Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Real Story - Pre 9/11 History

Because it's 11 days before the 9 year anniversary of the "False Flag" attack known as 9/11 here is some Pre-9/11 History for those who still believe the official lie. The Real Story


  1. Note: In the 3rd video Happnie reads from Albert Pike's purported letter to Mazzini dated 1871. The authenticity of this letter has long been in dispute, especially concerning the term fascist which some claim was not in use at that time.

    Even if the letter was a forgery, it still doesn't mean that its contents are inaccurate.

  2. Uncanny circumstantial evidence that this was carried out internally somehow, yet ppl (by and large) refuse to acknowledge it.

    I cannot look at video of the buildings falling without seeing it BLOWING UP (not falling down).

    There is a HUGE and OBVIOUS difference between the two.

    Yes, all the evidence happened to disappear that day, in a building that fell free fall speed into its own footprint.

    Yet, I should not question the official story.

    Not sure about the Pike letter thing.

  3. Hey Kenny's SS,...The term Faci (pro: “fatchi”) was used to describe the leather-tongue bound stakes that the Roman Legions used to incarcerate their own defaulters, prior to judicial charges.

    These bundles of stakes and leather bindings feature in your own countries’ Coat of Arms; they normally have a Foraging Axe inherent to the bundle. The Roman version of Military Police units that carried these bundles was known as ‘Facisti’ (Fatchisti).

    The Roman term is at least two thousand years old! The term ‘Facist’ is merely an anglicised bastardisation of the original word.



  4. Excellent videos on pre-911 events - so quickly forgotten and pre-empted by the catastrophe itself.
    The letter from Pike is a distraction and it dilutes the the message. Otherwise great blog.

  5. veritas, thanks for the info. That pulls all the linguist history of fascism together.

    manchurian, I had never heard of Happnie before and you are right, he should have stopped the presentation before the Pike part.

  6. Hi Kenny

    We Don't know how you found the show, or how you got it up on Infowars but thanks.

    Next time when you do that could you make sure that at least one of the links go to our youtube channel?

    We put a lot of work into the shows and could use the views. When something makes Infowars we want our link up there, I'm sure you understand.

    -Patrick - from "The Real Story"

  7. Hi Patrick,

    Good vids. Found you through a latest 9/11 video search. I have nothing to do with infowars but I guess someone there found the link through WRH where it was also posted.

    Many times I do try and add a youtube channel link but just overlooked it this time. Plus I tend to assume that most folks are like me when finding a video on a blog and right click to watch on youtube to see the comments and what the channel is. Maybe I assume too much? Thanks for the reminder.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and look forward to more.

  8. Just before 9-11 "changed everything" including the Constitution, the stock market was going wobbly, Bush was an unpopular president who was about to face the nation denying he knew Ken Lay or that his VP had been part of the Enron conspiracy to pillage California. Not only was dotcom bust, but globalization was being questioned. It would have been most interesting to see such an incompetent president preside over the mess without the saving grace of becoming a Popular Wartime President. I think the bust in the economy would have come much sooner than it did, but at that time some real reform could have followed. Not now.

  9. Hi,

    1-Is it possible to now define more precisely what the NWO is? I ask because with the history of changing and covering is rather difficult to do that.

    2-If part of their agenda is globalization, don't you agree that is happening by natural drift of the population, as we see it through mainly web communication, and commerce?

    So, I'd say that goal lags only behind an official world government, and that is only a matter of overcoming religion and culture type of hurdles.

    I find Pike's letter to be very telling, and am very surprised that is available to the public.