Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Non-kosher symbolic images bring out the would be censors and worn out anti-semitic charges.

Gilad Atzmon: Roger Waters and the Bombs of David

Imagery connecting zionism, imperialism, war, genocide and money are determined to be unacceptable to those on the payroll of Israeli propaganda.

But real life images of destruction bring nary a peep from those who wish to control the dialog and media manipulation of Israel's actions.


  1. Phoney fascists. Pharma complicit. My elderly parents used to speak of relaxation in retirement, moved to the island for it. Now its 6 am Bugle and banging the war drums in tune with the idiot box every morning. They can't hardly walk unaided but sure do become animated when war with Iran is the topic. This mornings rush hour especially noisy.
    An awful number in a huge hurry, accomplishing what?, is my question for the day.
    Another Canadian public figure has had to step down for comment regarding the hero George Galloway. Purgatory. Twighlight Zone. TalEs FROM ThE cRYPt.


  2. Hi Kenny, I want to ask you some questions about Blogger, where should I send them?

  3. Saladin, Send them to MS and I'll check the message later on.