Muslims which is worth a look.

Rocker has an interesting post, 9/11 and the Zinjry.
MOSSAD INVOLVEMENT In The 9 11 WTC ATTACKS - Part 1 ... Part 2
NuoViso: 9/11 False Flag (full length documentary)
The blog roll to the right  contains a wealth of information. These folks know.

Even Timster, who has been critical of the effectiveness of our 9/11 effort, comes in with a remembrance.
His words .....
Remember, Remember the eleventh of September
and the zionist's horrible plot.
I know of no reason why
These Murderous jews
Should ever be forgot...

We must also not forget that 9/11 was the catalyst for the neverending wars ... and those that died in vain. Your son or daughter may be next.


  1. Sometimes I wish there was an authority above the United States Of Israel. You know, keep'em in check. But alas, we are left to govern ourselves and the inmates are running the asylum. LOL! WTF?!

  2. Never did find out if Neil Young was cool with that use of his song by shrubya. My pet goat bwahaha that is funnee. There was no Curious George books available?

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  4. Thank you -that was very kind of you! :-)

  5. Four planes crashed on 9-11, each with two black boxes designed to survive such an event. It is unprecedented, and unbelievable, that 7 of the 8 black boxes were destroyed.

    The one that survived was used in a propaganda stunt not to be outdone until Pat Tillman. This one was used selectively with only the families
    hearing excerpts from it and the public being excluded from hearing for themselves. Just like the flag hung over the Pentagon's hole or the "evidence" to invade Afghanistan being shown to Tony Blair, the government no longer had to present evidence to the public, but only say that in all things terror-related we must simply believe what we're told, no matter how incredible or costly to us.

  6. Thank you, thank you, for being so clear on this travesty of justice, and for who is to blame.

    - Fr. John