Friday, September 3, 2010

Phone Call to a Demolition Company: "WTC 7 Imploded"

I decided to call a demolition company out of Texas and ask them about 9/11.

Needless to say some interesting words were exchanged.

As of today he never called back :)    From  RP4409


  1. FYI kenny, the website link is broken/misspelled.

  2. No problem. I see that Kurt Nimmo(who was a much better writer before he joined the Alex Jones team) linked to your "The Real Story-Pre 9/11 History" story over at Infowars. I hope he reads your Alex Jones/Nightline story and figures out what kind of shill that hes working for(if he doesn't already know). Has Prisonplanet/Infowars linked to you before? If so good on you for not self censoring your criticisms of AJ.

  3. Yes they have a few times. I don't read everything Nimmo puts out these days but I seem to think he covered the Israel/zionist angles more before going to work for Jones. Or am I mistaken about that?

  4. You are absolutely right about that kenny, thats actually precisely what I meant. Nimmo has really toned and dumbed it down since joining AJ.

  5. Hi, Kenny. Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I just saw your comment on the TR site. You are more than welcome for the links and I thank you for the reporting (and other powerhouse posts you have here). I even snagged some of the links to post later at RtT.

    I must confess that I have not left comments here because I have felt the same way as you and didn't want to be a downer. You say you have "rarely met anyone around here who is 9/11 aware," and I am also frustrated by the indifference or idiocy with my fellow citizens here. I try to do the same as you and steer the conversation to those soft things if they arise (usually with a nudge from me). Like you say, good people I've known for many, many years but uninformed and not caring to be informed. More concerned what the ball teams are up to or some other nonsense. I don't want to take fun away from people -- God knows I need my own escapes --, but the amount of time and attention on some things.... sigh.

    I couldn't agree more regarding the on the NY mosque, and found these fact rather revealing:

    "The project isn’t much more than an idea.... the project that has inspired outrage hasn’t even begun fund-raising.... more of a publicity strategy than a reality"

    And the corporate media has made it sound like the thing is opening next week! The layers of deceit and deception presented to the American people as news is troubling. It is almost beyond comprehension that the news is manufactured manipulation and staged scripts to advance certain interests and agendas that we are all familiar with. One is also amazed that the cover story -- while tattered in many quarters according to polls -- still remains a whole cloth that covers so many crimes.

    I didn't see anything on the vigil, but I must express my astonishment at the persecution of Muslims in this country. I'm astounded by it. I've never seen anything like it in my entire life. I wasn't alive during Pearl Harbor, but I do remember grandfather hating the Japanese in a way I just could not understand (and then we find out later FDR knew about it and let it happen, a not controversial fact that is now accepted by most historians).

    I saw the comments by Visible on an earlier post and he diagnosed my anger. I also feel I must watch it. I try to star* my swears as much as I can but sometimes I slip. It's funny because I had been meaning to ask you why the anger won't end for me? If anything it is increasing each day as nothing changes and the people are ignored. Beyond that, one day I was spewing apologies to Muslims as I was in tears at my desk (I'm not ashamed; if anything Fatima gathers them up and presents them for judgment. Of course, I need to watch those sentiments, don't I?). And that Pakistan flood.... !!!!!

    Btw, Les is absolutely right about the whores. That is way too nice a description for the evil rulers. Whores may be a pain sometimes, but they do bring some pleasure and as far as I know never ordered invasions over lies that killed millions.

    I also echo the comments about Nimmo above. Does seem toned down since the shift. AJ a real bummer once you know the truth and understand the interference he's running.

    And now that I've typed you a full essay I think it's time I let you get back to other things. I appreciate the time, space and attention. Maybe one of these days I will learn to be more concise, huh? :)

  6. I see that another fake/controlled truth site has linked to you kenny-in this case its 911blogger(the site that once banned anyone who brought up Israeli involvement in 9/11) linking to your Building 7 story. Hopefully some of the people there will find their way over here. 911blogger purged most of its good users though, its mostly shills now. Fuck you Reprehensor,Justin Keogh,Jon Gold and all the other frauds who killed 911blogger!

  7. anon @ 7:24pm, yeah, I got got a smile out of the 911blogger link. But I do thank the person who posted it. There are some good folks over there who only want the full truth and not censorship but unfortunately the overall credibility is tainted.

    Rocker, thanks for your words and support.

    On the local mozque arson issue, the FBI hasn't found out a thing but did have a press conference today offering a $20,000 reward for info leading to an arrest.

  8. Speaking of flight 93, here's the sayanim producer of that masterpiece. Let's roll!

  9. When the first youtube clips came out re WTC7 demolition I phoned around local demolition companies here in the UK looking for demo men who used explosives. Every company I contacted gave me the same two names so I gave these two guys a call.

    They agreed to look at the WTC7 video clips and after a few days I called them back for their verdict. Both denied the possibility of WTC7 falling due to fire. While they failed to give me a direct answer as to how WTC7 collapsed their reply to my question was........."lets just say we would have been proud of that one".

    More recently I came across a story re the black box of Flight 77, which supposedly hit the Pentagon. The data from the FDR of 77 shows that the door to the cockpit was never opened, though it was listed in parameters which were unconfirmed or not working. But the info for the cockpit door parameter showed a series of 0s from the time of takeoff to flight curtailment, allegedly at the time of impact with the concrete of the Pentagon.

    Now 0 signifies the door closed. 1 would signify the door open. But since the data only displayed 0s and no 1s how did the hijackers take over the plane without opening the cockpit door. A fair question I think.

    Seeking more information I managed to find a friendly avionics boffin at a national airline who agreed to look into it for me. The question was would the data show a line of 0s if the parameter for the cockpit door was not working as suggested by the official report. If the parameter was not working then there should have been no data.

    When he asked what it was all about, I thought he would be put off after I mentioned Flt 77. But he was intrigued and we talked for about 20 mins, with me mostly explaining the strange events of 9/11. We said our goodbyes and he promised to call me back within the week.

    After 10 days and no contact I called him back. He was not happy to hear my voice and muttered things about big brother listening. Apparently around 10 mins after putting the phone down on me he was called into his manager's office and threatened with the sack if he talked to me again. He was told to refer me to the company's press office if I called again.

    Before ending the conversation he admitted he found the whole experience a bit scary.

    I did call the company's press office and posed the same question to them. Six months on I still await their response.

    I think I have my answer.

  10. Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all.