Thursday, September 16, 2010

Does Anyone Believe Kenneth Feinberg?


These payments will be made. That is my responsibility. I’m here to tell you we’ll improve it.”

Feinberg, the Executor Of BP Relief Fund, has made his career as a cover up agent to minimize costs to corporations and the government for their criminal activities.
Besides 9/11, other compensation 'events' that Feinberg resided over were the shootings at Virginia Tech, Hurricane Katrina, the original Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination, the Holocaust slave labor litigation, Agent Orange litigation, human radiation experiments, catastrophic nuclear accidents and was the 'Special Master' for TARP executive compensation.

                              videos from Mox News

Feinberg: ‘I over-promised and under-delivered’ in processing oil spill claims

Analyst Says BP Doesn’t Expect Claims to Reach $20B Mark
 Feinburg's task is to see to it.


  1. BP bitchslaps our worthless government around like a red headed stepchild. It is funny.

  2. Every time you turn around one of those "Chosen" ones is in charge.

  3. Every time you turn around one of those "Chosen" ones is in charge.

    Ain't that the truth. Absolutley everywhere that there's money to be made/stolen.

  4. Wierd how he looks just like the guy whose handling of the welfare portfolio resulted in hundreds of panhandlers and destitute homeless wandering thru the traffic here in Victoria bc
    Clones of Judas

  5. Beelzebub's cabana boy.

  6. No.

    What I do believe is that he (and they, yes, the evil they) believe that we can be made to believe just about anything.


    When will this end?



    P.S. Not patiently.

  7. RICO the dumb sonofabitch- my grandpa would've...

  8. Suzan, try to be patient, their day is coming, soon.

  9. Kenny, I made a blog, what the heck?