Monday, September 20, 2010

The Recession is Over, Christine O'Donnell is Not a Witch ... So I'm Going to Disneyworld !

Diane Sawyer just told me the recession ended in June of last year and Christine gave up being a witchy woman 20 years ago. What would we do without Diane and all the other names we can trust giving us the news?

The Wall Street casino surges, the champagne is flowing and little children are dancing in the street.

The National Bureau of Economic Research, a private, nonprofit economic think tank is the one who started the excitement with their new report. The NBER brags that they have had 16 researchers who won Noble economic prizes including Paul Krugman in 2008. They also spend a lot of time and money in Behavioral Economics.

Source Watch has a little on NBER's funding. All from foundations. One notable is the Scaife Foundations.  Of course the Rockefeller Foundation is also a long time contributor.

The longest post World War II recession is over and the NBER should know.

Also in other breaking news .....
war is peace
freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength


  1. "Nobel economic prizes including Paul Krugman in 2008." Along with O'BOMBem's peace prize we are in SUCH good hands. Is the prize for getting along best with your neighbors awarded to NUTanYAHOO? UGH...

  2. Oh mine ... yom kipper just ended and we are blessed with this joyful news all in a sudden, thank you moloch! {smooches!}

    So I decided to celebrate tonight, by watching "Dancing with the stars". Since our future queen esther opps sarah palin's daughter ex virgin bristol crystal meth palin being on the show .. how could I not watch?! From all three judges, she received:

    6 6 6

    I am not making this up, guys!!

    Witchy beyotch christine's magic really works, sarah & christy had their cauldron going all night long, next to the wailing wall. No rabbis were around, they were busy chasing those kids dancing in the street.

  3. Too funny Musique. I'll be passing this news along all day. Such a great achievement for Sarah Satan's spawn Bristol.

  4. The funny thing is that the neo-con/tea party are touting Sara Palin as the savior.
    Meanwhile her daughter is doing the jig on TV.
    They both put on a good show, distractions are needed while the theft is going full force.

  5. The "tea party" is one of the biggest fraud political movements ever created by the corporate media. What a resounding success its been for them. Bunch of fucking hicks being fooled into propping up the right hand of the establishment and protecting Wall Street. Those frauds at Infowars/Prisonplanet are at the forefront of propping this fraud movement up in the "alternative media". No, don't vote for an actual third party you retarded teabaggers, vote for a "tea party Republican" like good little sheep. Rant over.

  6. We'll have to tell those 40 million people on foodstamps the good news. The 400,000+ people who filed for unemployment last month will be overjoyed. It must be true our benevolent corporate pimps have told us so.

  7. I heard this story when I was driving today, I almost rearended the car in front of me. I coulndt help but to bust out in laughter.
    It really is becoming comedy. How stupid do they think we are?

    After my breif moment of levity passed the reality of those comments sunk in.
    Many, most believe this. And that blatant lie really is being repeated over and over.

    Im not sure how moch longer this BS can continue. I have a bad feeling the jokes and lies are soon to be violence and desperation.

  8. Noteworthy that the whoreporate media hid the start of the depression for 10 months yet is now declaring it at an end as soon as they can. The lying has reached such a level as to be absurd.